Pebblemist's Kid Under Construction VCD2,RA,MX,MJB,NF,CGC

Photo by Loftis

Lego was born into rescue from a very malnourished mother. I followed the puppies on petfinder. When they were at PetsMart for adoption, I suckered Rich into a movie next to the PetsMart and we wandered over after to look around. Lego was the only mostly white (with adorable speckles) left, so I knew he was fated to be mine. He's the reason I got started in tracking, a sport that I truly adore. We were just struggling so hard as a team to be successful in obedience and agility that I gave in to his nose and hunted out lessons to teach me what I needed to know to succeed in tracking. Because of him every dog after him has earned a tracking title, and I've met so many great people I'd never have run into. He taught me so much about dog training and managing issues that just can't be fixed. He began to help me focus on the JOY of every agility run instead of the results in the score book. Cancer took him just weeks before we made the big move to north Mississippi. The house is much quieter without him to alert us to all 'dangers'.

We miss you terribly Bo Bo! Watch over us forever.