2011 training goals

APRIL 2011

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We've been doing fairly well emotionally this week. I found the hardest times for me are at meal time, when I expect to have to wake Misty up to feed her, and bedtime when I am doing a mental head count to be sure everyone is where they should be for the night.

Yesterday we worked on putting up rails for the horse fence. We're almost half done. Hoping to get the rest done this weekend. After the rails are up we still have a bit of field fence to install through the woods to complete the horse area. We were hoping to finish the rails today after we caught a movie. On the way home we stopped at Petsmart to see if some old friends were there with their rescue group. We'll friends weren't there, but Rich fell for a doggie there. So, welcome home Twinkle, the beagle. (Pebblemist's Wish on a Star) Seems she's a hunter reject (or hunter loss). She's had half her tail docked, as hunters around here do frequently. She's about two and about 12" tall. That's a bit smaller than Xanadu. I promised Rich I wouldn't drag his new beagle all over to shows. I will be doing my best to teach her to track though. If she shows any interest in agility at a later date I may show her at local shows.

The lady in our club who films a bunch of our club members runs has posted some videos of my guys from last weekend in Brandon.
Kamikaze Standard Saturday
Xanadu Standard Sunday
Spirit Standard Sunday - first MACH points
Storm Standard Sunday
Storm Jumpers Sunday
Spirit Jumpers Sunday
Lego Standard Sunday

27th- Goodbye Sweet Misty

Misty's passing was very peaceful. She laid her head between her paws and that was it. I actually did fairly well. A few tears, of course, but many smiles too. Goodbye my "stinky 'ole hound girl". 

Cheryl was able to bring me good news on this day. Kamikaze is now listed on the AKC website as being in the top 5 Siberians (as it relates to Invitationals). This is our goal. Now we must hang on until the end of June. The list is in alpha order, not ranking order. For ranking order you have to pay for a detailed report.

Select the Event:  AKC Agility Invitational - December 2011


Select a Breed:  Siberian Husky



Dog Name Class
Goronwy Fawr RE MX MXJ XF REG
MACH8 Kokolik's I'll Be There For U MXF REG
Rocyn's Divine Wind VCD2 RA MX MXJ XF REG
CH MACH Sumac's That Mr Know-It-All CD RN MXF REG


Misty has not improved. We have an appointment tomorrow to say goodbye to her. I can't watch her live like this anymore. Our old vet, the one that's been with Misty through so much, is coming in to handle things for us. To top off my wonderful day, there was a big storm this morning. Power was out when I got up and left for work. Then couldn't get out of neighborhood because lines were across the road. Went back to bed. At 8:30 still no power and Rich said that there was a passable lane now. Just as I was rising Shelby started spinning and head bobbing. ARGH! I got her on the linoleum floor just as her seizure started. Great timing sweetie, thanks! 


I had another great weekend of agility. Storm had perfect weekend #3 in a row. That gives her 21 QQ and 550 points. If she can pull out another 3 perfect weekends with 20 points each day she could pull out her MACH in Monroe (her home town) in June. Lego got his second QQ. Spirit got her AX and her first MACH points. Kamikaze Q'd in Standard and Jumpers, unfortunately on different days. Xanadu ran 3 of 4 runs with some intent. She was fast enough to Q both times on Saturday, but had other mistakes. She did get another MX leg on Sunday with a decent run. Then jumpers that day was the one run she didn't want to do.

Misty started a big downward slide Friday. For the first time she wasn't really interested in food. I had to hand feed her the last of it. She would only eat a bit and then wander off, uninterested. While I was gone she continued to not really be interested. She seems to be losing all bladder control. Every few hours she'll soak herself and then lay there with no knowledge of it. If it doesn't start looking up, I am thinking it may be her time.


I met Cheryl out at obedience tonight. Storm, Kamikaze and Spirit got a turn practicing. Storm did awesome. One bobble on long down stay was her only issue. I'm still not sure she's going to go for the dumbbell each time I signal her to though. Kamikaze did everything great, on the second try. Her first tries were just awful. Spirit did well on everything but the stand and the sit stay. She wants to wilt on both exercises. Guess I know where I'll be every Thursday night from here until the trial at the end of May!


I got out the dumbbell and the broad jump and practiced some obedience with Storm this evening. She is doing great on her drop. Still a bit unsure on her heeling with me, but not bad. She did the retrieve well. She is still struggling some with the broad jump with me stationery next to it. Spirit got a turn at working Novice exercises. Her heeling is a bit pokey and she doesn't like about turns. Her recall was great and her stand was pretty darn good. Now to find time to practice a stay line with Storm and Spirit and time for more go-out work with Kamikaze.

17th- Happy Birthday Kamikaze

Well, my baby fluffy dog turned 4 today. Hard to believe it's been that long since I hauled that screaming puppy home.

So once again, this weekend didn't go so well for me and Kamikaze's quest for points. She managed a Q in standard today and then I kicked the base of the double in jumpers and she ticked the bar at the same time. The combination sent all the bars crashing to the ground. ARGH! That was our chance at a QQ. Friday she missed both weave entries. They were easy ones, so I'm not sure what was up, unless I was over-handling the weaves. Saturday we got an off course in Standard. One I expected may happen. She had fun though. Even did a fly-by jump on the table to kiss the judge who was standing by it. LOL!

Friday went decently for Xanadu. She trotted Standard for a Q. She was even clean in Jumpers, but 5 seconds over time for WALKING the whole thing. Sunday in Standard she ran like that beagle demon I love so much. She was FLYING. There was a cloud of dust behind her everywhere she went. She slid off the table, hit a bar, played Underdog off the dogwalk and zoomed past a jump. But, I haven't been so thrilled with her performance in months. I'll take an NQ any day with that dog on the course! Then just to disappoint me good she walked jumpers again that afternoon. Apparently she's grown a mental issue with jumpers. I'm not sure what to do it about it at this point. Still thinking on it.

Unfortunately, Lego got cold tail from his bath. Very sad sight. He was a bit uncomfortable on Friday, but he trotted both courses for me. He managed his very first QQ since he was pokey and I could control him. Not the way I wanted my first QQ with him, but I guess we'll take it.

Lego's tail wasn't much better Saturday, but he apparently felt much better. He ran amok in Standard. I was laughing at him good by the middle of the course. It was good to see him feeling more himself. He did his 10 pole pop out twice in a row though. I am not understanding that problem. The only thing I can figure is 24" weave poles are so much longer that 21" that he quits his weaving motion because of that. I need to find 24" poles to practice on and see if he'll do them in practice. He pulled out another Q in jumpers Saturday though. Then on Sunday we fell apart in Standard and I took my eyes off him out of a tunnel in jumpers and he missed the jump out of the tunnel or he'd have Q'd in jumpers again on Sunday. He and I have come so far in the last year! From the dog that Q'd a couple of times a year to now when I expect a Q a weekend out of him!

Spirit had a good time in Standard the two days she ran. She's still not weaving well at shows though. She also needs to speed her cute self up in jumpers to make time. Too much trotting and too much air over the jumps. Things to work on for sure! I am not going to pull her back to take jumps she goes by anymore. I need speed, not perfection right now. So this weekend coming up is RUN RUN RUN for her.

Storm had another stellar weekend. Who knew you could have TWO perfect weekends in a row? Storm and I have done that now. She was perfect this weekend. That's 6 QQ in 10 days! She's at 19 QQ. Too bad she still needs 250 points. At least I know I won't be stressing over that last QQ for MACH! Seems much easier to just run as fast as you can to pick up points than to worry over the 2 Q's in one day.


I gave 9 dogs baths yesterday afternoon. Everyone with short hair is squeaky clean!

Misty had another seizure last night. *sigh* She seems fine this morning though. I'm off to Lake Charles for agility for the weekend. Hope Misty fairs well while I'm gone.


Kamikaze is feeling better. Unfortunately Shelby had another seizure last night. It didn't last long and she recovered fairly quickly. With all her blood work coming back perfectly normal I'm not sure if there is a next step in determining the cause. For the most part seizure as diagnosed as 'not this' and 'not that' more than finding a cause. At this point I'm thinking just live with what is and if they get more frequent we may have to medicate her.

There are some videos from Amite up now.
Kazee Jumpers Friday
Spirit second AX leg
Kazee Jumpers Saturday
Kazee Jumpers Sunday



Seems the only dog left struggling a bit with the virus of the house is Kamikaze. She is still having diarrhea. That came in to play this weekend at the agility show. It is my favorite story of the weekend, OK, maybe my second favorite. At one point I'd been away from my crates for a bit. One of my friends trotted up to me to say Kazee got out of her crate, but was caught. I went to investigate. Seems she'd let herself out (unzipped the crate) because she had to got potty very badly. She'd just waltzed herself to the patch of grass close to our crates and was going to take care of business. Of course, a loose dog at a show does stir people up, so she was captured (easily.. no running) before she could do her thing. I immediately released her from the crate and took her out to potty. I didn't even fuss at her for leaving her crate.

It wasn't a great weekend for Kamikaze. She only Q'd once and that was in Excellent Jumpers on Sunday. It was a first place, but shed slowed down a good bit by then. The temps were around 90 every day. Even I was feeling the heat. Only one run was a truly awful one for her though. The others were me or one little bobble on her part. 

Spirit didn't do well at all this weekend. She was sniffing and not listening half the time. Xanadu struggled to find her agility side again. She had one just wonderful standard run. Cheryl had been holding her while I went to the bathroom and said she'd given her a back rub while they waited on me. So, if that's what it takes, a back rub it is. Lego was struggling with his weaves all weekend. Popping out at pole 10 or missing the poles all together. By Sunday he was running very slow too. He managed a barely under time Excellent Standard Q for his second MX leg and then was one jump from a QQ when I crossed behind and pulled him off the last jump. ARGH!

lf Kamikaze had to have a bad weekend I'm glad I got to trade if for a Q for Sparkle. She actually got her first Novice Standard leg EVER on Saturday. She even made it around the course under time. She hasn't shown in agility in probably two years.

Storm was the star this weekend. I had my first perfect weekend ever with Storm this weekend. She went 6 for 6 with 4 placements. That drives her up to 16 QQ now.


Monday night Sparkle didn't even eat. For a beagle, that's REALLY sick. This morning she was still not eating. Not anything. Not even human food. I made an appointment with the vet for after work. Naturally, she ate after I got home from work. I called the vet and told them I'd just bring in Misty today instead of Monday. Since I had left work a bit early, and had the appointment, might as well. Misty got her yearly check-up and a senior blood/urine work up. On paper, she's as healthy as they come. But, her heart murmur has worsened again. It's a grade 4 now. She's not in congestive heart failure though, as her lungs are clear and there is no cough. The vet suggested dosing her heart meds morning and evening now. Her time here is definitely short.

Windy horse's trainer sent me picture of her. She had a saddle on for the first time this weekend. (not a human in it yet).


I did AKC agility this weekend close to home, so I was able to work on the horse fencing as well as run. Friday Kamikaze got QQ #6 with two first places!! WOW! That really helped us rack up some points towards the AKC Invitational.

Storm also got a QQ, #13. Lego had some decent runs with a handler problem here and there. Xanadu, well, she has re-discovered her weave pole phobia. *sigh* Thought we had this conquered back in February. She ran several trials with great weaves. Then in Shreveport she started the weaves well one day and stopped half way through and just quit. Of course her weaves at home and training places are fine. This phobia has even started making her not run off the start line, but walk. She knows they are out there. We need to do USDAA where we only run jumpers, snooker, gamblers for a while where she doesn't have to weave to Q.

Saturday Xanadu stayed home and Spirit got to run. Spirit had a great time! She is so silly. She managed a Q in Standard for her 2nd AX leg. Jumpers is always going to be her struggle though. That's a lot of jumps to keep up. She also has a tendency to lose her concentration in the middle of a run and look around and miss a jump. Kamikaze ran great! Unfortunately I sent her off course in Standard. I walked the course 10 times repeating in my head "Do NOT lean over at the Aframe" and then did it anyway and sent her off. She did Q in Jumpers though. Lego, well we just didn't get it together today. He had a few issues with air scenting things in the Standard ring. Storm got another Q in Standard, but missed the weaves in jumpers. I pushed a bit hard and shoved her past the entrance. Sparkle made another attempt at Novice Standard this afternoon. She did just awesome. She'd have Q'd if I hadn't pulled her off the dogwalk a step early. ARGH! She gets a couple of chances at LCCOC's show next weekend. Hope she does as well.

Saturday night Shelby was throwing up and having horrible diarrhea all night. I was very concerned, but Nikita had just had similar issues that she had gotten over in a day or so. 

Sunday started well. Kamikaze got another QQ. YIPPIE. She brought home 98 MACH points this weekend and two QQ. That's a record for me. One more QQ and 100 more points by November and she's qualified to do AKC Nationals next year. Don't know yet where they may be though. Storm Q'd in Standard again, but not Jumpers. She went in a tunnel and never came out. I called and called and she walked out the entrance instead of the exit. Don't know what happened there. I've never had that issue with her. Xanadu ran a decent standard course, weaved like a demon on the second try. Jumpers, the weaves were second and she just didn't want to try at all. Spirit had nice runs in which she by-passed jumps looking around. Lego missed the weaves in standard, but had a stellar run. Then he took first place in Jumpers for 22 MACH points. Go boy!

Sunday Shelby ate and seemed much better, but poor Sparkle started with it.

Horse fencing started