2013 training goals

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rich tried napping on the couch today and it ended up looking like this

Meanwhile I introduced the boys to the idea of 'crate games'


raising these boys is monopolizing almost all my time. Clean, disinfect, train, play. REPEAT.

Yesterday Sparkle decided to give playing with the boys a chance! More video of them with Momma. Chasing Rich! Then I moved puppy training to a new place again.

Today we did some 'COME' practice and an intro to tracking.


Yesterday I trained some 'downs' outside. Then for fun the pups helped Rich sweep the patio.

Today was our second retrieving lesson (moved to a new spot). I also got some video of Xanadu playing with her boys.


I introduced the concept of retrieve today. It was also the first day I let the Siberians out to play with the puppies. I kept Kayak on leash since he's so boisterous though. Double did his best to make an adult dog play with him!


Puppy's first 'training' session on basic obedience skills was yesterday. Today we repeated in a different place.


I am starting to video some training for potential puppy owners. Today we did chute


Twinkle would like to lodge a complaint. Seems Sprigs has decided twinkle's house is cool now and tends to steal it. Twinkle took an alternate approach today


Diane, owner of Timber (the puppies' daddy) came for a visit this weekend to see our puppies. I think she fell in love with all of them and we had a great time taking pictures and talking about them and playing with them. We each ranked the puppies in order of keeping preference at this time. We know as personalities grow things will likely change, but the funny thing is our lists matched up. We thought it might happen this way. We both are looking for the next great 'do it all' performance puppy. Here's the individual shots she took.





Then there's the coveted group shot


Xanadu has given up staying with them, but still nurses them several times a day. She doesn't sleep with them either now, but sleeps with me just one room away.


We had our first escapee today. Double came out of the whelping pool! The back bathroom has now been transformed into a puppy play area and the pool is gone. All puppies had fun exploring, then there was some stress when they couldn't find a familiar place to go nap. Cork screamed any time his feet were on newspaper at first too. Now the real work will begin I am betting!

Diane, the owner of the puppies' sire, will be here this weekend for a visit. It will be a weekend of all things puppy I'm sure. She has a great camera and I am betting they'll be 900 more pictures taken. Maybe we'll even get them to stack up for some shots. I'm also planning their first outdoor on grass experience while she's here.

5th - Happy Birthday to Sparkle
Hard to believe Sparkle is SEVEN! I still remember the day we brought her home. Here's a flashback picture.


The puppies are 3 weeks old today! They had their first introduction to some 'real' food. I ended up taking two videos. ONE and TWO. Here's a pile of puppies for you! This is Smudge with Dot on top the Double and Cork.