2010 training goals

JUNE 2010

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Kamikaze did heeling and moving stand today. I hope the weather holds out for some go-out practice tomorrow. Spirit worked on her stays. She did a 30 second sit stay at almost full Novice distance. Then she did a 1minute down stay. I could've pushed the down stay a bit longer I think. She had just relaxed enough to lay her head down. I hated to push her until she failed though. She has come so far on her stays.


Since there is obedience this weekend, Kamikaze practiced signals and articles. She was still a bit stressed on articles, though I don't know why. It's been forever since she's messed them up. Her signals were grand, as always in practice. I did some work on getting her to return to heel faster. She has started poking into heel at shows. Spirit practiced some stand stays again. She is coming along nicely. She is also understand finish right very well now.


I had a great time in Monroe doing agility. I also outfitted the motor home with an 'auxiliary' air conditioner after the struggle to cool the place last year. Our one room A/C unit that we use during power outages traveled in the passenger seat and was set up to vent out the window. Other than one power surge that popped a breaker this arrangement worked well in conjunction with the regular roof A/C to keep the motor home comfortable during the day. The auxiliary air will be living in the motor home at least until after the August agility show.


The day started with Xanadu in Excellent Standard. WOW! She was wired like someone had plugged her in. She managed several off courses in the first 6 obstacles, so when she did beautiful, fast weaves, we just left on that note for our treats. Kamikaze ran JWW first. She is still much slower than normal as she re-balances hormones after being in season. She pretty much gave me the finger in several places. Lego did pretty well in Excellent Standard. He missed his weave entry and there were a few bobbles, but not blowing me off and being stupid problems.  Xanadu did well in JWW, but her attempt at the weaves, though valiant, was weave a couple, skip one in nature. I didn't make her try again as she had hit the entry with intent and continued through them all happily. Kamikaze had on OK standard run, but still not into it with me. Lego did freaking awesome in JWW. It was a wonderful run for a Q, his first MXJ leg and 7 MACH points. He even placed 4th in Exc B. WOW! Great dog.

I drug Sparkle around a Standard course. She quit for good at the teeter again. <sigh> Spirit had her very first agility run at a show today. She ran JWW. I was impressed with how well she stayed with me. She ran around the tunnel and had to be sent back to it a second time, but that was the only fault. Her weaves were not as nice as at home. She was much more distracted! I actually had to finger help her a little which I never do at home. Still, one refusal and a few seconds over time gave her her very first agility Q! 


Xanadu made valiant effort at Standard this morning. Still not a Q to be had. Kamikaze did pull herself around JWW just fast enough to pick up like three MACH points.

Lego had another great run in standard, but for the life of me I can't remember what went wrong, but I know I was happy with him, but it wasn't a Q. Xanadu had a good JWW run for her first AXJ leg. Her weaves were spot on today.

Kamikaze and I still couldn't pull out a standard Q. Lego had another decent JWW run, but popped out of the weaves. Spirit had another shot at JWW today. She ran great, but wouldn't complete the dark blue tunnel in the dark corner. The first time, she went in almost half way and even with me talking to her she came back out. SEVERAL tries at getting her to go through failed. When she started play bowing at me instead of trying, we went on. It was a great run! Today was her first shot at standard. I was a bit worried by the teeter and the dark blue tunnel, seeing as how she wouldn't do it in jumpers. The dark blue tunnel in standard was much better lit and she didn't hesitate at all. She hit the teeter going so fast I was worried she was gonna spook herself. She held on though. Her weaves were better than yesterday too. She got her first Novice Standard leg with a first place and perfect score! Guess I'm entering her in Hattiesburg when I get paid.


Xanadu had the day off today. She has yet to run three days in a row well. Spirit has the rest of the show off. I hated to enter her in a bunch of stuff her first time out and find she was scared or just wasn't going to do anything. Kamikaze made it around JWW today, but I got temporarily lost and she got ticked for the slow information and stood staring at me. That extra time put us over time by 1.5. Darn the luck! Lego had another good standard run, but popped the weaves. They were headed straight at the ring gate. I saw many dogs pop the last couple of poles aimed to the fence. Kamikaze and I still can't get a standard Q. She took an off course. Lego saved the day with another great JWW run. Second MXJ leg and 7 MORE MACH points. I somehow missed a picture of his Q :(. Sparkle walked the Novice Standard course again. She quit for good at the teeter once again.


I ended the show with a great day. Xanadu took an off course into a tunnel right off the bat. I knew that call off would be hard for her. We haven't called off tunnels much in her short career. She hit a couple of bars when she got distracted too. Kamikaze made it through JWW again for like 2 MACH points. I was floored we made it through at all, much less under time. When I walked that course I was ticked! It started with a 180 to a wrap between jumps to another 180. NOT the way to motivate a Siberian or a beagle. I went the line with Kamikaze thinking there was NO CHANCE. Those are usually the times I Q with her.

Lego had a great standard run, as he calls off tunnels easier. He got his second AX leg. (video missed opening five jumps and tunnel call off) For a dog that stalled in Open Standard for like 5 years, I am amazed that he has two AX legs since making it to Excellent in May. Guess he and I have finally found a way that works for us!

Kamikaze took that same off course tunnel in Standard that sucked Xanadu in even though I did a hard rear cross and called. Not as forgiving of her doing that. The person running Marie's two dogs tuckered out after their first runs today, so I ran her Siberian and her beagle in their last runs. Drift, the Sibe, and I had an OK run. She is having weave and dogwalk issues. She refused the dogwalk once because she was running so well, I couldn't be there to help her enter it. She did it fine after that. She wouldn't weave for me at all. Storm, the beagle (Xanadu and Spirit's aunt) is a very honest runner. She pretty much does what you say unless she locks on a tunnel (hello! sounds like a beagle I know) I got Storm around that JWW course that I bitched about for 7 MACH points for her.

Not only did I get Storm around, but I Xanadu made it too for her second AXJ leg. She'll be running for MACH points before I know it! Storm and Xanadu's times were very close, within a half a second.

Well, Lego should've had this course too. I did a cross on the flat half way through (not at the hard parts) and I didn't call hard enough and he slipped past a jump. We kept going as it was my fault. It was another great run for my maturing boy. There was NOT ONE run this weekend that I had to just grab Lego's collar and haul him off for being an idiot. I think that may be a first for him.


I worked some stand stays with Spirit again today. MUCH, MUCH better. The insecurity wilting was about gone. She did sometimes sit, but it was with intent and not a wilt. Then we practiced dumbbells with Sparkle. Spirit wanted a go at it, so I let her try. WOW! This game is sinking in. She did great bringing it and throwing it at me. Xanadu practiced sit at a distance and then some moving stand introduction and signal practice.

Once the temps cooled some in the evening I set up the weaves and a jump. Spirit went first with 6 weaves. She did well, for her. I even saw the start of a little bounce between poles. She is still thinking a lot between poles, but is focusing more on them and not on me as much. One time on side and one off side and she got her treats. She still prefers off side weaving! I put the rest of the weaves up and took Xanadu out. YIPPIE for the dog that drove at the poles instead of stopping at them or slowing up. She did one on side and one off side and she got her treats. She was great! Hope that sticks for the show. We haven't talked about weaves since she was struggling in May. I was letting it alone hoping the fear or indecision would fade. At least it has here at the house! Sparkle was next. She did the same thing and did it well for her treats. Then Kamikaze and Lego took their turns. They were both great as well. None of them screwed up at all. Hope that sticks! 

Tomorrow after work is a soccer game and then I'm headed to Monroe Wed. after work for 4 days of agility fun. So, I spent time packing up the motor home today. Just need to pack dog food and bowls and a couple of small things and I'll be all ready to head out.


Got home from Texarkana in time for dinner. There were mixed results and emotions this weekend!

13" beagles were in the ring at 8am and Open A also started at 8am. Then 15" beagles were somewhere around 8:40. I got Xanadu moved to last dog in the Open ring and got a pinch handler for Spirit in conformation. Xanadu went winner bitch for one point. The judge didn't cross over the major in dogs. Oh well. Straight from there to the obedience ring where the dog in front of us was just walking in the ring. I watched the heeling pattern and then did a quick straight line heel with Xanadu. That was about all the warm up she got. We went in the ring and when I said heel and took off she stood up and took a step or two and looked confused. Guess she wasn't sure what game we were playing. A second command to heel and she trotted up with me and she was OK from there. The heeling was not anywhere near as good as what she can do. There were many distractions around the ring as well as throwing her in the ring with not much time to explain what we were doing. I really need to work on her figure eight some more. She forges some on the inside and I lose her some on the outside. She did a wonderful drop. Both dumbbell retrieves were fast and happy. She even had to make an effort to angle back to take the jump after she got the dumbbell since my throw was bad. She sailed the broad jump too. All of her fronts and finishes were crooked though. I was a bit worried she may wilt on the sit stay as the building was getting way too hot and she'd been working (out of her crate) for over an hour now. She nailed the sit stay, so now I am starting to feel a Q coming on. She never breaks a down stay. Sure enough, the baby beagle pulled it out. First time in the Open ring and first Q. There were three qualifiers (two BCs and us). We got third with a 185. I was pretty happy with that. Spirit took Reserve while I was showing Xan.

There was just enough time before the Siberian conformation time to put Xanadu up. Karen had Kamikaze at ring side. I had a similar time issue with her too. I had to move her to last Utility A dog and race there from conformation. Kazee got 2nd in the Open bitch class and then off to obedience. She was getting hot. The building was around 82-85 degrees by now. She missed her drop signal. She did everything else OK. Even did the go-outs, although she took the wrong jump the first time. She wasn't a crisp and happy as usual, but it wasn't awful.

I took Kamikaze to the CERF clinic to get her eyes re-checked. Should have been no big deal. Well, it ended up being one of the biggest weights all weekend. She was diagnosed with corneal dystrophy in both eyes. I was very upset. That takes her out of the breeding column. Luckily it shouldn't affect her vision at all, so our performance lives shouldn't be upset by it. The breeder released me from the show contract. She did request I take her off all coat supplements (fatty) and get her on a lower fat food. Apparently Siberians can have a problem digesting fat that can result in deposits in the eyes. She'd like a re-test in 6 months or so for her breeding records. I can spay her anytime now, but will wait on the re-check to dash all hope of Kamikaze puppies.

Next to the eye clinic was the CGC testing. It was only 15 dollars so I decided to give it a whirl with Spirit. Before I went over there I practiced the supervised separation with Karen's sister holding her. It took two or three times for her to not bark or lunge, but she calmed down. Off we went. We were the first team tested of the day and Spirit did well. She had a bit of an issue staying while I walked backwards stretching out the long line. I've never tried it that way. All the messing with the line screwed her stay up. Need to practice that. She is good if I just walk off and leave her for 20 feet though. Thankfully the supervised separation was someone coming and taking her on a walk away from me. COOL! That's really a different exercise than me handing her to a person and her having to watch me walk off. So, Spirit passed easily.

I waited until after Best in Show to take Xanadu's picture with her ribbons. She had gotten very hot in her kennel and wasn't feeling well. I was hot too! That's why we both look droopy in the pic.

Back at the hotel Spirit learned how to unzip soft crates while we were at dinner. We came back to find her sleeping on the bed, but nothing was destroyed. Later we went to the pool and I zipped her up and clipped the zipper up to stop her. Well, she tried so hard she ripped the mesh! The crate's not unusable, but I see a vari-kennel in her future for awhile.


Same kind of conflicts as yesterday. Xanadu to the bottom of Open A so we could show in breed. She got reserve today. We actually got to the obedience ring in time to watch 3 or so dogs before it was our turn. That gave me some time to warm her up. She had a much nicer heeling performance than yesterday. Still forge and lag on the figure eight. Another great drop. I did better throws on the dumbbell and she was wonderful. Soared the broad jump again. Still crooked fronts and finishes. I was worried about the sit stay a bit again. It was hot and she'd been out of her crate some time again. As a group, we'd just gotten comfortable chatting when the judge starts waving and hollering for us to come back. We were all a bit worried as coming back early from an out of sight stay can only mean there is a dog on dog issue and the judge wants us back to get our dogs under control. We practically ran each other over to get to the ring. The sight of all dogs sitting politely where they were left left us all a bit confused. She says return to your dogs and we do. As she says exercise finished we are all looking oddly at each other. The judge went on as if all were normal. We left for the five minute down. We got out of sight and we're all like "WHAT was that?" It was a one minute out of sight sit. Not that any of us are complaining. We got back to our dogs after the downs and she calls out the dog numbers that qualified and then asks everyone to leash their dogs and come to the center. She apologized for the confusion on her sit stay time. She said her timer started wigging and not keeping time and she had no concept of how long we were gone so she called it. We didn't have to do it again! There were 5 qualifiers today. Xanadu got 5th to two BCs, a GSD and a lab. I was not upset. Her score wasn't as good as yesterday even though her performance was better. That's the difference in obedience judges. Spirit had a different breed handler today and I hear she did like her as much and didn't do well in the ring. 

I marked Kamikaze absent from breed because there was no major in bitches and after yesterday's discovery the obedience Q meant more to me. It was still way too hot in the building and I was not as happy as usual while I was with her. Had trouble keeping my head on straight thinking about her eyes. Her performance was wretched. She heeling like Nikita. Missed the come signal. Strolled to the articles and barely held them as she plodded back. The only pep at all in her was the go-outs, which she did well. The first one she trotted out and the ring she was aimed at threw a dumbbell and even though she started on a straight line, she track the dumbbell to the corner before she got all the way out. She sat and then even did the 'hard' jump (one on the opposite side). The next go-out she was looking for the dumbbell throw again and angled that way a bit. Still got a sit and the jump.  Hopefully the awful performance was a combo of my attitude and the heat. Hope she bounces back to the dog I know and love for the 4th of July weekend shows.


Spirit worked stand/stay a bit more today. She also practice finish left/right. Then I let her watch Xanadu and the dumbbell again. Spirit insisted on another try with the dumbbell. I took Spirit back the the hallway and threw the dumbbell. What do you know! She actually brought it back. She carried it by the end and threw it on my feet, but it was the start of a retrieve. YAY!

Kamikaze had to have the full conformation work-up. Bath with cleaning shampoo followed by more suds of the whitening and bronzing variety. Then a full blow-dry and brush. Man! Glad I'm not trying to show more than one Siberian at a time. She looks really good though. Nice full coat and everything. Here's hoping for some luck this weekend in Texarkana!

This was Cheryl's and my finally week of teaching beginner obedience. We set up a Rally style course with some added fun. (a tunnel, tire and bar jump). Then we added a sign at the end for them to show off a trick they taught their dog since that was homework on week 3. We thought everyone did a great job with the rally course and EVERY dog did a curved tunnel! Both of us are super happy with how far everyone and their dog progressed. For a group that we had to split big and little dogs for a few weeks to avoid big dog grabbing little dog we were so impressed that we could get everyone and their dog smashed together for a class photo! It's on Cheryl's camera, but I should get a copy soon. I had more fun with this class than I've ever had teaching beginners Cheryl and I found a great way to work the class with so many in attendance and we kept the exercises moving. Now, I am glad it's over since it's so hot and I have soccer games to attend in the summer evenings. Still, what a joy it was.


In keeping with what I said here yesterday, Spirit worked stand/stay. She is getting the stand from a sit game pretty fast, but the stay in a stand isn't going as well. She wilts into a sit or down when I take my hands off her and stand up straight. Ah, well, all in good time I suppose. Then Xanadu got some work on turn and sit at a distance in preparation for putting it with a go-out. She is turning and walking in most of the way to me and then sitting. I can't remember how I got this across to Kamikaze. Maybe I need to go back and read through her training. If Xanadu does stay at a distance when she turns then she drops instead of sitting. More work needed there. 

I gathered a bunch of new toys (agility prizes) and some other dog related items in a box for obedience class Thursday night. We are going to give everyone that stuck it out in our class a chance to take home something for the dog. I am looking forward to this last class with these students. They have been great. Cheryl has a rally/agility course to set up for them as a graduation. Should be a hoot.


I laid a short straight line track for Spirit with ham every 10 steps. It was only 5 minutes old (any older and the ants appear), but she did really well. She even started passing ham as she was intent on the tracking of me. That's a good sign usually. It means the dog is understanding the real point of the game.

I pulled out the ring gates to work Kamikaze on go-outs with no jumps. What perfect go-outs she had! Even a tight turn to sit without any steps. Where is that in the ring? Xanadu wanted a turn to get some treats, so I decided to take her out for go-outs since the gates were up. It's been awhile since I introduced her to go-outs. I put the treat on the ring gate while she watched. Then I backed up 10 feet and sent her with the Flexi on. She raced out to the ring gate. She remembers this? Really! I backed up again to about 25 feet and sent her. I had to trot behind since the Flexi is only 15 feet long. Another perfect go-out. OK, now I got brave and took the leash off (out in the front yard with no fence!). Backed up to 30 feet or so and sent her. Perfect again. One last time off leash at about 35 feet and she was great. I ran out of courage and took her in for a great treat. Now, I must work on her turn and sit at a distance. That part she has no clue about.

Spirit was so beside herself wanting to try to get treats that I did a bit of heeling with her in the driveway even though she got to track. She is really catching on to heeling. I practiced Rally signs mostly. We did the funky about turn, the 360 right and left, the fast and slow, the halt/ down walk around, and the call front finish right and the call front finish left. She needs work on the right finish more than the left, but is much better than she was two weeks ago. She is gonna understand heeling well real soon. Now I need to practice stand from a sit and stay in a stand so she's working on some Novice stuff too.


Spirit and Xanadu's brother, Riser, got his AX and AXJ this weekend while we languished in conformation land. WHOOT! 

Spirit did a little weave practice. She still isn't stable about doing it, but is certainly thinking things out. It was very hot, so we weren't out long. Then I did some dumbbell introduction with her. She would sniff it and foot bap it some, but no picking up. If I put it in her mouth I could get three or so steps out of her before she spit it. Not bad for her intro. Of course, Xan and Kazee were screaming for their turn to get treats. So, Xanadu did articles. WOW! She remembers this one well now. She did 3 metal, 3 leather and the scented one very well. She is at the stage of racing to the pile and sending articles flying while she scrambles looking for the one that will dispense the treats when she brings it back. I remember Kamikaze at this stage. I thought we were doomed for that pile scattering. She calmed down and quit smashing the pile, and I'm sure Xan will too. Xanadu was right the first try on the metal one. She then got all excited and after sniffing a couple just grabbed one (a leather one though). I turned my back to her and she dropped it and went hunting again and got it right. So now, I think she gets it, but is still struggling with the self control to sniff it out if it doesn't happen to be one of the first ones she tries. I let Xan show Spirit how to pick up the dumbbell and hand it to me for treats. Don't know if it helped Spirit any, but I've taught other dogs that way.

Kamikaze did her articles too. She did well in the cramped hallway. We are at the point now where if she is right both times I stop and we are done. She gets confused if she does metal and leather correctly and you still send her to try again. She thinks maybe something went wrong and starts stressing. Siberians just think too much sometimes. Sparkle got her turn retrieving the dumbbell too.

When I let the little short haired guys out to potty around 7 they were racing around the yard like maniacs. Apparently a bunny had been visiting in the early evening hours in the yard. Sparkle was nuts and occasionally let out a yall as she raced back and forth. Xan joined the hunt too, but no real noise. Spirit ran around next to them trying to figure out all the excitement. I tried to video it, but the camera battery was dead! MAN!


Spirit and Xanadu both got last place all weekend in conformation. Hate this game. Too many times the judge is judging color or people and not dogs. ARGH! 

Marie is trying to get someone to show Spirit for me in Texarkana next weekend so I can fit in my Open A obedience run with Xanadu. Karen is on stand-by to show Kamikaze if I don't make it back from Open stays in time. It's gonna be a wild weekend. Beagles and Open at 8 am, Siberians at 9:20 or so, and Utility at 9:55. At least I'll be done early.


Spirit and Xanadu got their baths this evening. That finishes up getting them ready to show in Lake Charles this weekend. After a good bath and dry I caught a great picture of the sisters snuggling.


I am better today. Slept without Nyquil and didn't wake up too bad off. Cheryl and I taught the 5th (next to last) beginner obedience session. As much as I didn't want to be pulled into teaching this HOT session, it's been wonderful. I wasn't so sure after the first week with all the different issues we were facing with people and their dogs. I really like most of these people and their dogs. I am getting questions about agility classes and Cheryl's hearing people say they didn't really think they were going to do much after this class, but they are changing their minds. Everyone has come a long way. Cheryl and I are planning a fun last class. We want to set up a little course with some rally signs and the jump and tunnel that we've worked on.

Xanadu got a quick run through on Open exercises. She did great on ALL of them. Kamikaze did signals, go-outs (yes I hauled my gates out there), and moving stand with wonderful results. Spirit got some basic heeling work again and she is starting to get what I want. Then I tested that 'stay' I've been working on at home. I was pleasantly surprised! She stayed in the middle of the parking lot by herself and let me walk ten steps and count to 10 and go back to heel. I was so impressed I tried a Novice recall. She did well. She broke her stay the first time I turned to face her from that distance. I put her back and she held it until I called. GOOD GIRL! We're working on return to heel to the right (around me) and she's about to get that too.

Xanadu and Spirit got their necks shaved and their stray hairs trimmed to clean up their pretty lines. Spirit did pretty well. Then I pulled out the grinder for nails. I got all of Xanadu's done without much fuss. I only managed front feet on Spirit as she is still getting used to the grinder. Baths on the schedule for them tomorrow afternoon. Then they should be all set for the show in Lake Charles this weekend. While I had the clippers out I gave Shelby and Nikita what I call the summer cut. Since I refuse to SHAVE a dog, the summer cut for the old hairy dogs is a good belly shave. You can't tell if they walk by, but it helps them cool themselves.


The relapse from lawn mowing kept me home Tuesday, on a day I'd normally drive to the office. As the day progressed the throat and sinuses improved some just to be replaced by a migraine. ARGH! I even skipped my first soccer game of the season.

Today I was closer to normal. It was too hot to want to take any of the dogs out to the agility field for practice. UGH! I did get Spirit out later in the evening with six weave poles. WOW! Her understanding shot up miles after the weav-o-matic session. She is doing 6 upright poles on her own. There is no speed involved yet, but that will come with confidence and understanding. She still misses the entrance 30% of the time and she pauses at each pole to think about her next steps. I like the thinking part though.


I was feeling almost human today, so Spirit got some more weave pole exposure. She has a much better understanding of her job if the poles are set up like weave-o-matics instead of  just 2X2. Ok, at least we've moved on to something she understands better. I've never been one to swear any one way would work for every dog! After weaves we worked on her stay some. She will let me walk around her in a sit stay, but wants to pop up out of a down when I walk behind her. We are fixing that in a hope that we can do rally novice this year. I also worked the stay with me going a couple of steps and then returning. Got up to walking 10 steps turning to face her and counting to 10 before returning. A bit more work on her understanding of stays and she'll be just fine on it.

I also thought it would be a good idea to dump all the dogs' kiddie pools and refresh the water. This time of year is mosquito larvae heaven. I went to do just that and found that all the pools have a gazillion tadpoles swimming around in them. GADS! Now what? I don't want to kill off all those potential froggies. Frogs are good! Eat bugs. For now they are still happily swimming in my pools until I can get to dipping them out and carrying them to the creek bordering the property.

Since the forecast calls for rain, rain and more rain, I decided to hop on the mower and try to slice down some of the grass while it was relatively dry. BIG mistake. My, whatever this illness is, flared up something awful after an hour and a half and I found myself sneezing a zillion times in a row and then having the raw throat again. Head all stuffed too. ARGH!

5th- Happy Birthday Xanadu and Spirit

Wow! The baby girls are two today. We passed out dehydrated chicken chews to all after dinner while I sung to them. I also sent a birthday wish to brother Riser in Ohio. I've been feeling sick the last few days. The raw throat, itchy ears, running nose kind of sick. It was hard to get up this morning even though it was nearly 9am. Rich wanted to go to the outlet mall, a chance I didn't want to miss, to buy some skinny clothes. It took me a good two hours after getting up to be almost normal. Then I was tired and short of breath at the mall. It was still a fun trip. I found some slacks to go with my new suit jacket that may make a perfect pant suit outfit.

Counts are in for Texarkana conformation shows. It's pulled majors in Siberian dogs both days and bitches Sat. Then majors in 13" beagle dogs. Only two points to be had in 15" beagles.


Even though it was somewhat rainy today,  I still left to teach obedience this evening. I got a call from Cheryl after I'd left saying there was an email canceling classes. Well, that surely isn't enough notice for us to contact all these beginner people (typically not club members) if I am already on the road. So, Cheryl and I went anyway so they wouldn't show up with no one there. That would seem tacky. The weather held out and 14 of our 16 or so regular attendees came out, so we held class. It was in the eighties instead of nineties and there was a breeze. Turned out to be a great night for class. Everyone in the class seems to be advancing well, so we split them randomly instead of by size this time. I didn't see any issues with the big dogs going at little dogs this time! Progress!


I took Kamikaze and Spirit out to the agility field tonight before classes. Spirit remembered her panel jump and her broad jump the first try! She had one refusal at the teeter, but then she got on and did it without any outside help. I have sent off entries to Monroe for her to run jumpers two days and standard one day.

Kamikaze had some nice turns off the contact into tunnels. She was driving at the weaves well too. She was hitting an entrance off a back cross through the tire too. Unfortunately, there was one weave pole entrance she missed over and over. While trying to get her to hit the entrance I think I de-motivated her on her nice weaves. ARGH! 

1st - Happy Birthday Lego

Well it's hard to believe, but Lego is now 8 years old. The vet is going to tell me Friday, when he goes in for shots, that he's a senior now. I have a hard time calling Lego a senior.

Xanadu's breeder called today to tell me she had AKC check on some things for her and they report Xanadu to be the youngest beagle VCD dog. WOO HOO! So I now own the first (and currently only) VCD2 Siberian and the youngest VCD1 beagle. And, they are only just 3 and almost 2. We should have years ahead of us for competing.  It almost makes me feel good enough to wipe out that pain of the almost Utility Q this weekend.

Spirit worked some more on her weaves. Bless her sweet soul! She's not the brightest crayon in the box. When she gets it right and gets lots of treats and praise it doesn't make it stick at all. I'm sure it will, but it's not an instant understanding. I also took Spirit to her first conformation class tonight. I feel better now about showing her in Lake Charles in a couple of weeks. She did fine. Held stacks for me and stopped in a stand. She even gaited well next to me. No throwing her front out with the happy walk or anything. I do need to find a way to get her a tad more excited for conformation. She keeps her tail only a little higher than half mast when moving. Need to get it up. Too bad I can't smash her and Kamikaze together and lower Kazee's and raise Spirit's.