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JULY 2013

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As you can imagine, my life has been consumed with PUPPIES! Today was the first day I left them at house for any length of time without a person. Rich and I went to see a movie. Everyone survived. Xanadu has started taking short walks now on a couple of her potty breaks. At first it was potty and race back to the door and race to the puppies to check on them. 
As of weigh in today Cork's started to lag significantly behind percentage wise. I've had lots of concerned input about him. Seems if a puppy starts to fade and you don't intervene before its growth flat lines you have waited too late. He seems to know how to eat fine. I have decided to do mild intervention. I will make sure he gets latched on to nice full nipple when his brothers are sleeping and see if that picks him up some.

You can see daily pictures of the puppies here. And there is a live stream cam on the puppies during the daylight hours here.

14th - Welcome PUPPIES

The pups were having some big parade before bedtime last night. COOL to watch. Early this morning Xanadu and I moved ourselves to the whelping box. She became restless and uncomfortable. Temp check before bed was 97.4 so I was not surprised. There was some mild nesting and then on and off snoozing for the night. I was still tired this morning. Temp checks continued to show we were in first steps of labor. She still ate her meal and begged for pieces of everything. Until around 10 a.m. she'd get mad at me for leaving her in isolation. HOW DARE I! After that she quit fussing for getting left out. By 1:30 her first puppy water broke. Here we go! An hour later and no puppy even with good regular, decent contractions. Another hour and I could feel a foot in the opening, but only one foot, not a pair. I tried to reposition the pup, but I was unsuccessful. Xanadu was exhausted too. A phone call to my vet and he said she needed help, whether a C-section or just 'help' was hard to say over phone. He was, unfortunately, out of the close area so off to the e-vet AGAIN. I called ahead with the info on why we were coming. Getting very worried about stuck little kid. As soon as we walked in the door they signaled a tech from the back to come take her to get looked at. They sent us to a room where I wore a whole in the floor pacing for like 15 minutes waiting on a doctor to come update me. EVERY MINUTE COUNTS. I know logically no one was telling me anything because they were with her, but doesn't help. We got a couple of quick visits by techs asking general questions like "How many have been born?" "Do you know the dad?" And we authorized an x-ray to access the situation. Here's that x-ray.

By the time of x-ray the vet had been able to reposition stuck puppy such that both rear feet were out in the birth canal together. He told us he believed Xanadu would be able to have them all on her own now with a little Oxytocin to help her. Another 15 minutes or so later he came to say stuck puppy had been delivered. "Is it alive?", I ask. Vet doesn't know. WHAT? You know I've been stressing about this puppy!! He went back to poke it after Xan cleaned it up and came back a few minutes later to say it was alive. WHEW! What a relief. Wondering if it's going to struggle any as a result of its experience. About every 20 minutes someone would come tell us another puppy was born alive and Xanadu was caring for it. No one ever knew the sex, but I can see not sticking your hand in with an unknown first time mother to mess with her puppy right after birth. After all 4 were cleaned by mom and wiggling around we got to come home. They are ALL BOYS. (whoops.. we all wanted girls) Cheryl met us in the parking lot to see them since she's leaving town for a week in the morning. She snapped a phone picture.

When we got home first order of business was to see that everyone was able to latch on and suck on mom. One little red guy needed some encouragement. Likely the last born. 

After everyone had eaten well I got a weight recorded on each so we can monitor them.
Tri            200 grams
Red dot head    182 grams
Red smudge head 216 grams
Red two dot head 187 grams



Xanadu's temp dropped a bit yesterday morning, but went right back up. DARN! Got my hopes up for nothing. Meanwhile, Lego licked a spot above his foot yesterday so much that today it's might red and swollen. Poor boy sported a wrap most of the day with antibiotics underneath to calm it down. You'd think by now he'd know doing something like that would make me have to take over.



Yesterday I got my last delivering of puppy stuff from Amazon.

Today I did some last minute puppy supply shopping at WalMart this afternoon. I frequent their muffin mix aisle too since my day has an affinity for a flavor that seems to be hard to find in stock. I scored #1 daughters points there with 24 packs bought and mailed!

I also did some research farther back in the pedigree and found that Xanadu's great-grandma is also the mother of Squiggles, the only beagle to ever make it onto the Agility World Team. So cool! And Timber has a great-granpa that is a full sibling (different breeding) to that mother of Squiggles.


Friday Kayak ate ANOTHER of Kamikaze's collars. I thought we were past this phase. Here's all I found.

Then Sunday night I find Kayak has thrown up dinner and I became concerned the collar wasn't passing well this time. Thankfully this morning I watched him poop normally. Later this morning I found where he'd puked up a large piece of collar in the night. Well, at least the danger was worked out in its own.

Xanadu has started staring at food sources now. Here's what she does if you're in the living room.

The dog food bins are just beyond the fence. If you're in the computer room she stares at the fridge. Poor thing. She's insistent that the puppies are stealing all her nutrition. She's really blown up since last Monday when she weighed in at 21 pounds. Today she's 25 and looking porky and miserable. We're at day 57, so anytime now... tick tock, tick tock.


Here's a shot of Xanadu soaking in some sun yesterday.

Today, since Rich's office was closed we ran up there and took an x-ray to see how many pups we could see.

These shows a definite three with a possible fourth. And we wouldn't be surprised to see five.

OH, and over the weekend while I was struggling to keep my head above water Twinkle's first title certificate came in!


Yesterday was kind of a recovery day. Today I started in on tasks that needed to be done. I took the crate mat and blanket out of Jedi's sleeping crate and got them washed. Then I did a nice thorough cleaning of the crate. While I was in the mode of cleaning crates, I grabbed Misty's old 36" crate and pulled it out, took it apart. I took the Clorox to it and cleaned it all up. The bottom section will make a great place to birth puppies.

That's a fitted sheet covering the crate bottom. There are towels under it and on top of it. I also have washed the pile of towels I bought for birthing pups. Here's my supply pile minus the puppy (fruit) scale I bought.

Yes, the ice cream is for Xanadu. Some melted ice cream with a crushed Calcium table between puppies to give her some energy and supportive calories.