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I went out to teach agility again last night and had one student. We only worked 30 minutes or so since all the work was with one dog. Then Xanadu got run over the teeter, dogwalk, and Aframe. Kamikaze got to do a couple of jumps to the weaves practicing 90 degree entrances from both sides. She did well. she still struggles on that entrance where she is just to the left side of the poles. She still hits pole two about half the time.

Today I did a quick two weave pole entry session with Xanadu and Kamikaze. Kazee is struggling with the two poles if I line her up with pole two on the  off side about 4-6 feet away. She's not going around pole one to hit the correct entrance. We'll keep the two pole work up until it clicks. And I'm sure it will.

Tonight was obedience class. I took one of my rabbit fur tugs to loan the teacher to try out for motivation for her terrier this weekend at an obedience match. I got there early and worked Kamikaze a bit on heeling and drops. She is starting to anticipate the drop now instead of listening for when I want her to drop. Xanadu did the class. I let her sit out for some of the doodling work and rest her brain. She needs work on the fast pace heeling, but did the rest very nicely. Her stays are improving as well. She's staying for longer periods of time. The capper of the class was her recall. It elicited many coos and ahhs from the other class members. It really was too cute. She actually stayed put long enough for me to get almost a full recall distance. Then when I called her she tore up the concrete to get started and the raced full blast at me. Just as she was about to hit my legs she skidded to a halt and sat down. What a cute little girlie!

This weekend is my club's USDAA agility show here in town. Tomorrow afternoon we'll be setting up. Here's to Kamikaze's first weekend in Advanced!


I did one very quick session on weave entries with Kamikaze and Xanadu before I fed them tonight. I added the next two poles for them both. It took Xanadu a couple of tries to catch on to the reward would now come after two gates. Kamikaze caught on fast. Then tonight Kamikaze and I were off to class with Josie and Xanadu in tow. I got there early to work the girls on the issues we uncovered last weekend at the show. Of course Josie didn't miss any of the dogwalk or Aframe contacts at practice and she did an immediate flop on the table. Kamikaze did fine on the dogwalk too. Then we uncovered the evil truth on weave poles. Kazee does the poles great. Amazingly, the entrance she struggles on is the one I'd think would be easy. It's the not quite straight on, but just a tad towards the entrance side. She hits the second pole at least 50% of the time. This can certainly be fixed. 

At about class time I started looking around and there were three other people, but no teacher. I checked emails before I left and didn't get any class cancellation ones. I got Xanadu out and ran her over the dogwalk and teeter. She seems to have forgiven that one teeter that makes a metallic clink and falls fast. She had no hesitation about it, or any other teeters out there. I was sure, however, to have the good treats right at her mouth for the fall and bang. I also put her half way up the Aframe and let her run down it. Then, after a couple of those tries she turned around and went all the way over the Aframe on her own. I wasn't quite going for that yet, but it didn't spook her and it was her choice. I was over controlling her that first time since I was shocked and unprepared for a full Aframe. After that one I turned her around and let her get a good couple of strides going and she went up and over again. This time I wasn't all over her trying to control the performance like the first time. She did great. So, now we have all the obstacles under our belt but weaves. They all need work, but she has been introduced to them all. The teacher never showed she we left early and went home. I still got to practice what my girls needed to.


I worked three short sessions of weave pole entries with Xanadu. The first session I tried the new tug toy with the treat pouch in the middle as motivation since I could throw it. Then I spent the next three minutes trying to get her to bring it back. LOL! So, the toy had to go on a rope for her. Kamikaze did some weave pole entry training as well. She is amazingly lacking in the understanding of weave pole entries from the off side. I thought I'd covered them well, but Xanadu way out understands her. 

I also pulled out the table and a couple of jumps to work on tables with Jedi. I sent him to the table and just calmly looked at him until he offered the down on his own. Lots of treats and I sent him off. We did several table approaches with and without jumps until he reliable dropped on the table on his own and stayed down until released. I need to do this every day until the trial this weekend. Since the table was out I did the same routine with Josie, who was trained this way originally, and she quickly fell back into dropping. Then a session with Lego the zoomie child. His response to the game was more like Jedi's, but he caught on just as quickly.


Safely home from Pensacola. It was a really nice weekend for runs, not so much on the temperature side. Friday was freeze your fingers and toes off, as was today. Saturday started rather chilly, but turned out to be not so bad when the sun warmed it up a bit. 

Friday Kamikaze was entered in 6 events. She Q'd in Starters Jumpers for her title and Starters Snooker for her title.

She even made the finals of Steeplechase. Unfortunately with her wide turns and one run-by on a jump we missed the Q time by about 5-8 seconds. Easily made up with no run-bys and some better turns. It was a shame though that we messed up Pairs for Cheryl and Grace. They had 10 faults on their half, but Kazee still should've been fast enough. The durn weaves bit us though. She started at pole two doing well. Then I called her out of them (BAD MOM!). After that she just wasn't going to weave at all. Sorry Grace :( Jedi managed a solid Q in Snooker. Josie got an unneeded Jumpers leg. Neither of them got a leg they need for ADCH though. Josie did run almost all the time without too much of a sluggish start. She even hit all but one Aframe contact this weekend. Can't say the same for the dogwalk (her or Jedi).

Saturday I turned up the handling on Kazee. I think I was too nonchalant with her Friday again. She got 4 Q's out of her 5 runs. A Jumpers Q, a Snooker Q, a Pairs Q (TITLE!) with an awesome little border collie, and the grand and all needed Standard Q for her Agility Dog title.

She would've had the Gamble Q too, but she bailed the bottom of the dogwalk when the judge ran in behind her. Then stupid handler sent her back over instead of picking up needed points first. She did the gamble, but we were 2 points shy of the required opening points. In her Steeplechase finals run we hit the weaves the first pass, but by the second pass she was done with that game! She went crazy when I tried to get a second set out of her. She raced around the outside loop taking all the jumps with me standing by the weaves. He concentration was shot. Jedi managed to get another Snooker Q that turned out to be a Super Q to boot. Of course, now that I'm not struggling to get the required three he'd come up with one anyway. He also pulled out his very first Master Gambler leg. WOO HOO! 4 gambles, a pairs, and 5 standards to go. He ran with a great little sheltie (different each day) both days in pairs. The first day it was all our fault for the NQ. Today all the sheltie's fault. To be fair, there was no way Jedi could've done the Sheltie's half today. Josie got an unneeded Master Pairs leg today, but it was the other dog's ADCH run. So, it was great to be a part of anyway.

On our evening walks Xanadu loved to carry a toy the whole walk. Here's a cute shot of her with one of the toys we got for entering this weekend.

Sunday didn't go quite as well. Kazee started the morning with a wild banshee run in Standard. I'm amazed that the only course faults were one off course and a missed contact. The time was terrible and there was no handler dog connection. The wild child was more controlled in Grand Prix, but absolutely refused to even try to weave. *sigh* She settled down and we got another Jumpers Q and the Gamble Q for her title there. So she managed all 5 starters titles this weekend. What a good girl! Jedi pulled out a squeaker Q on a most difficult snooker course. This one too ended up being a Super Q as he was the only mini dog to Q at all. Now I have to think about Snooker Champion Bronze since he has 14 Q's now. He also had his first ever clean Master Standard run. I am very pleased at that. Unfortunately it wasn't a Q because he wasted so much blasted time on the table refusing to lay down. I will work on that one! Josie didn't pull out any Q Sunday. The snooker course had a lot of call bys or wraps. She finally got flat mad and told me off. She never took an off course, but we didn't finish 6 in time to Q. There are a couple of Kamikaze videos and a Jedi and Josie one on youtube.


I got home from Memphis this evening. The weekend turned out OK overall.

Saturday didn't start so well. Jedi gave me the complete finger in Standard (first run). He re-invented the course so much the judge comment on what an interesting path he decided on. Josie then proceeded to almost trot the whole course including smashing a bar (she never hits bars) sending the bars sailing right at my ankles and taking an off course. I managed to jump the bars without getting tripped up. Then Kamikaze had a very nice standard run (on youtube) except for that last weave pop out. It wouldn't have been so big a deal, but I couldn't stop her from planting her feet on the dogwalk before fixing the last pole thing. No AD title for us this weekend. Things improved for Jedi, not much for Josie, and went downhill for Kamikaze. Jedi did stick with me in Gamblers, but wasn't going out to jumps TWICE. Josie didn't have any go-out with her moody self. Kamikaze was so out of control in the opening there was no hope for a gamble. She took the Aframe at least four times while I said tunnel and pointed my body at it. It was a straight tunnel next to the Aframe. With all the confusion on her part and frustration on mine, any hope of pulling out a sequence in directed order was dead. I also made the stupid mistake of trying to send her back in a tunnel as she came out. I do it all the time with the little guys. It doesn't work for her. I must remember that! Pairs was the redeeming run of the day for both Kazee and Jedi. Jedi managed a Q with a border collie (he was the ONLY mini dog entered) and only one refusal on his part at the weaves. That makes four. One more to go and he doesn't have to do pairs anymore.  Kazee managed Q in pairs too. I suspect only because her side went straight line to a tunnel, onto the teeter out of the tunnel and then a 180 to a straight line of jumps out. She did that part well and very fast making up time for the one fault of our partner. We still had no front cross recognition off the teeter and I had to do an ugly pull with a wide turn putting me on the wrong side of the jumps going back. Steeplechase was a complete disaster for both Jedi and Kamikaze. Neither made it past obstacle four. It was a 180 tight turn to a jump (or tire). Kazee took the A frame (in her path for the 180). Jedi never turned at all. No amount of calling or cueing stopped him from racing straight across the whole width of the course to the tunnel. Both of them just got walked off. Snooker was a game of wide turns and silly dogs. Neither Kazee nor Jedi went off course, but neither made it through 6 in time to get points to Q. Josie strolled and then managed an off course out of the first tunnel I sent her to. 

To top off my day, I met Karen and Bill for dinner. I never considered the Valentine's Day crowd problem. We waited 45 minutes for a table at a mediocre restaurant. Then it took 15 minutes to get a drink (the wrong one) and my food came out wrong. Forget how long it took to actually get it, or how long it took to get a check. I headed for Mom's and bedtime hoping to start the next day off better.

Sunday did turn out much better. Snooker was first for Masters. Both Jedi and Josie ran the same plan. Josie ran first. She strolled most of it and came up with that strange teeter issue again. "teeter? what teeter? I couldn't possibly!" We did make it through number 5 for 38 points and a Q. I had her jump in my arms and we walked out. Jedi did the plan much better. Only two quick hellos to the judge on the way by, but much faster than Josie. When he finished number 5 we raced for the finish. I didn't even attempt #6 (the weaves). Since my two were the only mini dogs entered that gave Jedi his last Super Q. Almost seems like cheating, but he did earn his first two fair and square.

Jedi Snooker CHAMPION!

Starter dogs didn't have Snooker, but Gamblers instead. I thought a lot on Kamikaze's seemingly blonde moments the day before. I determined they were there because of a poor handler. She doesn't handle any 'down time' in our connection well at all. If I'm not constantly inserting info and with a determined place in mind she checks out. I planned a gamblers course with this in mind. I made one small judgment error though. I thought I'd do her like the little dogs and catch her head right out of a tunnel and turn her 90 degrees to a jump. That didn't go as planned. Instead of a pretty turn, I got steamrolled! She hit my legs a top speed about knee height (I was sideways to her) and it lifted me up in the air and threw me a foot or so. I landed on my side and slid a second before taking a complete roll and bouncing up on my feet. The buzzer went off as I stood up and we raced to the gamble and navigated it in fine fashion for a nice Q. Her second gamble Q. Sorry to report there was no video taken of that run. It could have been a youtube classic! Jedi had an OK standard run. No off courses at least. Josie hit all her contacts, but was trotting still, certainly not full speed and she took an off course jump that I knew I couldn't stop her from doing. There was a tight turn after the dogwalk, which she typically flies off, but a nice off course jump straight ahead. She took the jump. Kamikaze had a great standard run for her second standard leg. Just the scary part after the weaves keeping her out of the tunnel almost got the Aframe (have I mentioned she loves the Aframe). Jedi and Kamikaze were both just one handler error from winning Grand Prix in their respective heights. I let Kamikaze float some on a pinwheel. She was staring at the audience. When I said come, I didn't wait to see her head turn to me, and she missed the jump right there as she came by it to me. That was our only mistake. Jedi broke his stay early and, although he was naughty, if I'd stayed on him I could've kept him from getting the run-by on jump three. That was his only mistake. It's the close, but for the handler ones that haunt me the most. Kamikaze finished out the day with a Q in jumpers. She now has two Q's in each Starters event. I see no reason we can't make it into Advanced in everything for Overcome's show at the end of the month with all our chances in Pensacola this coming weekend.


I had a whole two students show up for my beginner agility class. I know both people. It's going to be a challenge to run a class for both of them. One has super fast wild dog and one has methodical dog. Wild dog doesn't know to take obstacles in front of her yet either. I guess my goal is to get their dogs up to full height contacts and work some of multiple obstacles in a row. Xanadu and Kamikaze road along. Kazee got some work on that tough sequence from last night that requires front cross awareness. She did better. Xanadu did the teeter fine with no hesitation. I was glad of that. Then she got to be a demo for the free shaping weave pole method I have been experimenting with. I only got her out and did a couple of the three obstacle sequences in class. The rest of time she was in the car shredding the crate pad in frustration! I don't want to have her out all during class though. I don't want her to get used to sniffing and hunting around the obstacles while I'm distracted teaching.

I am dropping the car off at the body shop tomorrow. Hope State Farm hurries along their 'investigation' into whether they are liable so we can get to fixing it. Friday afternoon I'm off to Memphis for a USDAA show.


I had a fun time on the way home from work. A guy hit me from behind at a stop light. I was several cars back and when the light turned green he went... before the rest of the people. He shoved me into a huge Dodge Ram sporting a trailer hitch at just my car's grill height. GRRRR My car got the worst end of that deal. Truck.. no damage, guy that hit me needs to buff a scuff off his bumper. My car.. hole in grill with section of bumper crushed, rear end bumper split.

I got myself back into agility classes. I ended up taking 4 dogs with me. Sparkle and Xanadu for individual practice time and Josie and Kamikaze to split class. Josie was her slow, unenthused self. Not into it at all! Very depressing. I spent most of class time trying to find her on switch. I got Kamikaze out for the last couple of exercises. She was off the wall wired. A very fast dog, but not a lot of steering. Front cross training was all but forgotten. ACK! She did settle some after two or three attempts at the sequence. Lack of front crosses was killing us though. Xanadu did one small exercise in class. Like five obstacles including a double, a 180 turn and a front cross. I was pleased she was able to focus and run with me in a class setting. No sniffing while running either.

Sparkle played on all the teeters out there (three total). She did the walk up and bail off at the center game the first couple of tries on each one. Then once we worked her over each one she would do them fine. How frustrating. So, will she ever do a 'new' teeter the first time without having to test it out first? Who knows? Our best chance I'd guess would be at our own trial in April. There's still a chance it'll be 'new' to her since it's in a new place. *sigh* Xanadu did all the teeters great... I thought. On the second passes on each one she slowed a lot at the center and tried bailing. One of them drops faster than the others and it bangs louder too. (more metal sounding) I could tell when she did that one it startled her a bit, but she lowered  her center of gravity fine and rode it down. Guess it was a little more upsetting than I originally thought. We went back to it and I banged it several times while treating her. Then I worked her over it with good food and encouragement. When she'd do it on her own again I put her up. After class I took her back to the teeters. She did them all fine, even the scary one. Good recovery I'd say.


Yesterday Cheryl and I met at the agility field for a bit of practice. Josie was slow and not her normal self. Jedi was slow, but did pretty well including hitting both weave pole entrances and weaving them all. Kamikaze was fairly speedy, but still wide on turns. She did, however hit her weaves out of the tunnel and an off side entrance at 90 degrees. I was pleased with that. Xanadu was much more distracted out at the field than she usually is at home. I see it's time to get her training in different places now. She did good when I pulled out the tuna though. She managed four to five obstacle sequences. I also ran her over the Aframe that was laying almost on the ground several times. Just before we left I set her at the top of an Aframe and let her run down. She didn't seem bothered by that at all.

Today I worked with Kamikaze on articles some more. Four seems to blow her mind, but she typically does well with three. We fought through a frustration period where after performing them correctly a couple of times she started just  bringing one. I need to keep her at three for awhile and not try adding more. She also practiced signals briefly. She's already showing the tendency to anticipate the drop signal like Nikita does. I started mixing it up and just returning to her to treat her on the stand and then sometimes releasing her straight from the stand. She has caught on to the recall signal already too.

Xanadu did some more interaction with just the two weave poles. She didn't, not even once, enter the two poles from the wrong side. Even when I started her from way off the the left of the poles she was going out and around that first pole to enter with her left shoulder on the first pole. I was very pleased! Occasionally she got the beagle distractions going and didn't try to interact with the poles at all, but hey, her tummy was full and she's only 8 months old.


I traveled out to the real country this morning to meet some friends for tracking practice. We arranged to practice at the ranch where our club will be holding its tracking test in March. Lego and Kamikaze were scheduled to have tracks laid for them and Xanadu and Misty went along. Misty was there mostly because since Rich is out of town she'd be alone in the house for a long time or trapped in a kennel run outside with the temps starting out kinda low. She loves the country anyway and is one that doesn't need a leash out there. I was hoping to do some intro to tracking stuff out there with Xanadu in the down times. There didn't end up being much down time, but she got to do one short 'L' shaped track with treats every few steps in some deep rye grass. She also smelled sheep and cows for the first time and took many taste tests of cow manure.

A happy girl in the country

The morning start with Cheryl and I walking the marked roads a bit inspecting empty fields and discussing the best options for laying tracks. Misty got to mosey on the roads with us. She thought she was in heaven. It was great to see my old girl enjoying her country visit so much. Tracks were assigned to lay and I did a TDX style track for John and a TD style track for Cheryl and Grace, then a 'L' shape for Cheryl and Bernie. John ended up laying both Kamikaze (TD) and Lego's (TDX) track. After watching Cheryl and Bernie do their short motivation track it was time for the two TD dogs. Both Grace and Kamikaze struggled a bit. It was a new place, lots of smells, and the wind was blowing really good. With a bit of help from the track layer (telling us when to hold ground) they did both find their gloves. It was a bit discouraging to me as there were a couple of times the wind sent Kazee off to the side and at least one time she chose to track off to the side of the track to have a better vantage point to inspect the sheep pen from. Then on to the TDX I laid. The wind did some confusing work there too. Lego was the star today. He really tracked well. As well as I've seen any TDX do at a show (I've never seen a pass). He alerted to the articles and everything. The worst problem came at the last turn. He was on a hill and overshot the turn, as is typical of him, but with the wind whipping up he never could recover the track. The wind was blowing away from the turn and he kept trying to find the real track in the blowing around scent. Just as he was getting frustrated enough to quit, John told me to pull him back a good 20 feet and send him to the right. He hit on the real track and I could see him light up. "THERE IT WENT!" He was good then, and passed the cross tracks with no problem and on to the glove. I was even able to tell most of the time when he was on the track and when he was doodling around. That's major improvement on my part as a handler. 

The thing I need to work on most with BOTH Lego and Kamikaze is the start. Both of them goofed around at the start and took forever to pick the direction and go.


I did some work with Sparkle on the loud banging teeter. I added a flat concrete block to the falling end to add some reverberating noise. It didn't seem to bother her much at all. She did nice teeters. So I added a flat metal pan on top of the brick. This was a bit more scary, but she was still doing teeters well even with it. I. of course, banged it myself several times and treated her at the bang before I asked her to do it. I don't get why she won't do teeters at shows if none of this has scared her to death. Maybe I'm lucky and we've actually worked through it. 

Xanadu got some more intro to weaves this afternoon. I saw the light bulb start to flicker for her on just what part of playing around the poles got her treats. Right now it's just the two poles and I'm treating for correct entrance and wrapping her head around pole 2 in the general motion of what will one day be a weaving pattern. More work on sit from a down as well.

Kamikaze did articles again. Her memory was improved and she did 3 well this time. She still has a short amount of patience for repetitions. I also set up my three ring gats and uprights to start her on go-outs. I set a target circle just in front of the middle upright. From 15 feet she raced out to get her treat. Then I'd ask her to sit and toss her a treat. I back her up to almost 30 feet in increments and even though she could no longer see the target she willing raced towards the upright. What a wonderful experience! While I had to uprights out I got Nikita out to practice go-outs. I never had actually ring gates when I was teaching her, so I started her just like Kamikaze and worked our way back. She did very well. I may be able to fix her go-outs after all. I am still considering entering her in Utility at Siberian Husky nationals if I determine she can handle the jumps.



I did some weave pole interaction with Xanadu today. Just two stick in the ground poles and a reward for going through them the right way,. She still hasn't quite figured out what exactly gets the treat, but at the end of the session she was trying to figure it out. I also worked a bit on sit from a down. Much improved understanding. I pulled out the dumbbell again as well. She still has a great desire to play with it, but not bring it back or sit in one spot and hold it. I worked some on just holding it in a sit. She did it once with a little help. Then at class tonight she did some heeling pretty nice and a couple of recalls. She's doing better about waiting to be called, but now she stops a couple of feet too short of front position and sits. Not sure why or what I need to do to fix it. We'll work something out.

Kamikaze had another spin at articles. We had the not unheard of memory lapse. I started with three and she was just racing out to get one. Down to two with same results. I had to go back to putting the two really close so she could smell the food and mom smell which ever one she reached for. Then she would bring back the right one. Oh, how I love the articles! I also did a little work on glove retrieves, which she aced. Then some work on signals. She wants to walk up several steps before she downs, and she's unsure of the sit signal. She gets the come signal pretty well though. I started go-outs to a target. She does well at this at 10-15 feet right now. Kazee also got some brief stay practiced at class and a couple of drop on recall exercises.

I decided just for the fun of it to work Nikita through some utility stuff today. I just might try entering her in Utility A at Siberian nationals this year. It'll support the obedience venture there and Karen, her breeder, just might get to see her perform some of the exercises correctly. The articles, she remembered well and aced them. The signals, well, she did what she mostly did in the ring for signals. Either don't drop you elbows all the way on the down or just drop and then pop into an immediate sit. Still, she obviously remembered the game. The stand for exam and call to heel was perfect. She did gloves really nice too. I didn't get around to trying out go-outs and jumps. This might be the only reason for not entering her. I'm not sure she can still handle the jumping. She'll be 11 in May and has had two knee surgeries.


I finally got around to practicing stays with Kamikaze some more. She made a 2 1/2 minute sit pretty solidly. Then I tried for a 3 1/2  minute down. At 2 3/4 minutes she rolled her hip. It was not a flunkable offense by any means, but not something I am accepting if I can fix it. So, I went back to her and put her back and started all over. She then did her 3 1/2 minutes pretty well. I could see her starting to stress a bit in the last 10 seconds. We still need work to stretch them out to the required length and get her comfortable with the idea. I also got around to working more with Xanadu on her sit from a down. She's gonna need this skill on the table in agility since I've taught an auto drop on the table. She was much improved over our last session.

Somehow I have been suckered into teaching a beginner agility class starting next week. I had Xanadu entered in the Adv. beginner class. They were in need of a teacher for the people between Intro and Adv. A class to get the Intro dogs up to full height on the contacts basically. (and add some sequencing skills.) So it seems Xanadu won't get the dedicated attention she deserves in class. I may just bring her and work her some before and/or after class. Maybe put her crate close by and then I could pull her out for some of the exercises in class and then put her up. It'll all work out fine. I don't want to be in any big hurry with her anyways. On the agility note, I am very interested in researching, maybe buying, Susan Garrett's 2X2 weave pole method . Sounds interesting for my 'non-traditional' agility guys. I have been free shaping weaves with them anyway with pretty nice success. 

As we were on our way out to have some dinner. This was the sight on the pillow by the door. It's nice to see the older hounds are still buddies.


1st - Cedar is 9

Cedar is NINE years old today. So hard to believe!

Kamikaze pulled off the tracking certification this morning!!! She looked pretty good. I thought we were doomed at the first turn. She could see a piece of large trash , in her mind, maybe a glove, out in the field. Instead of hunting for the turn she was trying to drag me, head up , to the trash. I kept fussing at her to leave it and track. It took a bit of time, but she finally decided to keep tracking and found the turn (away from the trash thankfully). The rest of the track it was obvious when she was tracking and when she was hunting around for the track. She even laid on the glove at the end. Then she was so proud of herself when I told her how great she was. She started spinning and jumping in my arms and making those vocal noises only a Sibe can make. WOW!  I actually trained a Siberian to track successfully. Now to get into a test and pass for real. Then she'd be a versatile companion dog! As a wonderful addition to the day of happiness, Cheryl and Grace passed their certification as well. A couple of us almost had to twist her arm off to convince her her dog was ready to certify and that she should give it a whirl while the judge was out laying certification tracks. So now it's time to get to entering test together.