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APRIL 2006

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Cedar and Jedi are 100 % well now, but poor Nikita is struggling a bit to shake this virus. We did have our first breakthrough towards healing last night. She slept the whole night! FINALLY! This has been the first tangible step for the others so I hope this means she'll be back to normal soon. No one else has had any symptoms. Hopefully we're done passing it around.

Rosey couldn't get me any food. BUMMER! She said it was the last food chance for students before the summer holidays so everyone must've grabbed it up to hold them over for a few months. Oh well! I went and bought food for May at PetsMart.

I did get out and do some obedience yesterday. Shelby is still iffy on her drop signal for some reason, so we worked on that. Lego did beautiful drops, but was a bit distracted on heeling. I tried again to explain to Nikita that I wanted her to bring me a SPECIFIC article. She still doesn't get that concept, but she does trot out to the pile and bring me one. Usually the first one she sees. So, I am praising the effort there politely and sending her back to the pile. When she brings the right one (with cheese on it) I get all excited and tell her how wonderful she is and give her the cheese off the article and extra treats too. We'll see how this approach goes. I remember thinking I'd never get her to retrieve that "nasty old glove" and she is now doing that almost perfectly every time.


RAIN! We finally got rain. We're over 18 inches short on rain and I'm tiring of watering the brown spots. So, no training today.

The LCCOC meeting is tonight. Rosey is bringing me a bunch of dog food that I gave her money to buy at the vet school sale. If she was able to get all I wanted I should be set for months.

Nikita is still sick. She's still getting up 3 to 4 times a night too. I may be getting her some medicine this week if she doesn't improve. She is not dehydrated though which is good.

Riding to the show                                            WRESTLE!



Got back from Tylertown AKC agility show. Lego's first run on Saturday was not spectacular, but it had a good point or two. He never just left and each time he got distracted I was able to get him back. His Jumpers run was better but too many refusals. The judge, Carol Smorch, was even kind enough to engage me in an encouraging conversation about him. She said he was having a great time and she saw great potential. She wanted to be sure I stuck it out with him for awhile longer. After the show Saturday they had a demo of the new AKC FAST class that's coming up in January. So for 5 bucks I entered Shelby and used it as a chance to see how she'd do in a real ring situation on unfamiliar equipment. She did excellent! She even negotiated the teeter with ease. Sunday was a much better agility day for Lego. The standard run was fast and furious and full of faults, but what fun! He never decided the ground smells were more interesting than me. When he did temporarily lose his mind it was to dash madly in circles. This behavior is much easier to mold into an agility run than the ground sniffing is! Between his runs Rosey and I walked our dogs (Lego, Misty, Sniper, Red) down to the creek nearby for a nice exercise jaunt and a swim for Misty. They all seemed to enjoy that a bunch. Then, Jumpers that afternoon was really nice and only one R from a Q. That R was so my fault too, what a bad handler maneuver I did! Overall Lego still looked like a decent agility dog and not a dork. He hit 3 of 4 weave pole entrances too. Lego won't be in any more agility shows for several months now, but there is an obedience show Memorial Day weekend that I'm hoping for a decent showing in.

The doggy tummy sickness is traveling again. In the last few days Nikita AND Cedar have come up with it. Poor girls. Hopefully they will do as well as Jedi has done.


Jedi seems to be better now, but I've been unable to observe him relieving himself the last couple of days so I'm not sure if he's 100% back to normal. He did sleep through the night the last couple of nights though.

Shelby and I worked on gloves yesterday. I'd be willing to say Shelby has gloves down as far as the concept goes. Now it's just a matter of picking up the right one every time. She's even gotten to about 95% right on that. I'd have given anything to have a video camera set up during her obedience session. I had to laugh out loud. It was a good thing since yesterday was stressful on the business side of things. When I sent her out to get glove #1 she dashed out to it and picked it up with great gusto. A little too great it seems. When her head got back up into normal position with her body the glove kept soaring upwards. She realized she'd lost her grip and lunged forward and into the air to catch it. She missed. The glove landed square on her head. She's still moving back towards me through all this, so now she's trotting back shaking her head trying to get the glove off. She successfully dislodges it from it's perch and manages to catch it in the air as it falls past her mouth just in time to be sitting right in front of me wagging her tail vigorously. I know there is a deduction for dropping the glove even if they pick it back up and bring it in. So my question is.... Would that be points off since it never hit the ground? Even if it is it would be worth the sacrifice to see her do that in the ring. It would be a very stoic judge that could keep a straight face through that one, and OH how the audience would love it.


Misty is well now I believe, but Jedi started the same symptoms early this morning. DANG IT! It must be a virus or something. Poor little guy. It looks like he's so uncomfortable. I will have to call the vet today and see what he suggests. Maybe he'll just give me the same drugs without having to see him.

On the training side of things, it's been too darn hot to train until after 7 PM. I teach agility Tues. nights and Monday I was just too tired to care. So, this week has been a bust on training. I will get my two obedience sessions in this week though! 

Lego is off to his last agility show for awhile this weekend in Tylertown. Then he'll be in our obedience show in May. I hope the same OBM that is appearing in agility comes with him there too.

Rich has just started to get a trickle of insurance checks coming in. FINALLY. It looks like the business will pay for itself this month. Now if we can just get it to pay us too!


It's been a pleasant yet somewhat WARM 3 day weekend. Friday I spent the afternoon sitting on the outdoor swing and moving the sprinkler around to the brown areas of yard. Yes, even in Louisiana sometimes you must water. Rich mowed. Yesterday we ran errands in the morning and bummed out the afternoon at home. It was almost to warm to be outside until the sun started waning. Then we wandered around the property some. This afternoon Misty had her first normal bowel movement in almost a week. I've never been so happy to see poop in all my life. She is also acting perkier and was ready and willing to try agility today, so I pulled out almost all my equipment and we worked on layering. She's starting to get it. Since all the equipment was out, I did a bit of work with everyone who knows agility except Nikita. Lego worked on ME trusting his weave pole entrances so I won't be caught on my heels again. He did spectacular. Bandit did a bit of layering and independent teeter. Josie did independent teeters and directional commands. Shelby just did some sequencing to get her used to it again. We worked on remembering teeter too. She is almost used to it again. I just wanted Jedi to focus on agility briefly, which he did well. We even hit some hard weave entrances and did all 6 poles I had out. I got Cedar's favorite ball and took her over to the agility equipment. I've been working one or two obstacles (mostly jumps) and then I throw the ball for her. I added three or four obstacles this time. She started out running past some of them focusing on the horizon where the ball should be headed. I got her back and tried again. She began to understand she had to focus on the agility obstacles FIRST. I even got her doing an enthusiastic teeter! She's never liked teeter. I re-introduced her to chute as well. 


Misty's been a bit under the weather since the wee hours Monday morning. She's had bad diarrhea. Thankfully there were no other symptoms. No fever, no dehydration, not really lethargic. Today when I got home from work she'd been throwing up too. So, off to the vet. He ran a blood panel and it all came back perfectly fine. We can't determine that she'd eaten anything out of the ordinary. It appears to be large intestinal irritation. She's on a colon anti-inflammatory and a "kill strange bugs that might be in there". If these don't help she may be on her way to a prescription diet higher in fiber. I get so nervous when a geriatric dog gets mysteriously sick! I always think of all the terrible things it could be at that age.


Just got back from our three day trial. Lego was still running with the OBM intact. On Friday we had 2 R's in Standard (one more than allowed), but Jumpers was a different story. They were keeping Longhorns in the arena next to the Jumpers ring for an auction. I thought this might smell bad news for us. It did. I had to walk him off Jumpers on Friday. Saturday Standard was once again pretty good. He ran off at the beginning, but came back (touching the table on his way for a W). He had one R at the weaves. We were Q'ing until the next to last jump! He ran past it for our second R. Heartbreaker! In Jumpers we went to see the cows again. LUCKY BREAK! One of them mooed at him and scared him to death. He charged back to me and decided agility with Momma was much more interesting. We finished well. Too many R's though. Sunday Standard left me flying high! I got SUPERSONIC beagle with a CONNECTED brain!! What a thrill! I was having to handle him from behind and wide he was moving so fast. The crowd LOVED it. They were cheering for him. They said it was exciting to watch. Lego was CLEAN, unfortunately his handler had two R's and and F to her name. We were perfect up until the A-Frame, the 4th to last thing. I stepped across the bottom of the A-frame while he was flying down forcing him to bail off the side or bash into me. BAD, BAD handler. I was worried about the next 2 obstacles instead of focusing on finishing the one at hand. He did the tunnel after the A-frame and then hit a pretty hard entrance to the weaves. The retarded handler showed up again. I was leaning back on my heels, so when he hit the entrance and started weaving I couldn't get moving again, and evidently couldn't speak well either. He had to pop out to check on why I was stumbling and stuttering. Then after we got weaving I tried to direct to the last jump before he committed to that last weave pole and I pulled him out. DARN IT! It was such a beautiful run for him. I'm so bummed I blew it for us. I want the supersonic beagle to come to Tylertown in two weeks to show the rest of my friends why I still do agility with him.


I took Shelby with me out to the agility field tonight. I wanted to re-introduce her to contact obstacles and see what she remembers of her agility training circa 2002. She remembered dogwalk and Aframe, but not the banging teeter. I have one of those at home so I can work on that. I was sure I never really taught her to weave well back then, but I sent her into some poles to see how much work I had ahead of me. AMAZING! That twit weaved all twelve poles with an almost one step motion. I had just mention to some ladies standing there that she was never taught to weave properly. They both said, "I want a dog who can't weave like that!" How odd that some things taught many moons ago seem to gel in their brains even if left alone for awhile. I am greatly encouraged and am definitely planning to bring her out in Preferred at 16 inches when there is enough cash.

The LCCOC AKC agility trial is this weekend. It's a three day show. Lego is entered all three days. I hope he runs as well there as he did last weekend! Check back Monday for results.



I got to the show early today to get Shelby measured for her permanent height card. If I end up running her in Preferred soon then it would be nice to have the measure over with so we can be sure we are 16 inch preferred. The AKC rep. measured her at 21 1/4 (same as her USDAA height card) which is a 20 inch jumper in AKC. PERFECT! I also got a very unexpected surprise. As I was walking past the ribbon table I kinda glanced down at all the unclaimed ribbons... AND LO AND BEHOLD.... the one right on top had Lego's name on it. WHAT?!? I checked with the trial secretary, and sure enough Lego is in the computer with a Q and 4th place in Open JWW from yesterday. I never checked the sheets because I was sure he had 2 R's. I guess I got a gift! So now there is no going back. He has Q'd in Open. He ran equally as well today as yesterday, but we kicked up the speed some. This caused 3 R's in Standard, but it wasn't for lack of trying. It was worth it to see him working at a decent speed and still listening. Jumpers had several R's because of the increased speed too, but he never looked like he didn't belong in Open. He did just as well as the others out there. I am proud of my boy and the OBM that arrived in the last year.



Lego ran his first Open AKC agility runs today. I was EXTREMELY pleased with his showing today. He had two R's in Standard (one more than allowed to Q), but didn't wander off with his nose to the ground. He did exit briefly to sniff a trash can, but returned fairly quickly to complete the course. He did all his contacts with an actual STOP at the bottom AND he hit the weave pole entrance running and did them perfectly. His usual speed was not there though. I guess it's hard to concentrate on listening to me and run full speed both. I have confidence that if he continues listening the speed will slowly come back. He got a half bag of tuna for his great performance in Standard and I was teary-eyed. It's been such a roller coaster in Novice with him! Jumpers was just a nice with two R's again, but no leaving the ring at all. Tuna was had as a reward again. I am holding out a bit of hope for a possible Open Q this month since he has 3 show weekends.