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I had Rich bring his truck Friday afternoon to help with equipment. It was a life saver. The surface was really soft though, even after he drove around on it. We should've done something about it then, but we didn't. Figured it would get packed as the trial went like last year. WRONG! There was no where near enough water in the nice fresh loads of sand they had added on the top (without mixing it in). It got looser and looser as Saturday went. It was awful. Competitors were bitching just walking the first course on Saturday. Although dogs didn't struggle as much as expected, the people did. I haven't jogged on a soft beach.. uhmm... EVER. It's a foot and muscle killer.

Kamikaze actually had a very nice gamblers run and got all the way through the gamble to the last jump and veered to the left to suck into a tunnel. Jedi didn't do bad himself. Too bad Steeplechase had two weaves instead of two Aframes the first round. Jedi and Kamikaze both might've made it without that second time to weave. Josie had a bad start to Standard. She lost her weaves and her Aframe contact. When she hit the table and was down on it almost immediately I just left for treats. Kamikaze's pairs partner E'd, so no Q there. Josie and Brassy, the beagle, should've Q'd. Josie got called on her dogwalk contact and that put us just over time. The killer is I slowed her way down and watched her feet hit before I released her to the tunnel. Should've just let her bail it at full speed, then we'd have made time. Xanadu ran pairs for the first time. I hand picked our partner, and ADCH dog now playing in PI for fun. Xanadu was great and she got her first pairs Q. The snooker course looked not too bad, but ended up being a bear. It was knocking border collies off right and left. Thankfully I had a plan to just survive with a minimal Q. That 38 point Q ended up being a Super Q with a second place when all was said and done. That's two for Kamikaze now. WOW!

The arena people were called out to soak the sand Sat. They weren't going to arrive until well after we had gone. I didn't sleep much Sat. night worrying that they'd blow us off and it would look to the competitors like we hadn't tried to fix it. I got there very early Sunday to check it out. It was much nicer! Still sand, but at least wet enough to be supporting and not let us sink. Kamikaze had a lovely Grand Prix run where she missed the weave entrance, but thought she was right, so we went on. Jedi stunk. That second time to weave in Steeplechase argument we had killed his weaves. Josie found her weaves and some of her contacts, but there was a glaring off course in Standard that all my guys took. Jumpers was last. Kamikaze pulled out a Q by a squeak under time. Xanadu came out of the crate half way through the day not feeling well. She was stretching and was a bit lethargic. OH NO! I walked her around a lot. Rubbed her back and belly. She ended up playing a bit with another dog and then immediately pooping. She seemed better after that. Maybe she was constipated. She doesn't drink much at shows no matter how much you beg her. She did run PI jumpers. She was much better about taking jumps and not passing them than she has been. We still had three run bys that I had to fix putting us just over time. But, it was lovely and I wasn't right on top of her or bending down.

Cheryl had a whale of a weekend with Bernie. He got three Q's, all of them were titles. Grace got a jumpers Q too! 

One of the news stations interviewed me on Sat., but I never saw it. Another one was out shooting Sunday. There was a nice little segment. Watch fast. The first second is a kiss on the nose by Kamikaze to me. Then we are later in the video coming out of a tunnel and doing a jump.


I had Rich drop off Xanadu and Bandit urine this morning on his way to work. This was their infection check-up after finishing antibiotics. Both checked out clear and both are concentrating there urine well. No more dilute problems and no more infection. Good news! I spent lunch today at Sam's picking up snacks and such for our local USDAA trial that is this weekend.  We'll be setting up tomorrow afternoon and Mike is picking up the judge at the airport. I'm pretty much in charge of everything this year. Glad we hired a course builder. I'll need to find ring crew for each class though, and I'm the go-to lady for everything. Hopefully one question won't involve an inquiry about an after hours emergency dentist this year. (yes, that happened two years ago)

I also went on a scavenger hunt for Cheryl. She's the trial chair and trial secretary for the local AKC tracking test coming up in two weeks. I went hunting for CHEAP track start articles, and end gloves and on the track articles. We can't assume that the one laying tracks will have all this. Found a package of 10 white all purpose towels for $5. That seemed like good start articles. White should be fine since everyone knows there is a start article. General Dollar had gloves for $2 a pair! The are like the ones the Houston club has, but have green trim instead of blue. A $4 purple fleece dog throw was cut into strips for on the track articles. The most exciting find was $1 a piece Easter themed articles for the other on the track ones.


Cheryl stayed home today, so it was just me and Kamikaze. The runs went badly. She missed weaves in both runs. The miss in Standard included throwing her front paws in the bar setters lap and kissing her glasses until they were smudged so bad she couldn't see. And no, she didn't even know them. Jumpers went even worse. I hate AKC. I always leave feeling so depressed about agility. I know it has to be my attitude that gets to her since she runs so beautifully in USDAA. I am so much more relaxed and enjoying myself at USDAA. And there's not a four hour wait or more between runs.

Sparkle and Xanadu were playing tag when I got home, so I'm guessing all is as good as normal with Sparkle. Now Lego is limping good on his right front leg. I can't determine the reason. The only thing I see is two nails on that side appear to have the quick pulled back quite a bit and they look angry. So, I trimmed back the nails (that made him soooo happy) and put some antibiotics around the quick. He needs to heal up in the next couple of weeks since he's in an AKC show first weekend in March.


I picked Cheryl and Grace up early this morning to head out to New Iberia, LA for an AKC show. Kamikaze started with a nice Exc Standard run. We got called for a refusal at the table. It was an iffy call, but overall, not a bad run. Nice weaves and only a couple of shriek moments. Grace ran Novice Jumpers next and even though Cheryl was feeling rather poorly they pulled out a very nice Q. For the next few hours we were free. I had brought Xanadu along just to practice tracking. She did an hour old track (the oldest she's done) in very short, and believe it or not, DRY grass. There was also lots of contamination scents of dogs and people. She did well. Had lots of extra sniffing. It was only a two turn track. She was a good ten feet to the right of the track on the last leg, but made and abrupt adjustment at the end to lay down by the glove!

Cheryl felt bad enough to call Mike to come get her. She did take Grace out on a very muddy, wet and smelly two hour old track. Grace struggled with wanting to critter hunt, but amazingly stayed close to on track. She was, like Xan, a good ten to fifteen feet to the right of the last leg and we had to help her a bit to get the glove found. Cheryl had time to run Grace in Standard before Mike got there and it didn't go as well as Jumpers, but overall it really wasn't bad.

Cheryl went home with Mike before Kamikaze did Jumpers. It didn't go so well, including missing the weaves as the second obstacle. That's unusual since it was a controlled entrance.  


I got motivated today to train dogs. It's been awhile. I still only got around to working on article indication with Xanadu for her tracking test coming up soon. She remembered fairly quickly that she was supposed to lay down next to the glove. Then I tested a supposition I had. I threw the glove in the muddiest spot in the yard. She stopped when she saw it and just stood. No real indication at all. Not even stare at it and then at me. I figured as much. It's not that her article indication is broken as much as it is that she WILL NOT lie in the ick. So, I encouraged her to do something, anything to interact with the glove. She flipped it with her nose. "YES", that's fine with me. She got treats for that. Then out of curiosity I tossed the glove back on dry land. I got an immediate drop by the glove. OK, so she kinda gets it. "If it's too gross to lay down I have to do something to show mom the glove." Back to the mud hole. A bit of encouraging and she picked it up. "YES", I like that even better. We practiced back and forth from mud to dry until she was consistently laying next to the glove on dry ground and picking it up briefly in the puddle.

Sparkle seems good. I gave her the anti-gas meds all day today and no pain meds needed.


Sparkle threw up all her dinner about 5am. Another reason to worry about a blockage!  I was much more at ease after she pooped at about 9:30am. She went to the vet today even though I voted to give her a day to shake off the problem. The shallow breathing and limb quivering really shook Rich up. While I was taking her, I figured we'd check her for a UTI since that seems to be the problem of the month. 

Sparkle has no UTI and no parasites in her poop. The vet took some x-rays when the exam was remarkably normal. HRRRM... the x-rays show a loaded tummy and intestines. The stuff all appeared to be digestible material and not really foreign bodies. There was considerable gas, but it didn't seem to be a big, stuck bubble. She threw up all her food this morning, so WHAT is all that? She got half a ration of food tonight. Then I searched the yard for signs of a what she may have consumed. The only thing I found was fresh crawfish claws. Since the yard is so wet we have crawfish (the small ones) dirt towers appearing all over. Could she really have been crawfishing enough to fill her up? There was considerable grass in her poop this morning. Maybe she ate some crawfish and they didn't agree with her so she loaded up on grass? Whatever the answer she appears on the mend. Time will tell how well she is doing since the last dose of pain meds was a 24 hour one.


When I got home from work and was wiping paws to bring in the dogs Sparkle whined loudly when I slid my arm under belly to support her while I cleaned back feet. She also seemed to be walking a bit roach backed and stiff. She ate fine though. We left her in a crate and went to dinner. When we got back it was apparent she was extremely uncomfortable. She was taking shallow quick breaths and her limbs would twitch in discomfort with each one. I gave her a pain pill and left her with Rich while I went to teach agility class. Cheryl had picked out a Novice Standard course from January's show. I had two students show up and she had one so we combined classes again. My students did well. At the end of class I ran Xanadu on it and she nailed it very nicely. 

Kamikaze's table was broken again. This time my fault. She cut in front of me to do the table when I was clearly saying weave. I was irritated and grabbed her off the table (that she was nicely lying on) and walked her off the course. STUPID handler! I just fixed the last table problem. I spent time tonight fixing the table again. Hopefully she's forgiven my mishap and will get on the table at the show this weekend.

When I got back home Sparkle was resting well. She still had not had a bowel movement though. I am a bit concerned about an intestinal blockage. The pain meds wore off at just after midnight and the same symptoms cropped up. I gave her more pain meds and the helped her stay mostly comfortable through the night though I was up with her several times to take her out to pee. I ended up sleeping in sweats, socks and a long sleeved shirt and my robe on top of the covers so I could be next to her and know when she got restless. I even pulled a dog blanket off a pillow to drape over us.


Bandit and Xanadu had re-checks for their UTIs today. Both still have a little bacteria, so still on antibiotics. Bandit's kidneys did concentrate urine to almost normal overnight, so we're not concerned. Xanadu's concentration was about the same, but still not very concerning. Both will get another re-check soon.

I cleaned out the Expedition. I even yanked out the seat cover blanket and washed it. I am headed to an AKC agility show this weekend, but only Kamikaze is entered. So, a much less full vehicle. I'll be traveling with Cheryl anyway (in one of our cars) since she only has one entered too. I had several loads of crate mats and towels and blankets to do. On the last one, the washer threw up on the laundry room floor. ARGH! Had to move washer and dryer by myself to mop up all the soapy water. So, the floor is cleaner than it's been in years. Washer's been sick before and a cheap part and 15 minutes and it was fixed. Now, is it sick again or did I just over fill or something? Now I must watch Thursday when I wash clothes and see. I did run it through a small load cycle with nothing in it and it didn't seem to leak.


I had a decent time in Houston the last few days. It was cold, but not raining. I left Baton Rouge at 5am Friday morning. It was raining at the time, but well above freezing. By 7am Rich had called to check on me and said it was snowing at home. I missed all of it. Only dealt with rain on the drive and it was done by the time I got there.


The day started well with Kamikaze having a beautiful Jumpers run. She hit a bar, which is not like her at all, so I just let it go. She ran well all day too! Snooker still creamed us. She is too darn obstacle focused and doesn't handler focus well when she 'knows' what she's doing. Her Master Pairs run was very nice. I was sure she was going to by-pass the weaves, but at the last second she did them. Her partner didn't have much luck on their run though. Standard went fairly well for her first time in Masters. She finally pulled out a Q, her first, in Master Gamblers. Josie got a Pairs Q that she didn't need and ran a nice Standard course, but trampolined the table again. Jedi had to go visit the judge on his runs. I've also now discovered he doesn't go to tunnels well anymore. I am wondering if it's an eye sight thing. He slows down as he enters them and walks through them. Most dogs accelerate at them and through them. I'll need to pull my tunnel out and work on this. Xanadu started out sniffy and distracted in PI standard. We got a blessing in disguise when the timer stopped us after the weaves because the time hadn't started. She had just done a perfect set of weaves out of a tunnel after multiple run-bys on the tire. The reset was perfect for her. She was done sniffing and knew her job. She got the tire on the first try and another perfect set of weaves and no running past jumps. She finished well for her first Standard Q. Then she ran PI Snooker for the first time and pulled out a very nice Q in that. A new discovery, she has a solid 'go tunnel'!


Kamikaze started well again. She pulled out another gambler Q. Her pairs partner knocked two bars and had a refusal, so no chance to Q there, but Kazee did well. Another disaster in Snooker. Standard was pretty OK. A gorgeous jumpers run again! Then she ran by the last jump. ARGHH! It was right at the exit gate near the crate and I think she was done and headed to her crate. Jedi had a clean standard run, but I was on his case the whole run. He was 10 seconds over time. I let up some on him in Steeplechase to get some more speed. We were clean again, but 2 seconds too slow to make the Q cutoff. Maybe it is time to retire him. Josie had a really nice Standard run up until the table again. She had to dodge around me to jump off it too! So disappointing. Xanadu had an OK jumpers run going until she came out of a tunnel with her nose in the air and took off sniffing. She wouldn't quit, so I picked her up and left.  Jumpers is still not her best class. After too many jumps in a row she is bored with them. Must work on more value for jumps now I see. Snooker went much better. She did three 5's in the opening (a straight tunnel). She would've closed it too, but the #3 chute wasn't straightened before hand and she got hung in it. I grabbed the end and untwisted it while she was in and called her on through, but it wasted several seconds we needed to finish the teeter at the end. She still had enough points to Q again though!


Kamikaze cut in front of me hard to take the table off the dogwalk when I was clearly saying "WEAVE". I hauled her off. Gamblers had weaves in it that didn't happen for us. She did pull out a Snooker Q last thing though. All she needs is two Super Q's to be a Snooker Master. Come to think of it, she only needs 4 Q's to go MAD. ACK! Guess we should start concentrating on some tournament Q's too. Josie was nervous and walking Standard and wouldn't weave. Then she hit the table and laid down without the jump off. I SWEAR! That's so irritating. I did run off the course to reward her for that table since we'd bombed the Q anyway. I spent time at the hotel mulling over Jedi. I decided to give him the best chance I know to make a course time, faults or not. I ran him hard the whole Standard run. "Go, Go. Go", and he was CLEAN again. It was a much better run. I'd venture to say the run of his life. Come to find out, he was still a second over time. He really didn't have any bad Jedi moments. A wide turn or two and a second to lay on the table (good for Jedi). Most disappointing, but a second can be the difference in a judge's wheeling or one better turn. I cried a lot over it on and off today. I think I'll stick it out with him this year at least. I must start his Standard runs with the idea to RUN RUN RUN and not control him. Xanadu's run today was right after I found out Jedi was over time. Not a good mental mood. I didn't warm her up or anything. She started well. Jump, chute, weave. I was glad to see the chute incident of Saturday didn't make her scared at all. Then at about pole 9 or so she quit bouncing them and looked lost and wandered off. HUH? I restarted and got the same result at about the same place. I fingered walked her through the rest. She ran past every jump after that at least once, but got the tire on the first try. So she ended up clean, but way over time.


Cheryl and I had a nice Novice course to set up for class tonight. The temps were supposed to be low 40's for class, but DRY. Sounded pretty OK to us. A heavy jacket and all should be fine. The training director must have thought otherwise because she unilaterally cancelled all classes without input from teachers :(  I would've held class anyway, but she emailed all students too. So, Cheryl and I met at around class time at the training field to practice with some of our guys. I took the USDAA agility bunch. Jedi did pretty well even with the restaurant owner's black lab barking loudly at him from outside the fence. Josie had perfect contacts and table performance. ARGH!!! How frustrating that we can't get those in a show. Xanadu did well at 16 inches after the first jump crash. She caught on to regulating her jump better and only ticked one other I think. She's running more like an agility dog at practice and less like a puppy. She still goes puppy on me at shows though. Kamikaze did very well until the table. I sent her to it and she turned at stared at me like she was lost. Several times I got the same response. I had to go stand by the table and tap on the top to get her up. OHHH THAT table. From then on she was fine with sending to the table ahead of me. Sometimes I wonder what short circuits like that are caused by. Now, do I drive to Crosby, TX tomorrow afternoon or early Friday? The weather seems likely to be unfavorable for safe driving in the dead of dark Friday morning, but then do I want the extra money for hotel Thurs and the extra time off work? HRMM... maybe plan for Friday AM and see. If it's bad it should clear off by early morning and I would just miss the first couple of classes.

Mike ran Bernie in preparation for running him at our show in pairs with Grace. Bern's a steady guy that'll run for anyone with treats, especially if he knows you already. Things went well with their practice.


I see I forgot to mention this. I pulled a groin muscle Saturday at the show running Jumpers with Kamikaze. It wasn't bothering me too much, just a slight twinge, until yesterday. I made the mistake of sitting in a hot bath Sunday night for some time. Monday, I could barely walk. Not what I need since there's an agility show every weekend through the middle of March. Today, though, it was much better. It's a good thing the hole in my eardrum is healed up now since I can't take baths and that was preventing me from taking showers. I miss the baths more.

This morning when I let Xanadu, Josie and Sparkle out early to potty Xan went nuts. Squealing barking. The other girls said nothing. Rich looked out and Xan was dashing to and fro nose to the ground while screaming. Can't be a bunny or the Sparkle would be helping. I opened the back door and immediately knew what she was after. The fresh smell of SKUNK smacked me right in the face and burned my nostrils. ARGH! Please tell me it didn't get a dog squirted! I ducked my head back in the house. A few minutes later I went out with towels in hand to fetch the girls from the yard. The towels were because it rained AGAIN most of the night, and with that kind of dashing about they were sure to be muddy. Thank goodness no dogs appeared to be slathered in skunk stench! 

I got Bandit's blood report back today. All of his blood work looks great. Whatever is making his urine so dilute is not affecting his electrolytes and no elevated Calcium levels or anything. The vet is somewhat stumped since he appears fine. The only good explaination is the infection is actually in the kidneys and is affecting their ability to work. The antibiotics should take care of that and we'll re-check him and Xanadu Monday.

I also FINALLY got a current picture of Kamikaze's boyfriend-to-be.


I had a nice time at the USDAA trial put on by the Memphis club! I was slave labor all day Saturday since their entry numbers ballooned past the one judge mark at the last minute and they had to add a ring. I was surprised at how well my guys did, for the most part, with little or no out of the crate time and not much warm up. Kamikaze Q'd three times. The first run of the morning was snooker. Not a good thing since control isn't her first priority first thing in the morning. I had a rocket ship with no steering. We weren't out there long! She settled a good bit after that and got her second Master Jumper Q around 4 seconds under time. That's good for her.  Her turns were much more efficient. She actually gave Master Gamblers a good try too. It was 6 weaves away from handler then Aframe and a push out to a jump. She entered the weaves from the wrong side (????).. not missing it by hitting second pole (the typical missed entry).Then we pulled out that all important Advanced Standard leg to finish her AAD! I had to do an ugly handling maneuver to keep her off a jump and Aframe out of a tunnel when she was supposed to turn to the weaves. I dropped her just as her nose exited the tunnel. So here's a Siberian smashed on the ground with just ears and nose out. I'm sure it was interesting to see from a distance. I told her to stay and walked to the weaves. "Come weave" got us a perfect entrance, under control and everything. I'm sure it burned at least 5-10 seconds, but she was running fast enough to make it up. Last thing of the day was Advanced Pairs. Another Q! That gave her partner the Advanced Paris title too. Now she's moving on up to Masters for next weekend and my clubs show at the end of February!

Josie also did very well. I'm thinking the low stress level about runs is good for her. Hard to have time to stress when you get them out of crate just in time to run. She had the best Standard run she's had in years. Hit all the contacts, but missed the weave entrance (????), and trampolined off the table. Still, she was running all out from the start and was evening snapping her teeth and barking some. She also did a strange thing off the Aframe. She laid all the way on the ground (good girl!) then reached her rear feet up and tapped the Aframe bottom. That would be an off course! I have never trained her to step back to a contact either! Jedi and Xanadu really need some more warm up and focus time. Jedi gave it a real try in Gamblers and Standard though. Not a complete blow off. Xanadu was just young and silly in Jumpers and Standard. She ran past jumps and pretended she'd never seen weaves or the tire. Cute though. I made the mistake of saying "GOOD GIRL" at the end of Jumpers before I had a hand on her and she self released to her crate to get treats. HA HA! In Standard I remembered to wait on the "Good Girl" until I had her picked up.

Sunday everyone only had one run, except Kamikaze who had only two. Standard went about the same for Jedi. Not a complete blow off, but enough to NQ. Josie had a much worse run, blowing the dogwalk contact, missing the weaves, running past a jump, hitting a bar, refusal to down on table. But, on the up side. She ran fast and happy. Xanadu would've Q'd in Standard today, but I was waiting on the run-by at the tire. When she took it the first try I was not in position to direct her and she took it backwards to come see why I was standing still. HA! That'll teach me. Kamikaze absolutely destroyed the Standard course today. Glad we got that last needed Q yesterday. I did keep her to only one table. That was my biggest concern. Actually that table was too funny. I sent her to the table from a couple of jumps back. She raced past it and laid on the ground behind it. (judge laughs) I went and explained she needed to be on top of the table for the down to count and she hopped right up. Things went downhill from there. And she stepped over her dogwalk contact. I had just been so happy all weekend that she wasn't refusing it, I wasn't really working the down contact I was telling her how great she was for doing it at all. In Snooker she was much better. We made it all the way #5 in the closing. It was a hard right turn out of a straight tunnel to the weaves. I had her turning off the jumps in front of her and thought she was gonna head with me so I dropped my "pulling shoulder" back to normal and she flipped to the jump. 


I taught agility last night in a mild drip. It turned to an actual drizzle by the time I ended class. I set up a USDAA starters jumpers course to play with. I think at least half of the class had fun with it.

The rain went on all night and all day today. ICK! Bandit had his yearly checkup. It went well. Then we decided to run a senior wellness work up on him. His blood work looked pretty nice, but his urine was so dilute it was almost considered water, and he has a UTI. That concerns us all some, although the blood work on kidneys is normal looking. We've sent off some blood to check electrolytes and calcium levels and such that the in house machines don't do. Xanadu road along to the vet to check her for a UTI because of the strange back soreness and mild 'not feeling normal'. She had a mild kidney infection too. ARGH! The antibiotics should fix her right up. Of interesting note here, her urine was fairly dilute too, but not bad enough to really be concerned about disease. He wants to re-check her urine in 10 days or so to be sure the antibiotics worked and to see if the dilute urine was a one time thing.

Work also went all sideways today. Now I have to figure out how to fix something that I didn't cause before I can leave for Memphis tomorrow. Thank goodness for the break and time with family and friends and AGILITY.


This afternoon I set up three jumps in a serpentine pattern and six stick in the ground weave poles. That was all the non-muddy, non-puddled space in my back yard. Even one of those jumps was pushing muddy just around it. I worked with Jedi. He doesn't get much practice or personal time these days with all the young ones working so well. He did weaves very well! He even worked the jumps as a true serpentine and then with threadles too. It's easy for me to push him past a jump with poor body language. I must remember that when he is working I can't be the least bit unsure on my body movements or he will do what it says over my mouth. I figured it wouldn't hurt Ms. Mack Truck turns to work this little exercise either. I set the jumps at 24" or 22" randomly and got out Kamikaze. She did very well on the serpentine. I've started a verbal cue for the 180 since the verbal has helped her with her jump wrapping. "Turn in" is her new command for a 180. "Wrap" is her command for a short hop jump and come back to me. She was pretty durn accurate on "wrap" even when it required her to threadle. We had a couple of instances where "wrap" turned into a 180. That's why the separate command emerged.

I also worked two short sessions with Xanadu on articles again. I will lay off them for a week or so now. Her performance was much more accurate than yesterday, but her enthusiasm was much lower. HRMM.... Wish I could get the accuracy with at least half the enthusiasm she had yesterday. I think that may come back as her confidence in the exercise rises. Today, on the first try, she went to the pile at a walk and sniffed all the articles (YEAH) and came back with none (ARGH). So, she is trying to not be wrong even though being wrong doesn't get her fussed at. I had to go out there with her and give verbal encouragement. Then, the next send, she sniffed again and brought back the one she chose. It was the right one too. She brought back the wrong one a few times, and then her confidence would wane again. Overall her understanding is coming along nicely. We'll have fun at agility tomorrow. I am teaching and setting up a USDAA Starters Jumpers course.

1st- Happy Birthday Cedar

I pulled out Xanadu's articles today. I laid out two leather and two metal in the back hallway. They stayed all day out there. I got in four or so short sessions with her on articles. The results were mixed. Sometimes she sniffed and choose one, mostly the right one, with determination. Sometimes she seemed confused and randomly grabbed. I'm waiting on this game to stick over 80 percent of the time with five choices before I up the numbers again.

Cedar turned 10 today. Another part of that milestone is now our pack has 6 dogs, more than half our crew, with ages in double digits.