doublescoop1.JPG (851176 bytes)

Keeping warm at those cold shows!

hounds.JPG (53669 bytes)

Hound dogs LOVE their MOMMY

3Musketeers.JPG (959601 bytes)

3 Musketeers keep watch over the yard

3dogs1pillow.JPG (61716 bytes)

1 pillow, 3 dogs

QueenTug.JPG (1246062 bytes)

Queen of Tugging

newperch.JPG (1353665 bytes)

Daddy built a new look out for the Musketeers

KitaBist1.jpg (99293 bytes)

Nikita at Lake Bistineau State Park

Cedarlog.jpg (99293 bytes)

Cedar rest on a fallen tree trunk in our yard

Josie1rstribbons.jpg (99293 bytes)

Josie's first show weekend


Hounds found new use for the picnic table


Best Buddies


Squirt. Our other 4 legged pet.



LegoTunnel.jpg (99293 bytes)

I can do it too

houndagility.jpg (99293 bytes)

Hounds CAN jump

cedarball.jpg (258275 bytes) 

Cedar loves her ball!

daddyflufff.jpg (64786 bytes)

Daddy's fluffy dog!

puponstring.jpg (714398 bytes)

Nothing cuter than a puppy on a string

chaseison.jpg (327233 bytes)

The chase is on

burito.jpg (294182 bytes) 

Puppy burrito


kitawitch.jpg (423355 bytes)

The perfect outfit for Nikita

clowns.jpg (431744 bytes)

We don't do 'clown'

whatcha.jpg (674804 bytes)

What'd ya say? Dinner?