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Cheryl and I drove back and forth to Jackson for to their obedience trial yesterday and today. Codex was only entered one time. He played Rally Novice on Saturday morning. He got his RN title with a very nice score.

Kamikaze had a stellar run in Utility. We're getting close. Xanadu had a decent try in Utility as well. Found we need to work go-outs more. Sparkle actually did very well in Open A. Then the Wire Fox Terrier male next to her proceeded to make a valiant effort to attack her on out of sight stays. the dog was actively making eyes at her as we walked in. I was concerned and should've excused us. It wasn't even 30 seconds after we left them. Sparkle was not injured physically, but not for lack of trying. I heard someone say "OH NO" and I pushed through everyone and ran for the ring. The stewards looked like circus clowns trying to catch the dog or Sparkle. Sparkle is spooked because the strangers are grabbing at her as well as a strange dog trying to bite her. Don't understand how it got to that point. I made the judge aware of the dangerous situation when we set up for stays. There should've been a steward not 10 feet from them just waiting to stop that dog! Very frustrating as that may be enough of a scare for Sparkle to never stay again.

Today Kamikaze had another oh so close run in Utility. Xanadu improved some areas of Utility, but still not quite there on go-outs. Spirit actually passed all of Open A except heeling. She even did stays. ARGH!


I drove back and forth to Hattiesburg yesterday and today to run some AKC agility with Sprigs and Kayak. It's about 2.5 hours there and I took a back way both days to avoid interstates around here with 'going to work' traffic. I calculated the times to see if it would be a decent alternative way to start a trip to Birmingham too. It'd let me miss Jackson, MS and pop me up on I-20 around Meridian, MS. Google thinks it would take an extra 7 minutes on the back way. hrmmm... that may be worth it on an early morning departure to miss Jackson right at rush hour. Anyway, Sprigs got another QQ yesterday (#16) with a placement in Standard. She didn't run all out in Jumpers though. Kayak had some young boy moments at the beginning of Standard that were compounded by my late handling moves. SO, when he blew the stop on the dogwalk we just left. He did make it around Jumpers nicely though. There aren't any videos. Since it was a weekday and the show was fairly small and we were running Masters classes in both rings (different heights) it was hard to find a free person that wasn't working in the ring.
Today Sprigs QQ's again (#17). That was my hope when I entered a couple of weekdays in Hattiesburg. I wanted to head into 4 days in Monroe next week with a chance to MACH there. Kayak did fine today, but I stood at the bottom of the Aframe facing him to prevent a straight ahead of course. With a running Aframe, I apparently stood too close and he didn't see a way to hit the dirt and turn, so he just turned off the Aframe at about the yellow line, missing the contact. OOPS! Lesson learned. Stupid me! He, once again, had a clean, nice jumpers run.

Codex got to play with Jade "Howard" and Roubaix "Hiatt" some on Sunday. Jade and Codex even got to play off lead chase. Dex was very happy with the play time. I even got in some "mommy and me" off leash time. He did very well with that. He called off Jade and Jenny walking by twice. That's when I put the leash on and let him go see them since I didn't want to push my luck with his perfect call of record.

When I got home and checked the mail I found Xanadu's AAD certificate in the mail. :)


Ridge and his mom, Diane, went to Nashville today to try out Rally for the first time. Ridge came home with a 4th place ribbon and a nice 99.


Cheryl and I got together just after dawn to do some agility work. Mostly to focus on the young boys and getting some attention during sequencing. Of course when loading the car, most of the house wanted to go! I ended up with both Sibes, Spirit, Josie and Sprigs in addition to Codex. There was a standard course set up and numbered that didn't seem too difficult. I discovered starting out that the tire is a problem for Dex. Unless you stand with your finger through the tire opening he misses it and goes under or between it and the frame. While running it the first time I found he also lacks understanding a rear cross as he heads into a tunnel. I was proud he did 12 weaves once he got started on them. Oops... his first vision of a triple jump there at the end too. I got Josie filmed running a full course so I could evaluate her for possible runs in a few months. Cheryl gave it a whirl with Kamikaze with me standing in the middle of the course for some practice for pairs in which I will be standing out there while she runs with Cheryl. Codex got a second shot at the course just before we left. Still some issues with the tire, but I did a front cross before the tunnel to eliminate that issue. Then he went on to hit his weave entrance! :) AND he did all 12 poles even with a sideways glance at Auntie Cheryl taping him.


Got a nice title in the mail today! Kayak's VCD2 title! Looks great in print.

Codex had agility class tonight and he was rockin' it. He needed a little help with a dark blue tunnel curved under the dogwalk at first. Then there was the dogwalk with the tunnel under it. That needed a little work at first. Then he was great! Felt good when I got home.


Cheryl and I went to Birmingham for some AKC agility this past weekend. Kamikaze ran Friday and Sunday and Sprigs ran Friday and Saturday. Kayak ran all three days. Friday was a good day! Kamikaze got QQQ #4 and Sprigs got QQ #14. That also gave her the MXB title.

Kayak and I couldn't buy a Q. Nothing that I was upset about. He slipped in Jumpers and hit a couple of bars. In standard he took the inviting tunnel after the Aframe. I saw that coming in the walk through.
Saturday was Ok too. Sprigs got another QQ for #15. I think that puts us on the official count down. 5 more to go! Kayak and I still didn't buy a Q. Saturday was also Codex's 11 month birthday.
Sunday Kayak and I finally pulled out a Q in Master Jumpers. Kamikaze did Q, but got to run with Cheryl in Jumpers. I warned her that last thing Sunday and on turf that Kamikaze would feel very different and not carry as far. It took them a few jumps to synch, but then everything was great. Hoping Cheryl and Kamikaze can run pairs with Kayak and me next month.
Codex and his buddy Kirk got in at least one good romp and play session outside every day during the show and got to play smash your friend every night in the hotel.

Their were so frustrating people this weekend too. The one who filled up an ice chest at the hotel ice maker every morning made me want to shake her. Really... if you need an ice chest full then buy a bag on the way to the show instead of hoarding all the hotel ice on that floor. Then there's the lady with the little yippy dog. It yipped constantly when left alone in the room. Of course, the lady felt the need to leave it for hours every evening. GRRRR. Lastly was Sunday. Trying to escape the parking lot was like Mission Impossible. Several people that arrived 'late' were too good to park in the lower parking and walk, so they thought it would be OK to park in Non-parking around the edges of the front lot. Let's just say getting an SUV by them and not hitting the legally parked cars was a breath taking experience.


Went by vet to pick up Cedar's paw print today. It's a relatively new service offered by the crematorium. Thought it was a nice thing to offer.

5th-Happy Birhtday girls

Spirit and Xanadu turned 6 today. 

We also assigned Twinkle the same birthday and made her a year younger. So she's 5 today. 

All short haired dogs got baths today as I saw three fleas on Spirit this morning. It's that time of year! We use a reproduction inhibitor to control our flea population, so it's not unheard of to find a flea or two on our dogs. Just glad to know they can't reproduce once they bite them. 

2nd - Goodbye Cedar

Cedar has been loosing weight, no matter the calorie input, for the last couple of weeks. While I was gone to the dog show she quit eating altogether. So today at close of business we took her in to say goodbye. She'd dropped under 30 lbs. (Ideal weight around 40 lbs) She was over 14 years old. So it was a good, long life she led. She had to be carried in the clinic for the most part as she struggled to stay on her feet on their slick floors. She laid peaceful on her side on the table and went to sleep.

This is her with her favorite thing. A ball. It's been years since we could throw it for her without her coming up lame after just a few throws. In her later years it was just 'catch' and not 'chase' the ball. I hope Jedi was there to meet you old girl.

1st - Happy Birthday Lego

Lego is 12 today. I can't believe it. Time has whisked by so quickly. I gave him a birthday chewy when I got home from the show today.
Cheryl and I spent the weekend running USDAA In Tyler, TX. It was a good show. The judge was nice and her courses flowed well.
Saturday started with Kayak in Master Gamblers. Other than missing an Aframe contact in the opening, he rocked that course. He nailed the gamble too. No hesitation. That's already 3 Master Gambler Q's for him. Kayak followed that up with his last needed Q in Advanced Standard! FINALLY! To get his AAD and move up to Masters in all classes.

At the end of the day he had a stall out in front of a jump in Master Jumpers to cost us that Q.
Kamikaze did OK on Saturday too even though the day started with a 'not listening too well' Standard run. The course was lovely, but we just couldn't hack it first thing. She went on to have a nice Grand Prix run for a Q (her 14th tournament Q) and a lovely Jumpers run for her 13th Jumpers Q.
Kayak moved up to Masters for Sunday. He ran his half of Pairs clean. I was very happy for that! His partner unfortunately E'd. He had a very nice showing his first time in Master Standard. I pushed him off the Aframe a stride early and he stalled mid-air over a jump to look at a bar setter and hit the bar.
Kamikaze did her half of pairs well (one fault), but her partner also E'd. UGH! Pairs legs are sometimes a pain to come by. Then she had a good Standard run for her 13th Standard Q.