2014 training goals

JULY 2014

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Here's some pictures of Josie in Barnhunt


I took Josie and Sprigs to an Intro to Barnhunt seminar today. I thought Josie would get a buzz out of it and she's retired from most everything these days. It's give her something to do. I think she liked it! We'll have to watch for Barnhunt in our area now. Sprigs did OK as well, but wasn't nearly as fired up about it as Josie was. I'm sure she can get a Novice title though. Too bad I didn't have Kamikaze entered. She showed great promise the beginning of the month.. I'll take her too if I find a place to go do this. 


Cheryl and I made a trek to Oklahoma to play some USDAA (her idea) Friday-Sunday. It was BEAUTIFUL weather. Never hit 90! The arena was nice and the hotel was decent. We did have to change rooms Friday after the show since the AC decided not to work. Kamikaze ran Standard and Jumpers on Friday. She Q'd in Jumpers. She was the only Q of all our guys that day. Kayak and I had a miss communication in Jumpers and he decided to hit a red jump in Snooker, forcing me to make up stuff that ended up in 36 points (37 is minimum to Q). Saturday Kayak rocked it. He Q'd in Master Standard, Master Snooker (even though he still made up his own opening) and Master Jumpers (with an incredible save at jump 7). He should've Q'd in Gamblers too, but he was at such an awful angle coming off jump one in the gamble he couldn't mount the teeter. Kamikaze and Cheryl ran pairs with Kayak and me. Kaz didn't like the idea of me standing there with Kayak after finishing our part while she left with Cheryl. She did about 1/2 her side and then came back to me. OOPS! It was worth a try though. Kamikaze Q'd in Steeplechase (by .02 seconds) with a just awesome run for her Tournament Master Bronze title AND Q'd in Jumpers for her Jumper Bronze title though.

Sunday Kayak Q'd in Standard again! That leaves us with only 2 more legs to be MAD (Master agility dog) and he only moved up to all Master classes at the last show! It was a good weekend, but a LONG drive.

Kirk and Codex are both still waiting to be old enough to play in the ring, so here's their exercise every day!

While I was at agility baby Ridge and Diane did a little obedience in GA.


The boys turned ONE today. I can't believe it's been a WHOLE STINKIN' year. Love to them all! Terry and Diane both sent presents too! I sent all the boys a few toys. They all got one of these:

Here's Ridge with a turtle I sent him and Cork with his whole pile of loot from both Diane and I
oh,..and the cutest... Ridge with his Birthday cake


Today was spent in Concealed Carry renewal class. Started badly when the guy at the range kept stopping me from shooting to tell me I couldn't hold the pistol that way. (despite the fact I was hitting center mass that way). He made me change my grip which made me miss the target because of an unstable hold on the gun. Then he tells me I've technically flunked class and I have to talk to the instructor. 30 minutes later the instructor comes to the range. He's great. He asks to see my pistol, tests out the weight and trigger pull and then asks me some questions. I told him the situation and he let me hold the gun however I was used to and I did fine. He even let me try out a couple of his pistols. A Smith and Wesson 9mm that I really liked and a Glock that I wasn't fond of. 

Work was interesting this week. I met with a guy Tuesday who talked me through the issues going on and showed me where to find a few things. A desktop station wasn't quite ready for me, so he and I kinda group worked on a report and then he gave me instructions for Wednesday and Thursday morning because he was going to be gone to a funeral. I got stuff done Wednesday. Thursday I finished up stuff I'd been given and got a call from him that he was working from home. He gave me another path for the rest of that day. Friday and most of Monday went well, I was at a work station in the server room.  Monday just around 3 the guy comes to tell me he's just resigned and will be finishing out the week. ARGH! I'm supposed to be gone Thursday and Friday, so I have 2 days to learn all I need to know about server locations and databases and passwords. Tuesday morning I get to work a little early and carry on with finishing up Monday's work. Shoot the guy an email asking 'What next?'. Get no answer for hours. THEN I get an email from his personal account saying they escorted him out the door yesterday. ARRRRGGH! I proceed to his boss for instructions. They don't know passwords to their data servers or even what they're called. I kinda freaked with shock. Spend day on his computer looking for relevant information to no real avail. Wednesday morning goes better. The network admin changed guy's password and gave it to me so I could snoop around impersonating him. This at least got me access to all the data servers so I could grant myself access. I still couldn't find any real relevant help though. The IT boss man put me on the task of getting the data export to the accounting system going. Had some specs of current way. New specs looked nothing like it. I did make some progress in understanding things.

Here's Codex practicing weaves!


Today was fun. I went and filled out forms with the temp agency to get employed. Couldn't find my SS card. Couldn't find safe combo to look in there either. Spent an hour at the SS administration getting a new card request filled out. Tomorrow I head out to St. Francisville to start the temp job at the paper mill out there. 

The dogs and I had an OK time in Monroe. For some reason my dogs never do exceptionally well there despite the nice arena and cool environment. Kayak had one, just stellar run. He won Master Standard Thursday morning. Sprigs came up a little nervous about a certain dark blue tunnel. We lost two QQ's for the lack of going through it the first try. Then she lost a QQ for snapping at and chasing a fly that buzzed by her on the teeter. It just wasn't meant to be. Kamikaze had a nice run or two. We blew Standard both days though. I let Cheryl run her on Sunday in Jumpers.

Saturday after the show on of the nice agility people there let us come out to her farm and do a little Barn Hunt Instinct test. They put PVC tubes in hay. Some with rats, some empty, some with rat litter. The object is to find the rat filled ones. Kayak and Kamikaze gave it a whirl. I'd say Kamikaze could rock this game! Kayak, well, he may be able to find it more interesting with some time. He did fine, but wasn't as jazzed up about it as Kazee was.


Some good news today. I have a temporary, full time job starting Tuesday. Gonna be helping a company with their reports now that they are switching out their system out for a new one.


Sigh! Looks as if I will need to find a full time job again to keep up with the bills. Rich is ready to call it quits with Healthcare and I'm with him. So, I sent out 30 or so resumes today. Thursday morning I get to leave before dawn to head out to Monroe, LA for four days of agility. Cheryl's meeting me up there Friday morning.