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Wow! been awhile since an update. I haven't been doing much dog stuff though. Mostly holiday things. We made a trip to AR for Christmas to see Rich's family. We ended up with 6 dogs going with us because the temperatures here decided to drop to freezing while we were gone. Of course, they are perfectly 'normal' now. I'll be off tomorrow to Birmingham, AL for New Year's AKC agility for three days. This show is indoors on astroturf type stuff. Kamikaze was a bit slower on that surface last time I was there. but she had also just come out of season which makes her pokey too. I'm willing to give it another try. It's just her and me this weekend. Poor beagles are all staying home. We hope to see Kazee's sister, Khloe, and her owners while we are there.

When I get back I start teaching an agility class. Everyone has to do their part to make a club run!

 So, Happy New Year everyone! Where did 2010 go?



Back from the Jackson, MS conformation & obedience shows.


The major in 13" beagles broke. One bitch didn't make it. So, there were at least a couple that didn't show because they only need majors. For this day that left Xanadu and one other showing. Xan won and got her 8th point. (15 needed) There was a major in 15" dogs. Spirit showed solidly, but got third in her class. Unfortunately neither Rosey nor Thunder got the major either. That's all they are looking for to finish their Championship. Kamikaze had a really decent showing in Utility. I was surprised considering our recent lack of obedience practice. She was passing well until the go-outs. Here first one she went way crooked to see the audience standing on the sidelines. Then almost didn't get any pause at all in and certainly not the sit and wait for my command. Thankfully the first jump was the one she wagged towards. The judge was gonna pass her on that one. But the second go-out was to the same crooked side. She did pause better this time, but she was locked on the jump in front of her and took it again. Spirit had a nice showing in Rally Novice to get her title and move up to Rally Advanced for the next two days.


Once again there were only two bitches showing in 13". Xanadu lost today. Marie asked later why the judge picked who they did. Seems Xanadu hitched most of the way around the ring. (a little skip on the rear leg) AHH.. that makes sense then. I figured it was the speed I was trying to get her to go. I practiced some different speeds with her. Sure enough, pushing her to gate a bit faster than she really wants brings out that hitch. I'll be more careful tomorrow to keep the speed back a bit. Spirit showed well again, but still 3rd in the class. Rosey and Thunder still didn't get the major either. Kamikaze had another decent show in Utility until the go-outs. We were in the same ring as Friday. She did the same crooked go-outs this time with no pauses at all, just the turn and take the jump. More go-out practice is in order I see, but everything else is looking good. She even had her very first perfect score on the moving stand. We've been struggling with walking extra steps. Spirit had a just awesome first showing in Rally Advanced and took first place! (the A class)


Today were three bitches showing in 13". I kept my pace in the front of my mind and Xanadu won. That's 9 points and means she's singled out now. (Needs two major wins) Spirit was a bit ornery today in the ring. She kept wanting to move her left front foot or right rear leg. Then she was leaning towards me. She did move OK. No looking up at me and prancing. Still 3rd place. Rosey and Thunder still didn't get their major either. Now four of the litter are hunting majors. Xan needs two, Rosey, Thunder and Dani need one. Kamikaze did very well again today until the go-outs. They deteriorated until the last one of the weekend was just run behind the jump and take it. More new places for go-outs. Love how ring smart they get! (not really) She never doesn't sit anywhere but in the ring. Today when she did that awful go-out in the ring I actually turned away from her and said 'wrong'. We walked quietly to our crate where I gave her nothing. Later I took her outside and did a go-out and sit and then took her in for some treats. Rally was a bit unnerving today. Marie's blood sugar started dropping just before she took Storm in Excellent. She'd had her two cokes and some food, but it wasn't settling her sugar by the time she went. I could tell she was struggling to keep focus with Storm. We had her sit back down and I took Drift through the Rally Excellent course for her. I just had to pass so that she could get an RAE leg that day. Pass, we did, with a score in the 90's. By the time for Advanced Rally Marie's sugar had stabilized. Both her dogs got an RAE leg! Spirit did not get another Advanced leg though. She inhaled a treat just before her turn and was coughing a bit, but nothing was coming up. We got about half way around the course with her coughing and not heeling well. Then she hacked up the treat, in the ring. So we got excused for 'fouling the ring'. ARGH! of all the luck!


Yesterday I caught all three beagle girls curled up on a cot together.

Tonight I worked a quick session on go-outs and signals with Kamikaze. Figured one quick reminder was in order since she's showing in Utility Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Then it was on to an agility committee meeting. Somehow I got roped into teaching an "agility for recreation" class starting in January. There are some people who like to come out and take classes with their dogs because it's fun, but they have no intention of showing. It's all for something different to do with the dog. Or there are ones that may compete someday, but are languishing forever in Beginner or Advanced Beginner. Taking them on as a separate class helps those that are planning on competing have open slots to move their dogs into in the progressive classes. At least it means I'll be out at at the field to work my dogs at least once a week for the beginning of the year.



There was perfect agility weather in Shreveport on Saturday! Cool enough for the dogs to love it and warm enough to not be bundled up wondering what the heck we're doing. Jumpers was first. Kamikaze had a really nice run, but dropped one bar. That's not typical for her, so I just don't even really worry about bars with her. I also ran Marie's Siberian, Drift. She had a nice run as well, but is at a stage in weaving where she wants to go fast, but hasn't figured out how to control fast weaves for all 12 poles.  Lego had a solid run after the initial wild opening where I send him all over the place. Xanadu missed her weave entrance with that pouty look, but when I kept on running and saying 'weave' she started doing her good fast weaves at pole 3. The big surprise of my weekend was Marie's beagle, Storm. I've run her on two other weekends fairly successfully. I've described her as 'steady' and 'honest' in the past. Well, I walked jumpers for a steady dog with several front crosses. When Storm took off into the tunnel at the beginning of jumpers, there was nothing steady about her. She was flying. You can see in the video that I was turning into the opening tunnel to do a front cross and had to change my plans quickly as I heard her feet coming. She ran a stellar course, listed well at that speed, and I ran by the seat of my pants. Storm got first place and 28 MACH points on that one run. Spirit's Open jumpers run was full of her struggling with the smelly distractions at that arena. She just couldn't pull it together and weave either.

Standard went very well for Kamikaze, but like Jumpers, there was one thing. She missed an on-side weave entrance. Another one of those things she doesn't do often. Well, hopefully those two things are out of her system for a bit. Drift did all her contacts on the first try! That's a big deal since the last time I ran her she was struggling with some fear issues. Still, no weaves though. Lego had a great standard run, but is playing the pop out at ten poles game on me again. Spirit did very well on the excellent standard course for being such a newbie at it. She just couldn't weave the first try again. Xanadu was running pretty well in Standard, although she's decided to stop at the top of the Aframe now. Not sure why. I got caught watching after the table when I sent her in the tunnel and didn't make it to my front cross in time. That made me stutter around a bit as she came out of the tunnel. She hit the triple there since I was so frazzled, then , of course she wouldn't weave until the second try. (which was gorgeous) Storm FLEW again. This time at least I was ready.  As she came out of the tunnel I saw the back bar of the triple was set at 16" instead of 12". I ran her at it straight and hard and she cleared it, but it made for an abrupt turn to the weaves. She took another first place with 37 MACH points getting her 4th double Q and her MX and MXJ titles!


The weather cooled somewhat overnight. We got up wondering WHAT we were thinking. Thankfully at 34 it was a bit warmer than the predicted 27 degrees. It was still cold though and there was a biting north wind. Beagles all stayed in the car while Siberians enjoyed the weather. Xanadu ran fairly well despite the cold and got her AX title!!

The weaves started well, but slowed at the end. Still unsure what's up. Storm took off this morning in Standard just like yesterday! I love this running beagle. Unfortunately her mother didn't disappear from her life until just a few minutes before the run and when it wrapped back on itself towards the exit Storm went looking for her mommy. Lego should've had his AX. Bad handler! I did a front cross off the aframe with the little beagles, but was not planning one there for the Siberians. Poor Lego got stuck with a handler that couldn't pick a plan. He even did all his weaves the first try. ARGH! Kamikaze ran great, too bad the handler said "come" when the correct command was "back". ARGH! (again) She did exactly as I said and turned towards me and took the obstacle in front of her. Drift had another good run with all the contacts on the first try. Still no weaves. Spirit had a nice run too. Still no weaves on the first try though.

Xanadu didn't weave in Jumpers after doing so well in Standard. Storm, ran like the wind again for another first place finish and 28 more MACH points. That's 90 points for the weekend and three first places. It almost doubles her current MACH points too. Hope Marie gets her to some more shows for me to run soon! Lego got walked off Jumpers for doing only 10 weave poles all three chances. Kamikaze had a stellar run for 12 MACH points and fourth place. She's never gotten that many points on a jumpers run. Drift could Q if she could just figure out how to control her body for all 12 poles! Spirit's Open jumpers run was not that great. She did weave finally, but stopped in the middle to shake her head. Came out of a tunnel to shake her head. Ran kinda slow. We'll be checking on the head shaking thing. I just cleaned her ear (only the one that usually bothers her). I guess I'll be cleaning both this week and seeing if she's shaking her head at home or if it's her stress behavior.



Kamikaze had her eyes re-checked at LSU today. It is a concurring diagnosis. Corneal Dystrophy. Spay scheduled for March. That's the earliest I can get her done with the show schedule I am undertaking to try and make invitationals for 2011. No real feelings. Sorted through all those this summer when we got the first diagnosis. Her breeder is going to breed Kazee sister next year. I'm on the list to contact for a puppy. She is very upset by the news as she did everything right health testing wise on the parents. Things just happen sometimes despite the best plans. If you missed the post this summer, this eye problem should NOT affect Kamikaze's vision. Our relationship will not have to change!


I managed to keep baby bunny alive through today. But the more I read, the more I think I am not providing adequate food. This afternoon I took it to Wings of Hope wildlife rehab center. I found them on the internet. I had no idea they were here. It's only 30-40 minutes from the house. I left a monetary donation that should hopefully cover the formula expenses until it is ready to release. They say they have a pretty good success rate with bunnies, even this small. Good luck and Godspeed  to Sparkle's baby bunny!

It looks like it's gonna be a cold weekend of agility in Shreveport Saturday and Sunday. I'll be running 6 dogs this time since Marie has entered Storm and Drift for me to run. I'm still holding out hope for Xanadu and/or Lego to get an AX this year. I feel good about the chances of Spirit getting her OAJ as well. Storm only needs one jumpers and one standard for her MX and MXJ. May the title gods be with us.

I have finally gotten the LCCOC awards ordered. They are having the Christmas get together in January, so I have plenty of time for it to ship.


I took off for Pensacola, Fl early Friday morning. Josie hadn't been limping, but was still complaining if you touched her toe, so Rich had instructions to keep her in all weekend. On Friday Kamikaze got her 5th MX leg. It was the ugliest run! She visited two bar setters. Not many MACH points. Took an off course in Jumpers. Xanadu got her second AX leg. Yeah for weaves the first try even if they weren't so fast. She did her weaves the second try in Jumpers, but she did them FAST. Lego had really solid runs Friday, but just not getting a Q. 

Saturday morning started with another Standard Q for Kamikaze! Another mis-cue in Jumpers though and she missed a jump. Xanadu didn't do her weaves until second tries today, but the second tries were smokin'. She hit the triple today for some reason in Jumpers. I got some input from a competitor about her weaves. She says I chatter a lot on the first pass and the second pass (when she does them) I am quiet. Lego had more nice runs. If he'd have gotten on the table (I wasn't close enough to insist) he'd have his AX. Spirit had a wonderful Excellent Standard run, but one refusal at a tunnel. She stopped to shake her head just before the tunnel. ARGH! But, she did her weaves the first try. Spirit SMASHED the triple in Open Jumpers. The picture looks like she jumped straight up and not out at all. She landed in the middle of it and slid on her face for a moment. I stopped to see if she was OK and she put her paws on me and WOO WOO, so I went on and she seemed fine. Interesting that the triple was in the same place as it was for Excellent when Xan hit it. Wonder what was strange about that spot?

Sunday morning started out much colder with a nasty NW wind! The beagles said they'd just stay in the car THANK YOU VERY MUCH. At least I was able to load up their crates early in the day. Kamikaze and I had a terrible Standard run. We left both hating each other. She was a bit wild and I started fussing (bad me!). I was determined to have a FUN jumpers run. We ended up with two off courses, both handler errors, but Kazee had no idea anything went wrong. I never stopped and we didn't fix them. It was the smoothest NQ run of the class and she thought she was awesome. Xanadu had AWESOME weaves in Standard. Too bad she deemed the first pole optional. After such fast weaves (and hitting them on a hard pull of the dogwalk, a favorite obstacle) I did a big yippie and she jumped up and landed on top  of the tunnel she was supposed to be going in. After that she was dead on perfect. She pulled out her 4th MXJ leg this afternoon. The weaves were slow though, but I resisted the urge to cheer and she stayed in them. Lego was a bit wild this morning too!  But he did hit an awful hard weave entrance.  His jumpers run was slick! He got one of the same off courses Kazee took, apparently me (again). The crowning glory of my weekend was when a fellow competitor stopped me after his run to say how it warmed her heart to see us run so smooth and fast together. She's been around to see him from the beginning when he would run to corners and sniff and not come back.  She commented on how great our relationship must be now after years of struggling in agility together. She was focused on the big picture of life with our dogs and not the Q! She was such an bright spot for me! Then Spirit got her second OAJ leg today. She ran past one jump, but did her weaves the first try.  She was still a couple of seconds over time. She's got to learn to stretch out and run! Her standard run was great, but it took her two tries to weave.

On the way home I got a call from Rich. Sparkle had discovered a bunny nest and was carrying around a baby bunny. He said the baby had a scratch, but nothing mortal. He put it in a crate with dog blankets after he cleaned the scratch up. He even found the nest and looked for more to no avail. The nest is INSIDE Jedi's dog yard. So, putting baby back for mommy to come for is not an option. I stopped on my way back in to town and picked up some kitten formula and some other supplies. It's very young. A day or two at most. Eyes still closed and looks like maybe ears are too. I fed baby when I got home. I don't know how feasible it's going to be to raise it and then put it back in the woods, but that's the only chance its got.



I came home from work to find a limping Josie. ARGH! With much screaming on her part and poking on my part I narrowed it down to the left front foot, inside toe. The wrist, elbow and shoulder joints were fine. Her foot was touchy, but oh the screaming if you touched that toe. With such a melodramatic dog it was hard for me to examine her as she thrashed around. I couldn't see any abrasion and the toe wasn't crooked, but off the to vet we went. An x-ray proved no broken toe, but even on the x-ray you could see the tissues around that toe were swollen. The diagnosis is a sprain. Pain meds and house time for awhile and she should be back to normal soon. Glad she's not the one running agility this weekend. I'll be off to Pensacola early Friday morning for AKC agility and a mid-day start on the show. Here's hoping for Lego's AX (one leg), Xanadu's successfully weaves, a Q or two for Spirit and another double Q for Kamikaze!