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I got Storm out for some obedience yesterday afternoon. She is heeling with me better and her drop on recall seems solid. We still need work on going for the dumbbell on the first signal. She seems used to a signal and not a command. I pulled out the broad jump for the first time in a while. Seems we need to work on that a bit too. Spirit had better heeling, but was wilting on the stand for exam. That usually means I've been a bit to hard on her. She's a soft girl. Since I had the broad jump out I started working with Spirit on it. Kamikaze got another chance at go-outs and moving stand yesterday. She was great. Later yesterday evening Storm practiced her out of sight stays. The first time I left and went in the house, she broke the sit to walk to the door. I went and put her back and she was solid from then on. Did a three minute sit and her five minute down!

I got Shelby in to see the 'new' vet yesterday morning. She LOVES going to the vet. Really, she just loves people, no matter what they are doing to her, and the vet is concentrated attention on her. They took some blood and did an abdominal x-ray. Other than seeing a bit of her hips that are mostly just GONE, which I knew, there was nothing of of the ordinary. I also felt fairly good about this young whipper-snapper. At least he didn't leave me pulling at the bit to find a new vet. He called today with Shelby's blood results. She seems perfectly healthy on paper. No strange elevations or anything. They want a bit more blood on her to run a CBC since some of the blood clotted before it got to the lab. In a couple of weeks when Misty is due in for a check-up I'll take Shelby along.


We spent the day preparing for fencing. Rich rented an augur at Home Depot for the day and dug 40 something post holes for the split rail fence. I spent the day in the woods dragging downed tree parts to a fire to start the cleanup in Windy's wooded area. It was a HOT day. We ended the day with a dinner with Cheryl and Mike and a short visit to meet Cheryl's mom's Westie, Pete, that is now residing with Cheryl while her mother recuperates from a fall.


Yesterday we picked up our rails at Home Depot. Or more correctly, Rich picked up our rails. I stayed home and worked obedience with everyone until he got back. Kamikaze did her go-outs perfect on the first try. She also did a happy, fast set of articles and nice signals. Her turn was short! I love when their turn is short because they are so good. I got brave and took Xanadu and her articles out in the front yard, in the grass. She's only ever done them on carpet in the house or on concrete. So, I picked a new place, with a new surface, and I also put out all the articles for the first time ever. I'm thinking I'm pushing it a bit here. I am expecting her to falter a bit and I will dumb it down when she does. Well, bugger me, other than still not understanding to go directly to the pile on the turn, she was perfect. She wants to do a heeling turn it seems instead of a direct send. Maybe I'll go with that then if I can just get her to understand that 'go find it' means run to the pile. She wasn't confused by the new place, the new surface. She found her article and picked it up and raced back. Leather article went just as well. I'm not ready to say she's mastered them, but it was certainly a step in the right direction. Xan struggled with signals in the new place though. She acted like she'd never seen them. So, that's one to work on. She did a few go-outs, full length, but only when she knew there was a treat out there. When I didn't replace the treat once she didn't go. She doesn't believe that going, in and of itself, will get her the treat. She did a bit of directed jumping, but is still needing large steps accompanying the signals to take the jumps. Spirit got a go at Novice stuff. Her on lead heeling is not so good, but her off lead is much better. She doesn't like the leash waving near her face or the sudden tightness if she lags behind some. Her stand was really nice though and her recall is great. She's getting there. Storm didn't get a turn since Rich showed up with 120 rails that needed to be off-loaded as I was finishing with Spirit.  

Today we took Rich's free weight bench and weights to a friend's house early. They bought it off us. Then we stopped in at Tractor Supply for more fence materials and horse things. Windy horse now has her first toy, bought by Rich. It's a Jolly Ball. We got some field fencing to finish off the horse area through the woods, our first horse water trough ( a nice rubber 110 gallon with a drain), and a couple of gates. Off to Lowe's to check their post prices. We found landscaping timbers on sale. They are treated wood and a bit less cumbersome than 4X4s. We got us 45 of those. We got the post holes for the gates dug and the posts cemented in and setting.

Shelby had another seizure last night. She didn't recover to her regular self quite as fast this time. I am thinking a vet visit for some blood work and an x-ray are in order since it's only been 12 days since her first one.


After work yesterday I took Rich to Home Depot to look at their fencing options. I'd been to Lowe's already. It turns out Home Depot had their 10 foot decking rails on sale. WOO HOO! We purchased 120 rails (enough to split rail the front section of horse area) for pick up on Friday. Still need to pick put what kind of posts to use and buy some more field fence (and supplies for it) to finish off the horse area through the woods. when we got back from the store we put string out to mark the fence line and painted in post markers every 10 feet.

Today I bought my first horse supplies. Very exciting! A lead rope, a saddle blanket and the basic brushes. I've been having FITS looking for a cheap saddle that is the right size for me and my horse.


I pulled out my obedience jumps and ring gates and set them up out front. Kamikaze strolled around like a dork on the first go-out command. I took her collar and marched her back to square one. "OH.. a go-out?" Sheesh. She did a perfect go-out and jump then. I even took Xanadu out and she was doing her go-outs at about 3/4s length and with a treat still out there. I also practiced her signals, which seemed to be a whole new game in the front yard. About half way through her workout the neighbor kids on bikes stopped to watch. She did well ignoring them and working. Then it was Storm's turn. She did better on heeling with me this time. Her drop on recall was nice and she did the dumbbell on the flat and over the jump on the first signal. She did get distracted a few times by the kids. Lastly I did Spirit. She still has the focus of a two year old. She'd be heeling and then not and then heeling and then not. Her recall was good as was her stand for exam though. Then she did a perfect sit stay for the whole minute. The down stay took three tries to get her to STAY the whole time.


I feel pretty good about this past weekend. I didn't get home until dark today, but overall it was worth it.

Friday I only had one Q. It was with Storm. I somehow managed to ruin both of Kamikaze's runs by being a stupid handler. Xanadu just wasn't into it and walked mostly as well as not weaving. Lego ran pretty well, but there's always just that one thing. Sometimes me, sometimes him. Then, since most all the people from down here chose to do the Mobile, AL show instead of this Shreveport one and the other people I knew there were in driving distance of home I just went through Chck-Fil-A for dinner. I thought I could at least pull out the new laptop at the hotel with their free WiFi and do a few things. That turned out to be a frustrating  ordeal too! The new laptop and the free wireless were not  happy together and after a couple of hours of barely getting pages to load I gave that up too. It wasn't starting out a good weekend.

Saturday, the 19th, was my birthday. Here I was, out of town, and no doggie friends that even knew. Or so I thought. Tanya was first to say "Happy birthday" at the show and then Alicia went out of her way to call me later that afternoon to say it. Love me some good agility friends. The day shaped up well too! Kamikaze Q'd in jumpers in the morning. Storm was running along fine and then just stopped dead and wandered off with her nose on the ground. Spirit had a little to much interest in flushing the pigeons that were sitting in the back of the arena. JUMP, JUMP, race to flush pigeons. Come back to mom, jump, jump, race to flush pigeons. After the third pigeon flush she didn't come right back,  so I stalked to the back of the arena and picked her up and took her back to her crate.  Lego got the standard Q for his AX title! It took him 5 years to go from Open Standard to Excellent. Now in less than a year he is in Excellent B! It's shaping up to be a good birthday. Spirit ran the standard course well. No pigeon chasing this time. She didn't do the weaves the first try and got distracted once and went by a jump. Storm did get some MACH points with a Q in standard. Kamikaze was up and I tried not to think QQ. BUT, it happened! The girl and I pulled out a QQ on my birthday! YIPPIE! That's only 4 for her, but a mental hurdle has been conquered I think.

Sunday started well for Storm with a solid Q in jumpers. Not as fast as I'd like, but a Q.  Lego was only one stupid handler bobble from a Q. I said "COME" a bit harshly as he was approaching a jump. Typically he needs that information before he takes off, but I must have been hard on the "come" since he skidded to a halt and pulled off the jump. Good dog! Spirit really did try, but hit a bar. Xanadu was running again instead of walking, but she still didn't want to weave after pole 6. It only took one restart this time to get her through and she finished the course running. Kamikaze got another Q in jumpers. Things were happy starting standard as Storm Q'd for her 12th QQ. Spirit, once again, gave a great effort, but hit a bar. Xanadu thought standard happened too close to jumpers and walked the opening part. Including walking a whole set of 12 weave poles. Then I got her going after half way, but she refused to go in a tunnel. She kept looking on top of it. A recurring problem. Lego had a stellar standard run for his first MX leg (ok, so now that bad handler thing in jumpers is frustrating because he could have had his first QQ) Kamikaze rounded out my day with a great run and another QQ! That's two in a row. A miracle by our standards.!

I shoved everyone on the car between runs so we could take off ASAP after Kazee's last run. I had a two hour drive to meet Windy horse and then a four hour drive to get home. The meeting with Windy went well. She didn't instantly hate me, as a matter of fact I think she kinda liked me. I halter walked her some. I was able to touch her everywhere. Kerry showed me some of the stuff they'd been training. I fed her treats. By the end of the visit she was following me around the paddock area like a puppy with no halter or rope or anything. A bit spooky for 800 pounds to sneak along behind you. I said "YES" to Windy. When she is done training she'll be coming here to be mine. Of course, I had the camera, but got so caught up in the horse, Iforgot to even get it out. 

15th  - Happy Birthday JEDI

We celebrate Jedi's birthday on this day. We aren't sure of his actual birthday, but assigned this one when we picked him up. He's 12 today. New people that meet him have a hard time believing he's 12. He certainly is still very active. He is losing his hearing a tad and he has slowed down quite a bit over the last few years. THANK GOODNESS! He really is much easier to live with now that he's elderly. Of course he'll live to be 20 just to spite me.

Shelby still seems completely fine. Kamikaze seems back to her old self too. Her incision is almost completely healed. I think she's going to be chomping at the bit to go play agility by Friday. I am still keeping her mostly under wraps to be sure she doesn't do anything crazy before the show. She already started jumping in my arms again randomly though. 

I am going to try and make a side trip by Windy's (the horse) current owner's place on the way home from the show on Sunday so I can have a chance to meet Windy. I'm sure it'll put me back much later on Sunday than I'd like, but it really is my best chance to meet her.

Rich is still sick after his return from backpacking. UGH!


Late last night Shelby celebrated her 13th birthday by having a grand mal seizure. GREAT! It was only one and she was coherent and able to get around on her own shortly afterwards. A vet visit seems a waste as they will have no real way of saying why an old dog had one random seizure. She seems fine today. Another old dog that has to be kept separate when were away to keep a pack gang up opportunity at bay should another incident occur while we were gone! Poor girlie. 

I was finally motivated to do some obedience training again since the LCCOC obedience show is coming up in May and somehow the middle of March has slipped up on me. I feel so discouraged with Kamikaze and go-outs. We haven't worked on them in a month or so, but really, she doesn't 'forget' other things. She ran out and took a jump on the way as she arced hard to the right (across my body). I have been fighting crooked go-outs forEVER. The only way to get a straight one was to put a highly visible treat straight ahead. Then removing it for the next try got a completely crooked go-out again. *banging head on keyboard*. I just walked her back in the house with no more words or actions. I felt the frustration rising in me. Just to cap that off a nice spring rain came in and soaked my wooden high jump and ring gates. That about says it all. I did go back about an hour later with a better attitude and put a not so obvious treat on the straight ahead stanchion. She was self rewarded when she went straight. From then on her next couple were fine even without the treat there. I did a quick call to heel session with her with me standing between the two jumps. Boy, does that agility handler have to keep her palm facing the ground and the arm touching the side to not send dog over jump. I did intersperse an occasional jump cue in the call to heel work. She did that great.

I worked some with Spirit on heeling. Not a good plan after a frustrating time with Kazee. Gave up heeling for recall and stay practice. She is doing so much better on her stays! She should be ready to show in Novice at our show in May if I keep up the work. 

Storm is now my dog, on paper, at least for the temporary. With the thought that she may still be here in May for our obedience show I worked her some. Her mother had her about ready to show in Open. She doesn't heel well with me yet. I have a different pace and style than her mom. She is trying hard to do what she thinks I am asking though. I have been randomly working her drop on recall since she came in January and we understand each other on that exercise. She will retrieve for me too, although not always the first command or hand signal. Her only real downfall I've seen in obedience is out of sight stays. She doesn't like to be out of sight of her mommy. I started her like I do my more experienced dogs. I put her in a stay on the patio and let her watch me walk straight in the door the the house. She came towards the door. I walked back out and didn't fuss, but did pick her up and put her back in the same spot. It took four tries before she would stay after the door shut behind me. As soon as the door shut and I turned to see her still in the same spot I immediately re-opened the door to return and give her a treat. Then there was a 10 second stay in the house behind the door. She did that well and got her treats for staying. We called it a day.

Xanadu wanted her turn to earn treats. Since it was still raining and she needs work on her articles in new places, I took them out on the covered patio. I got some really yummy dehydrated chicken and apple treats. I started the pile with only one less metal and leather than regulation calls for. She needed a collar push to remind her to go to the pile. Then she proceeded to sniff until she found the 'right' one and brought it back. YIPPIE! She got a yummy treat that took several seconds to chew up. Round two with the leather article went even better. She didn't need any help to remember to go to the pile and she immediately started sniffing for the right one and abandoning quickly all the wrong ones. She hit on the right one and snatched it and ran back. Then she spit in on my shoes in her haste to get the treat. So, a little more work on precision needed, but we called that a good article session and walked away. She was so good on them I then worked a bit of signals and moving stand. What a girl! Love my little beagle girl~!

13th _Shelby is 13!

Shelby turned 13 today. She seems to be doing better than the other 'old', larger dogs here. 

The tracking test went off without a hiccup! All the tracklayers showed up on Saturday to plot their tracks and all showed up at appropriate times Sunday to put in their tracks. We had a full slate with 6 TDs and 3 TDXs and all entered competitors where there. The TDs were me and two beagles, a lady from MS, her daughter (13 years) and their longhaired daschunds and two men (unrelated) with Goldens. TDXs were a lady from central LA and her cattle dog (passed TD with us two years ago), Cheryl and Grace and a lady from MS and her mini poodle. 

Storm drew track SIX (argh!) and Spirit drew track four. At least we weren't back to back. There was a similar sentiment from the mother of the daschunds as she drew track three and her daughter drew five. I was armed with my camera and got some good shots of just about every dog tracking. Of course, when Spirit tracked there was no one to return the favor as Cheryl was still helping her person down the TD track she laid.

Spirit got to the start flag and acted like she had NO IDEA what game we were playing. She ate grass sniffed the interesting ranch smells, but wasn't tracking. How discouraging! I got her to move forward some down the track encouraging her all the way to find the person smell. She eventually started tracking some. When she was tracking it was pretty obvious. Then there were the times she was just investigating things. She'd track and then be like "WHOA... what is that over there? Must go investigate." Followed by me saying "LEAVE IT" if she took a long time investigating. Followed by a tracking dog again. There was even on instance of picking up cow pucky and carrying it for a bit as I hollered "OUT". Luckily she did drop it on command. It was not a pretty track as a whole, but had moments of brilliance.  She was even making the turns after much thought and searching. She got to a point where I knew she must be close to the end. Then the dread whistle blew. The one that lets you know your dog is hopelessly off track. Spirit missed the last turn. When they backed us up to it I could actually see the glove. It was a very short last leg. DARN IT ALL! It was an open turn. (less than 90 degrees) Most dogs do well on open turns, I've noticed Spirit misses them almost every time. We see what we'll be working until we can get back to a test again in the fall.

Storm seemed to be starting fairly well. I never thought she'd struggle at all on a track. She hasn't since that one time I pushed her a bit past her ability and I helped her recover. She's been spot-on since then. It seemed that all the 'other' ranch smells were overwhelming to her. She struggled at the first turn a bit after indicating she knew it was there (to the right). She took awhile to commit to exactly where it was. Then she indicated another right turn a couple of times. She has a tendency to indicate or even turn a bit early and then correct as she goes. I was certain we'd be going right very soon. Then she never committed to when the turn was and kept going straight. I could tell she wasn't sure at all, but I had no idea what to do to help her since she's never unsure these days. And we have very little tracking time together to get to know each other. She got whistled after a long straight walk. As I thought, the track turned right about the place she indicated it would.

So, the tracking test didn't go well for me. *sigh* Nor, for many other people. We had two TD passes. One I don't count as heavily since it was a dog already in possession of a TD title that was there for practice. The other was the young lady and her daschund. 

The TDX draw was almost an hour later than we thought it might be. Cheryl and Grace drew track three. Both dogs ahead of her flunked fairly early in their tracks, so hers wasn't aged to oblivion at least. Grace made a great show of tracking! She flunked for taking the cross tracks over the older track she should've stayed on. I know what Cheryl and I will be focusing on for Grace before the fall tracking tests! After they got Grace back on she did really well and ignored the cross tracks the second time by and found all her articles. I got a couple of shots of her tracking too!

I was tired from two days on the ranch when I got home, but it's a good kind of tired. I got the Expedition back into 'dog mover' mode for the most part. Still a couple of crates to put back in before I take off Friday for agility. Kamikaze was not happy she spent two days in a kennel run outside. I couldn't have her running loose with everyone and ruining her spay incision. She seems to be doing fine now and is spunky as ever again. She's irritated by the stubble growing on her belly though. It either itches or scratches on her inner thighs when she lays down. She's licking the stubble a bunch now, but not really the incision.  


Yesterday I washed up all the doggie coats to put away for the spring/summer. So now I'm certain we'll have one more cold snap. On the heels of that I pulled out the lawn mower for the first time this season. I was starting to lose beagles in the grass out back. But it's just been too wet to run the mower.

Cheryl made it home safely from Oklahoma. I spent today turning the Expedition into a people mover instead of a dog mover. I am on Cheryl's schedule to move judges and tracklayers around tomorrow morning as they plot the TDX tracks. A people mover... hrmmm. Most of us agility people have the minivan or SUV that seats two humans and 5-8 dogs. So, out came crate number 3, 4 and 5 and up came second row seats. WOW! Those seats are pristine! I covered them with a sheet. This is a tracking test, so I don't expect nice clean people. It didn't take nearly as long as I though since crates 1 and 2 can stay in with the second row seats up. I now have a vehicle that can move 4 people besides myself and still carry the beagles easily on Sunday for the test.


For all you non-Louisiana people, Mardi Gras was Tuseday , the 8th. That always makes for craziness in south Louisiana. These people party like there's no tomorrow, go to parades, and miss work. The kids even get out of school Monday and Tuesday. Messes up my whole week.

I FINALLY got a call back from the electric company. I contacted them almost a week ago to inquire about the rules of fencing and such around/near the power lines that run by the road. That would be the best place to fence for Windy, the horse, if I take her. This is info I need to know to help determine my answer on her. The initial call back said fifty feet off power lines. DRAT! That's where the wooden fence is and the area I need to/want to fence is in front of that. So I made my plea, " Even for livestock fence? I see cows and horses under power lines all the time." The linesman said he'd check with the supervisor and let me know. Amazingly, 30 minutes later he called back and said "YES, livestock is OK. We need a 10 foot gate for access." Yippie! He's even writing up an incident report to file in their files for our address so they'll know when they send someone out that there will be livestock. Now, what kind of fence and how much will it cost? An estimate on having materials for white vinyl split rail drop shipped is almost 2ooo dollars and we still have to do all the work and buy concrete. There's white poly coated electric wire that could be made to look OK. Then there's real wood rail fence. The rails would run about 500 dollars, then we'd need concrete and posts and a gate. It would still be us doing the work, but somehow I think it would be cheaper and still look nice. I had a horse person accompany me to Tractor Supply in Monroe last weekend to point out what I'd need. I think basic setup supplies will run 250 dollars. 

Cheryl is supposed to be home tomorrow afternoon. Just in time to do this tracking stuff. I did take care of ordering a Port-a Pot to be put on the farm for this weekend. First time I've had to order a toilet! I bought most of the articles and donated them too. The one thing that usually runs the most is the end glove that is leather. I found last year that Dollar General gets in a box of cowhide gloves with their garden stuff every year. I had to hit a couple to find enough pairs. They are only 2 dollars a pair (one dollar per track). Can't beat that. But now, this time of year anytime I go in a Dollar General I cannot pass up the cowhide gloves if they have any in stock. I think we have enough for maybe the next two years of tracking test now!

Rich took off this morning to go to Arkansas and do a two day backpacking trek with his brother. So it's just me and the dogs until Sunday night. Kamikaze's about back to her old self.


Kamikaze's spay went fine. She's glued shut. The vet had a meeting with me when I picked her up. He's retiring. Like now. He's got a young guy buying him out. I feel like I've been smashed in the gut. UGH! I've been with the same vet for over 10, maybe somewhere around 14 years. We're friends. We trust each other. I've broken him in to not treat me like some stupid owner. I hate this. I knew it was coming one day in the not too distant future, but not ready for it.


Agility this weekend was a mixed bag. Friday started out with me calling Kamikaze off the correct end of the tunnel right near the end of Standard. ARGH! Xanadu had a bunch of fun in Standard with an off course or two and flying Aframe (oops). Lego was a pretty good boy. Storm ended up my Standard runs with a Q! Jumpers was just perfect! Literally! All the dogs I ran Q'd in Jumpers. Xan's run was quite a bit pokey, but at least she trotted enough to just make time. Lego got her MXJ with that Q and Storm pulled out QQ #10! Woo Hoo! And her owner got to watch it all from the stands too! Have way there on QQs, but a bit behind on points.


Saturday jumpers didn't go as well. Somehow Kamikaze missed the weave entrance. I even shaped it into a nice straight on giving her several strides to gage herself. Spirit, who didn't run Friday and was most upset about that, had WAY too much fun in jumpers. I was laughing at her by the end of the run. Lego had the weave pole demon, I think. Storm, however, got a Q and was pretty darn fast for her. In Standard Kamikaze took an off course I didn't even think would be an issue. Competitors watching say I leaned over towards her as I called her. If that's so, then shame on me. (again!) Lego wasn't too bad. Spirit missed a Q by running by the next to last jump. That wasn't an issue that ever occurred to me, so I wasn't there to manage it either. God 'ole Storm pulled out another QQ though for #11. I am noticing a trend with her. She does very well in jumpers if it is first thing, but struggles to make time if it is the last thing. After she finishes her QQ quota I may run her only in Standard on days when jumpers is last. Not sure it's worth the 10-12 dollars for maybe one more MACH point.

Sunday started with Standard. I neglected to tell Kamikaze clearly that she shouldn't extend over the double and she was unable to make the 90 degree turn to the Aframe in time. Lego made that turn, barely, but I didn't trust him to weave off the dogwalk and put him in handler focus. Then he never looked for the weaves. Xanadu ran the course with wild abandon. Blazin' beagle that played "Underdog" off both the dogwalk and Aframe. OK, well I was thrilled with the enthusiasm anyway. She did it with such joy. Spirit missed a Q for running by a jump again. Storm pulled out another Q in standard. She has a perfect weekend on the line now. Just before walking jumpers there was an emotional disturbing and concentration blowing event for me. I'm not sure how, since I only walked the course twice for big dogs, but Kamikaze and I pulled out a second place Q (24"). Lego was all over the course, as was Spirit. Xanadu had a fabulous run (and I mean run!) up until an off course into the wrong end of a tunnel at the end. She never knew she was wrong and I was absolutely thrilled with her. She's been walking jumpers courses for the last month. It appears to be a handler induced stress issue. Storm apparently doesn't handle me stressed out well. She got a refusal at the weaves for sniffing around too much.

Then on the way home I found out poor Cheryl had been summoned to Oklahoma. Her mother took a fall last week and fractured a vertebrae. Her sister called her to 'come home'. She doesn't know when she'll be back, and she's the brains behind the tracking test next weekend (as well as being entered with Grace).  Oh, and both Storm and Spirit made it in the tracking test!

Taking Kamikaze in to get Spayed tomorrow.


Wow! where do the months go so fast? How can it be March already?

Misty walked out of her crate yesterday morning. She doesn't appear to be much more wobbly than before the last seizure. I have set up the half bath for her to be the safe room when we leave her inside with other dogs now. There is a pillow, a bowl of water and a door mat to cover most of the slick floor. Another one would be nice. She isn't happy being left there, but all she does is sleep when we leave anyway. I am noticing that she is a bit weaker in the rear than she was before. I found her spread eagle on the living room floor this evening trying to get her feet under her. It's so sad. She was such an active and healthy thing up until 3 years ago.

Xanadu seems to be feeling much better now. She's her perky, annoying little sister again. I still have loading and unloading to do to get ready to head to Monroe on Friday. Three days of AKC agility with 5 dogs. Then Kamikaze's spay surgery is scheduled for Monday.

I went out yesterday to the dollar stores to buy tracking articles for the tracking test in two weeks. I think all we need now is one more pair of cheap gloves for end articles. The Dollar General out by my house had only one pair. I'll check some others around town as I do my other errands this week.