2014 training goals


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Spent 90 minutes bathing Kayak and conditioning his coat and blowing him out in preparation for majors in Monroe this weekend. Not holding my breath, but it would be nice to pick up his last major so I only have to deal with getting his single points from now on. 


Spent some quality time with the old guys at the house today. Makes the heart heavy to know that Lego, Josie are already in double digits and Sparkle is only a couple of years behind. 


Codex has been doing an awesome job in class the last couple of weeks. This week we did a threadle, a serpentine and weaves really well. Yesterday I mailed off his first AKC agility entry. Sat. only in TX in the middle of Oct. AND today in the mail I got his USDAA temporary card. His growing up is getting all too real.


Got up this morning and walked out to feed Windy. When dumping the feed in her bucket there was not the typical clinking noises, but some thunking noises. Windy also wasn't trying to push my hand out of the way to get started eating like usual. I look into bucket and see this!

ACK! A baby possum sleeping in the food bucket!!??? Had to disconnect bucket from fence and carry towards woods and get that sucker out. Nice morning wake up call.

Yesterday I was 'phone a friend' for Diane on her USDAA snooker and gambler courses. That was fun. And Ridge had to bring home another turtle from the event. He also took it to the swimming pool with him today.


Dropped the car off at the local garage to have 4 new tires put on this morning. They ordered them for me yesterday. Meanwhile Ridge was busy finding a REAL turtle friend in his backyard!


Driving home from work today one of my tires on my car finally just wore out. Been driving on them a couple months longer that I should have. The rubber just got so thin the steel started breaking through. The good news is it all came to a head at an intersection with a gas station right there on the corner. A pretty rare feat on my back roads trek to the mill every day. I was able to change the tire out for the spare all by myself. A nice young man did stop and offer help. I let him pick up the dead tire and put it back in my car. I was only 15 minutes from home and the speed limits are all 45 or less in the part I had left. Made it home fine on my donut.

5th - Happy Birthday Sparkle

Can't believe Sparkle is now EIGHT years old. Who remembers this picture her first day here?


I have been planning a meet up with Xanadu's littermate brother's owner from Ohio for this year. This past weekend we finally made it happen at a show in Murfreesboro, TN. Her name's Ursula (husband, Mike) and Riser is Xanadu's littermate. She also has two other Beagles, Blade and Raven. To add to the Beagle mania, Diane and her three Beagles came to the show too. So Diane's buddy, Cheryl, hosted us all and had 9 Beagles, 2 Siberians and a Dachshund crashing at her house. Of course, the opportunity for photo shoot couldn't be passed up!

left to right: Diane's boys... Ridge, Timber (daddy of Xan's pups), Skeeter. Then Ursula's three...Blade (standing), Raven, Riser (Xan and Spirit's brother). Then Spirit, Xanadu and Codex (Ridge's littermate)
Yes, that is 9 Beagles with a good enough stay for group photo shoots.

This is Riser with littermates, Spirit and Xanadu. Isn't Xanadu the cutest little thing compared to her big littermates?

Almost forgot! Ridge and Codex (littermates) have invented the funniest game when at Cheryl's house. We give them a toy long enough for two and they tug. Then Ridge, who is a good bit weightier than Dex, positions himself on a fluffy rug and just lays down holding on to the toy. He waits for Dex's tugging to pull him across the rug on his belly. At one point Dex was frustrated about the sheer dead weight of Ridge and in the middle of a normal tug session (facing each other) he just throws spins around , throws a leg over the toy and starts tractor pulling Ridge. I thought I was gonna choke laughing so hard. Diane happened to have her camera handy to!

We ran agility all weekend too. Here's a video of Riser in Jumpers. He's a MACH Beagle. Spirit and Xan ran so Ursula and Diane could see them.

OK, on to the other guys I took. Kamikaze had some great runs. Here's my favorite. Sprigs entered the weekend needing 3 QQ for her MACH. She didn't have her best weekend. She did come home with one QQ though. Here's her best Jumpers run. It was so much fun to meet up with Ursula and Mike and have Beagle mania with us all there. Maybe we can make it an every other year kind of event? Who knows. Just glad we got to do it. Maybe I can make Beagle Nationals next year and see what fun the performance crew is there.