2013 training goals

December 2013

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My year in title ribbons!


Got home 9ish last night from Birmingham. What fun we had! Kayak went 3 for 3 on Friday, earning his AX and OF titles.

He moved on up to run for QQs and his MACH now. Sprigs got another QQ and Kamikaze got Standard for 12 points and another Master Fast leg. She went completely blonde in Jumpers and walked past the weaves. Always odd when she pulls a blonde moment like that. Spirit ran really nice though. Some incidents at the weaves kept her from Qing in either run, but she was happy and plenty fast enough.
Saturday didn't start as well. Sprigs missed her weaves in Standard, but Q'd in Jumpers. Kamikaze jumped OVER my hips as I stood facing the dogwalk to be sure she didn't blast forward. Clearly that didn't work as she took the straight ahead off course behind me anyway. She did Q in Jumpers with a nice 8 points, but that MACH2 is looking kinda hard for tomorrow. She'll need 19 points. SIGH. Kayak Q'd in Standard for his first MX leg, then a bad handler move sent him off course in Jumpers. Both he and Kamikaze rocked Fast though, so now he has his first XF leg and she's got her 9th MXF leg.
Sunday morning Kayak decided to blow his dogwalk big time and get hauled to his crate. Then in Jumpers he was less than enthused with the wrapping of jump #1 to the weaves and didn't weave. Sprigs came home with another QQ! Xanadu returned to agility after her pups and spay surgery. Very happy with the attitude in Standard. Jumpers was still a trot event though. I had to seriously over-handle Kamikaze in Standard to keep her off that straight ahead obstacle off the dogwalk in Standard again. That meant we only got 10 points. That left 9 points for Jumpers. That would be a miracle of epic proportions considering the course start. Can't remember EVER getting 9 points in jumpers. I went out there and laid it all on the line. I was shocked at the end to see we were 1/2 second under the time needed to glean those 9 points! Good way to end the 2013 agility season!

24th - Happy Birthday Sprigs

Sprigs is 3 today. Best accidentally adoption ever. Cheryl and I are headed out on the 26th to do some agility in Birmingham, AL. Kamikaze only needs 39 points for her MACH2! We like the ribbons there. Really want to wipe that title out.
With family here and 3 extra people on the couch the dogs' space on the couch is greatly diminished. They are making the best of things though.


Family arriving from out of town today and leaving Thurs. (as am I for agility show)
Sprigs says Merry Christmas, as does Ridge and Codex


I loaded up all my obedience stuff including jumps and drove all the obedience dogs and the stuff up to the old high school tennis courts. Kayak got a turn doing Utility and Open exercises. He did VERY well on ALL parts. Impressive. Kamikaze did Utility stuff and did well. We got some anticipation on signals and a thought of anticipation on the second go-out. Sparkle did nice on her Open work. Hoping she may get those last two CDX legs this year. Spirit lost all her 'waits' before exercises in her Open work, but at least she was excited and correct in what she did. Hopefully a CDX in her by next year. Sprigs did well on retrieve work and is ALMOST there in getting the Drop on Recall exercise. She needs STAY work to get her CDX though. Xanadu did very nice Utility work, but is struggling to bring back the glove we are facing if it's not the middle one. She REALLY wants to get the middle one. Codex worked a little on heeling and his stay while I walk around the ring. I am actually teaching him the head swivel now. Rewarding for it. It's clear he's going to have to do that to hold his stay. His first instinct is to swivel his whole body. I loaded up all the jumps and left Sparkle, Spirit and Kayak on out of sight stays next to the net. Sparkle held her stay with a blowing napkin coming by and hanging in the net close to her! That's a BIG step for her. Kayak had to have his lazy self pulled up out of a down during the sit exercise once. That earned him another long sit once the beagles were done and loaded in the car.



Back out tracking today! Codex, Sprigs and Lego all got a turn. Codex is not as confident as before the trip, but he's doing OK. Getting back to his old self I think. I intentionally laid Sprigs a track in a field with the 'thick' grass that holds the appeal of crittering. She got fussed at some at first for it, but she returned to work and as the track went on she tried crittering less and less since I fussed every time. She got into a tracking test on New Years day down in New Orleans. Here's hoping for another VCD dog. Lego got a very long stretch of thick woods on his track. He did very well today. Sent entries to Houston for first weekend of Jan. to try TDX again since he didn't get in the New Orleans show.

Yesterday Spirit and Xan helped in teaching Codex the best napping.

Here's my vote for cutest Christmas couple.


AND.. Watson has turned into a great lap dog apparently.

The Expedition came home Monday after getting a coil replaced in a cylinder, all spark plugs replaced, transmission service and a new belt. She's purring like a kitten again. :)


I spent Thurs.- Fri. morning tracking in Murfreesboro with Diane and Ridge and Terry and Cork. As things will happen at the most inconvenient times, the Expedition engine light decided to actually come on about 3 hours into my eight hour drive. GRRRR! She really struggled on the hills with acceleration, but started and idled fine and did great on cruise on flat roads. I called the ladies to let them know the vehicle was acting up. Thankfully I planned all my road time to be in daylight hours as I was leaving there Friday at lunch and going to Mom's for the night before driving home. The vehicle is currently in the shop. Dropped there as soon as I got home.
This was my first time to meet Terry! Lovely lady and she LOVES that little Cork man. She's been working him on bullet finds, so while we were all at Diane's friend's house I hid a 9mm pistol with a loaded clip for his first actual weapon find. He did great. So cool. 
My main complaint on tracking two straight days was the temps. MAN! It was 25 degrees when we got up and lit out in the mornings. GEEZ! It didn't get up to 40 on Thursday, but Friday it did get to the mid 40s. We left my vehicle parked Thursday so as not to tick her off anymore and I road with Cheryl T., Diane's friend in her Econoline size van. Ridge actually passed a certification track on Thursday morning. SO beautiful to watch. I left the fields Thursday a tad frustrated. When asked what I wanted for Codex. I said a marked track about 3/4 TD length. Tracklayer asks if I'm sure. I'm like "I think so." She assures me that unlike most tracklayers she will know exactly where the track is. I ASSUMED that meant she'd let me know if he got off track very much. So I said OK. She ASSUMED I wanted a certification track. I was OK with that up until the point at which I see the track crossing MOVING water. REALLY? this isn't even a legal cert. track. Codex did well up until that point too. At the water he got lost. He's never seen that type obstacle and he got sucked down stream from the actual track. He couldn't recover, and the tracklayer didn't immediately FIX us. Very frustrating. Everyone knows that's not gonna happen in a TD test and I felt betrayed that I wasn't warned of water BEFORE starting so I could at least TELL them not to let us wander if he couldn't do it. Also felt betrayed that they didn't jump in to help when he lost it. He wandered way to long looking and started playing with things. Guess I should've called it, but I thought he was still close as they were letting this go on. Next time I will stand up for my dog and call it myself. Unfortunately, this experience shot his confidence for Friday. They wanted to lay another cert. track. I was hesitant, but quiet (my bad) since he DID do well until the water. He wouldn't even go down the first leg. Now to fix my puppy! (Sigh) Thankfully Terry stepped in and we immediately went and did some motivational stuff with him when he quit on me. She ran off with the treats and he got to go find where she ducked behind the bushes. 
Xanadu, on the other hand was really good. I was very impressed with her work these two days. She did Codex's cert. track (with water) after it set four hours. And she did it well. Surprisingly she didn't get sucked off where Dex and I wandered off. She got her first intro to hard surface work too, as well as first exposure to tracking under power lines. Friday we set her up a track with cross tracks (older than the track). Then when I came back to walk my part I find two guys playing frisbee golf all over her tracking area. NAILED IT ANYWAY! She also did Codex's miserably failed track once it was hours old with a stretch of woods added on the end. We got there to run it and found a guy practice golf drives all over the track. She did really well, but struggled a bit where he walked paralleling a leg and started tracking him for a bit.
We got a family shot of Mom, Dad and the boys (minus Watson living in FL)

Cork, Xanadu, Codex, Timber, Ridge

Shots from the weekend:


Diane brought the boys a mini little cake to celebrate their 5 month birthday too. Very sweet. Here's Dex and his cake.

Bye Cork :( ... Until I get to see you again...


It's been decided I can drive to Murfreesboro tomorrow to meet up with Cork and Terry and Ridge and Diane for some tracking practice. The weather is predicted to be damp and COLD so Xanadu and Codex went shopping today for weather resistant jackets they could track in.

OH.. and Cork wishes us all HAPPY HOLIDAYS


Home from Texas last night. Expedition engine skipping/missing much worse on the way home. I came back with one lousy Q. Kamikaze made it around Snooker, but not without a 'LIE DOWN' command as she took something I had not planned and I had to gather her to get where we needed to go next. The Master judge had really tight times on really windy courses. I'd skip her with the Sibes next time. Kamikaze's only other near Q was in pairs where she off coursed by doing a threadle instead of a 180 turn. Had you told me I had to get her to do that I'd have said you were crazy. STILL not sure how I managed to do that. Kayak had a near miss in Adv. Standard. ONE BAR. The other Standard run he played Underdog off the dog walk and got escorted back to his crate. It was bloody cold there. Many layers on to stay outside all day. As a matter of fact there was ice in Dallas. (I was in the Houston area). This was also the first trip Codex made without any stops to potty coming or going! 4.5 hours in the crate with no accidents or fussing. The baby is growing up. The last 2 hours or so I drove in a standing drizzle. UGH! 

The beagles snuggle in the colder weather more...

This morning I laid out tracks for Codex, Sprigs, and Lego at a local park. Sprigs and Dex did really well. Both getting just a tad lost on the last leg of their track. HRMMM. I took them home and had lunch planning on returning with Lego when his track was about 3 hours old. WELL, it decided to rain. So I sat at home and extra hour hoping it would stop. No such luck. So, Lego and I loaded up and tracked in the drizzle this afternoon. I learned some about what rain does to scent! He struggled pinpointing articles with so much scent around. I was a tad surprised he was OK with tracking in the drizzle at all.


Got in some obedience with all the obedience dogs yesterday. Kayak, Sparkle and Spirit are ring ready for Open with some stay practice. I need to get Kayak's last two legs and move on to Utility and the beagle girls need to get the titles and retire from obedience so I can get Sprigs through Open too. Sprigs is just lacking the stays and the drop on recall. She's got the retrieves down now as well as the broad jump. Kamikaze and Xan are ring ready for Utility. Kamikaze HAS been ring ready for years. We're still struggling towards that first Q. Xan needs a little work, but should get that UD.

Kayak spent some morning time today working on his stays in the drizzling rain. He, of course, nailed it. I swear he better not bust stays again in January!

The exciting part of the day was the Josie escape. I swear! At 10 years old she decides to dig out under the fence. NEVER tried before as a young sprout. I was inside and had all the hounds out. They started going BONKERS so I went to check on them. They were running the back fence line barking. I could tell they saw a creature moving around back there. Turns out it was Josie snooping the woods back there. GRRRR! I called her to the fence and shook my finger at her for being naughty. She grinned an apology. I told her to get back to the house and I strolled through to the front yard as she comes around the fence line. GOOD GRIEF! Just glad the beagles missed the escape route, which I did find and remedy.

Alarm at 3:45 am to head off to Texas for some USDAA agility.


So, here it is December already. WOW! Not sure what happened to 2013.

One lucky puppy (Ridge) spent the first of the month in Florida visiting family!

Meanwhile here in Louisiana I got Kayak's VCD certificate in the mail.

The temps are still unseasonable cool off and on for this area. So when it IS fairly warm out there is much sun soaking going on.
Sprigs and Twinkle were catching rays yesterday just off the patio.

I had a bit of a scare after running errands today. I pulled in the carport to a completely quiet yard. MOST unnerving. There is usually much celebrating about my arrival home. I streaked through the house and out the back door to find everyone interested in squirrel hunting and this poor guy up on the patio being guarded by Spirit. I knew they'd get one some day.

This was too cute this evening. Looks like a 2 headed beagle.