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Came home from movie to find Xan completely three legged. ARGH! She apparently got her leg caught in someone's teeth, but no one else is hurt or even dirty. They're not talking about what happened. I ended up taking Xanadu to see 'not my vet' as he'd left work early because of a family emergency. She wasn't in any danger, but needed antibiotics in her  before the weekend. She'll be spending her weekend in a crate.


yesterday I was so sick I could barely move. Today I got out some hoping it would help. Went to that park in Zachary with the beagles. Just walked the Frisbee Golf course. Still excited about tracking potentials there :) The Beagles loved it.


Overcome's show was this weekend. Friday-Sunday. I got sick on Saturday and it only got worse. I think things went off OK and my dogs did well overall, but I'm so over putting on shows. Too much work, too little reward. I love to show my dogs and someone has to put on shows, so I'm sure I'll do it all again eventually, but let's not talk about it now. Friday Kamikaze and Kayak both Q'd in Steeplechase. That's Kayak's 4th Tournament Q (3 Steeples and a Grand Prix). He needs that TEAM Q and he'll be done with tournaments at 26". Kamikaze also Q'd in Jumpers and Kayak should have but I was way late with some information causing him to miss a jump.
Saturday Kayak ran in TEAM classes only and did well. No E for us. I had a heartbreaker of a run with Xan (who just needs ONE standard Q). She just slid taking off for a jump it seems and hit that one bar. Kamikaze and I had some great runs. Including our Relay Champion title (with Elaine Coupe, from memphis, and Kate) and our Snooker Champion Bronze title with a first place Super Q.

Sunday Kayak sealed up his TEAM Q with a good relay run by our team. That's all his tournament Q's now! Xanadu had another heart breaker today. I pushed her off the side of the dogwalk at the end of the run trying to obsess about making sure she touched the contact. Kamikaze and I managed a Standard Q, her 9th, though.


I decided to relieve stresses related to being in charge of the show this upcoming weekend that I'd drive over to Zachary and check out a fairly new BREC park. It's advertised to have a 21 hole frisbee golf couirse. To me that screams OPEN SPACE FOR TRACKING! I loaded up Lego, Xanadu and Codex and took the 30 minute drive. I was giddy with excitement as I pulled in. Two or more soccer practice fields right up front (as in mowed for soccer with a goal here or there, but not usable for real games. Then to the right I could see the 'game' soccer fields (4 or 5 or more). I followed the road up to the building where there was a pond with a walking trail around it, a playground and EMPTY SPACE. I saw a sign directing people to walk down a gravel path to the start of the frisbee golf. I took Codex down there to inspect what I could from the start platform. It looks like absolute tracking heaven out on the golf course. I didn't have time to walk it all and investigate though. I laid out two tracks. One crossing the gravel parking lot and into the grassy area around the building. One stariting near the building, crossing the basketball court and then out and around the pond. Codex did the gravel track. Then Xan did the pond track. Then Lego on the gravel and Codex on the pond one. Everyone did very well. I'll be back to check out the rest of that park soon so I can know the lay of the land around the golf course for tracking later. 

I did some weave pole work with Codex this afternoon. He's a tired boy now.

Last night Twinkle wrapped herself up !


I loaded Codex, Lego and Xanadu up and we went out to Independence Park for some tracking. Everyone got a short track starting on grass and transitioning to concrete and back to grass. They all had a turn on the hard surface as well. Lego did SO much better this time transitioning from grass to concrete without lifting his head and looking lost. Maybe I can teach him the hard surface stuff even yet. Xanadu and Codex both rocked on their tracks too. On the way home I stopped at the club agility field since it was practically on the way. I got Xan to run a jumpers course with some intent. Then I took Codex out to interact with the equipment. He hasn't seen it in a while. He was good with curved tunnels this time on the first try. I introduced the broad jump as a concept, he walked the big dogwalk a couple of times and then practiced his 'touch'. The teeter was still a little scary for him. I pulled out the leftover tracking goodies and coaxed him across shoving good stuff in his mouth. It worked and I then had trouble keeping him off the teeters out there. He wanted more of the good stuff. I like that Beagles can be fed through a fear so easily.

Yesterday I caught Codex surveying the front yard. He had to keep his toy close by while he did it.


I was back at AKC agility for the first time in awhile this weekend. Sprigs and Kayak ran for QQ's on Friday, but Kamikaze only ran Time 2 Beat. I am cutting back her runs as I strive for hirer titles with the younger guys. She ran very well and came home with 8 points towards that title. (you need a certain # of Q's and # of points). Kayak and I bungled standard and jumpers both on Friday. He did get his Second Exc. Fast leg. One more for that title. Sprigs couldn't weave her first run (Jumpers), but I'm not surprised. That's the first thing that breaks on her with no practice or shows for a long time. She did Q in Standard though. This is her first time at this arena. I usually don't run hounds there because of the excessive smells. 
Saturday Sprigs once again didn't weave on the first run, but Q'd in Jumpers. Kayak and I bungled both runs again today. Kamikaze got a Jumpers Q.
Sunday when I got up Sparkle was feeling out of sorts. Seemed to be her belly or back. I gave her some drugs before I left. Kayak managed his first QQ!! Sprigs bungled weaves in both runs this time. She even got hauled off in Standard for failing all three tries. Kamikaze and I got a Jumpers Q in which I tried more fronts since I didn't have a QQ on the line.


So I thought I'd get the car out of the carport to run some errands and be sure she got started this week. Well, she no start. I've known the battery was sounding weak for awhile now. We couldn't even jump it off Rich's truck before he left for work. FINE! i pulled the battery and headed to Auto Zone to have it checked. It's no good. NOW... this is a bit irritating as it's not even 2 years old. But, since I got it free from the last battery's warranty (it died at 2 years too) it doesn't carry it's own warranty, but the remainder of battery one's warranty. I had to pay at least 1/2 price or a little more for this one. Brought it home. AND.... NOPE, car still no start. It is really happy sounding, but won't kick off. UGH! Time for a tow. I called Allstate Motor Club. I figured they owed me from leaving me on the side of the road. It took 3 hours for a tow truck to get here. REALLY??!! So while I waited I decided to finish adding cups to the USDAA jumps for the show in a couple of weeks. As I was finishing the last of the screws I looked up and saw a red Siberian trotting down the street with a couple of mutts. I tried hard to not care, but alas, I couldn't. I trotted after them, speaking in a fun voice. It took a while, but the Sibe decided to ditch his friends and come to me. He even had a collar on. I coerced him to come with me and threw him in the Siberian yard. He had a microchip, and I was able to locate the owner who came to get him within 30 minutes.

BTW: this is all while still waiting on a tow. 
When the tow truck got here just after lunch we had a joyous time pushing the car back to get it lined up with the flat bed well. It took 90 minutes for the shop to call me to let me know they were looking at it. Then after only another 30 minutes I get a call to say I flooded it trying to start it and I shouldn't hit the gas. I was just a tad irritable by then. I NEVER hit the gas when starting the car. I know this because it's a standard. I have one foot on the clutch and one on the brake. UGH! Anyway for around 400 dollars I can have it back after oil change, battery cable repairs and clean out.

Yesterday I felt all crafty and made Sprig's MACH bar

I also got a shot of all three red beagles

Codex, Spirit, Xanadu
OH.. and Codex is sure Diane bought this just for him!



This was a whirlwind of a weekend. I have dubbed it "my tour of TN weekend". Friday morning I took off for Crossville, TN. I was meeting up with Diane and her boys there at a hotel for a night before we both headed to the pups' first tracking test. I made a small detour into Chattanooga on the way to stop off for a couple of hours and see Shannon, my high school best friend. Her life is in pieces and she's doing a great job picking things up and heading on. It was interesting that as I pulled into the parking lot at the restaurant my MP3 player (set on random) starting playing Michael W. Smith's "Pray for Me" . I thought we had a nice visit. I hope I was encouraging as well as a bit pushy about making decisions before they get made for her. (Ok, so I'm sure I got the pushy part down) Just to top off the visit, As I was pulling out of the parking lot my random MP3 player played Amy Grant's version of "It is well with my soul". You can decide for yourself if that's pure coincidence.
I made it to the hotel in Crossville after dark. The actual time is somewhat unknown to me as I started the day in Central time and Chattanooga is in Eastern time (my watch set for that time at this point) and I found out the hotel was back in Central. The tracking test Sat. morning was in Eastern, so I didn't bother with my watch again until later on Saturday. We had time to let the brothers play for a bit before bed. They loved it. Ridge, who outweighs Dex by 8 pounds or so, was great at letting Dex win some too.
Codex on left, Ridge on right and the duck lived minus a little of his beak
After play time when I tried to catch Dex to put him in his crate he thought he'd jump on the bed just as I bent to pick him up. The collision of his head into my lip was most painful and likely the nastiest bloody lip I've ever had. Thanks kiddo!

Diane and I got to the draw site in plenty of time to put on boots and such and walk the boys. I drew track 2 and Ridge drew track 1 ! Ridge started that test out great by rocking his track. Finished in like 5-6 minutes.

Codex was not as prepared as his brother for this test. He was not even focused on his job as we walked to the start flag. He struggled to make the first turn and when he finally did he just started pulling to the left of the leg for some reason and got swept fairly far off and got called. EVEN when put back on track he didn't really track well. *sigh* Think it's time to give him a little growing up time and work towards a fall test.

After the test was a great lunch hosted by the club. Then it was goodbye to Diane and I was off to Milton, TN (Murfreesboro). I stayed at a friend's house for Saturday night in preparation for Lego's TDX test in Ashland City, TN (Nashville area) Sunday morning. I drew track #2. At least I know now I'll get to Memphis at a decent hour Sunday night for my hotel stop at Mom's and Dad's. We were unable to watch anyone else track as the place was so muddy and short on good parking. I had a ride assigned to me to make sure my vehicle didn't get stuck. Lego and I loaded up around 11:30 or so to head to our track. It started in the most GAWD awful stalky, briary stuff. The stuff not smashed down was almost as tall as me. I was proud that Lego took off from the flag in that stuff with confidence. Now, 50 yards or so down the way he'd had enough of walking in that and he'd check scent and then quarter towards the road or woods where the stuff wasn't. Can't blame him. He also crittered a bunch as aviodance. It just seemed to go ON and ON. Turns out that first leg in that mess was 300 yards or so. That's like 1/3 of the track on the first leg in that mess. When he finally did attempt to turn (at which point I was shocked we hadn't been whistled already. I've NEVER seen a first leg that long) he turned into a gully. Got all the way to the end of his line and came back. Tried again. I went part way. He came back. I sent him back for a check. We got whistled off. His turn was actually up the ridge line and not the gully, but I know the scent was sucked down there. Especially when we got back on track and found an article on the top of the ridge. GEEZ! No wonder he was getting sucked down. Crazy place to put a constant scent source. Anyways, we got over, crossed a gravel road, headed towards what looked like a nice field. NOPE! Got into it and it was just mud! Every so often a tuft of some green trying to grow, but basically a mud slick, holding no scent. This is the hardest track and nastiest conditions I've ever seen. I think we likely would've flunked in the mud slick even if he'd fixed his first turn. He was so tired near the end where the cross tracks were that he tried to take the second set rather than concentrate on the old scent. I will NOT be entering anyone there EVER again. Had it been any dog at my house but Lego they wouldn't even have TRIED to work in that stuff. 
Got to Memphis around 3:45. Got to go to church with Mom and Dad. Had a nice dinner, watched Olympics, went to bed. I was on the road again by 9:45 am Monday to make sure i missed any 'wintry mix' that may be headed that way. Got home around 2:45 pm. It was a lot of driving! 

Got a couple of Cork pics to share too!

Cork apparently buries himself for naps                                       Cork has a timeout chair when he gets too helpful

Don't mean to be leaving Watson out either!

Watson with his mom. not spoiled... not at all                                                           Watson and his big brother, Schroeder 


I spent the weekend running  USDAA agility in Holly Springs, MS. Plans were for me to stay over until Monday to visit more with Mom and Dad, but the weather there was headed south and I've had enough ice to last me all winter down here. I drove all the way home in rain, but when I got here it was 70 degrees instead of 35 and raining.
Kayak had an 'oh so close' run in Adv. Standard. Then he went on to win the 26" height class for his first Grand Prix Q and a bye! He also managed to Q in Steeplechase even with me sending him by a jump and having to call him back. I am proud of that first place and bye. Think Kazee has pulled that out once too.

Kamikaze and I had an ALMOST in Standard too. I pulled her by the next to last jump. But we did pull it together for a Snooker Q.
Kayak had another stellar day with a 100% Q rate. He got his 2nd Adv. Standard leg finally. He got his first Master Gamble and it was a weave pole one to boot. Then he proceeded to Q in Master Jumpers for the first time even with me wiping out a wing during the run. Kamikaze got the gamble as well, but then we had some issues. I actually forgot to take a baton with me in pairs and ruined an otherwise Qing run for me and my partner. Standard just went bad and got worse. We were never clicking in that run. To top that off, the computer I was scoring on for the club decided to burp Sunday's results at the end of the day.

This afternoon I ran by Cheryl's and picked up all of Overcome's jumps so I can start adding all the new jump heights to them before our show in three weeks.

1st - happy Birthday Cedar

Cedar is now Fourteen. Who knows where the time goes??