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Kamikaze, Sparkle and Lego were entered in an agility show just up the road a ways this weekend. We had a good time. Pictures are here

The day started for me with Kamikaze in Open Fast. We had a good, but wild run. We would've Q'd I think If the handler could stay on the right side of the line! Excellent Jumpers was next for me with Lego and Kamikaze. Both ran well but no Q. Lego had some really nice handling between some brain disorder moments. Kamikaze hit the first bar because I set her up too close. So when we got to the weaves and she actually did them, we raced to the exit for treats. Open Standard was next. Lego had a run that was filled with brain disorders to the point that he got hauled off about half way through. Kamikaze was OK, at least we did weaves again. Sparkle did the whole Novice Standard course, but walked it and only went half way up the Aframe and then came back down. She did the teeter, but crawled the whole way.

We started with Kamikaze in Open Fast again. I kept me feet on the right side of the line and even though I felt like it was a horrible handling job, we still pulled out a Q for our Open Fast title.

Then it was Lego and Kazee in Excellent Jumpers. I didn't gear her down well enough to avoid the purposefully placed dummy jump and she didn't slow herself down to hit the weave entrance. At least when she had her body under control she hit the weaves (about pole 3 or 4) and did them with purpose. It was a very nice run overall. Lego had a pretty nice run as well. I called him to hard to avoid the dummy jump and he called off the one in front of it. Then he got distracted in that corner since I messed up and he was stopped and there was down feathers off the pigeons in the corner. The good news is I got his head again and he had a beautifully closing. Open Standard didn't go as well for Lego. The dogwalk was close the edge of the  ring. I had seen two terriers bale off the side of the down ramp to go ram their noses into a great smell at the edge of the ring. I wasn't feeling to good about Lego's chances after that. Sure enough, he did the same thing as the terriers and got himself hauled off for refusing to return to work. Sparkle completely gave me the finger in Novice Standard.

The show started with Excellent Standard so I had a bit of free time in the morning. Then it came time for Excellent Jumpers. Lego actually handled like a dream, but for some reason thought actually taking the jumps in his path was optionally. He went everywhere I wanted, but ran past a lot of jumps. Very strange. I think it started with me leaving him for a two jump lead out and then sprinting off when I released him. Maybe I put him in chase mode and it was faster to catch me without the jumps. Then I think he was just fired up. Kamikaze had a just gorgeous run, but for some reason after hitting the weave pole entrance with determination she caught a whiff of something at pole 10 and missed the last poles with her nose on the ground. At least she hit them happily. I even managed to gear her down for the tight turn very well. I need to watch that video several times and learn just how I did that correctly. Open Standard was next. The dogwalk was in the same place as yesterday, but this time I hammered verbally on Lego as he crossed it and I kept him on the agility equipment. I still ended up having to walk him off for being so distracted with smells at a different point though. Kamikaze had a really nice Open run. The only fault was, predictably, the off course Aframe instead of the weaves right next to the Aframe. She came back to me and I got her turned to the weaves and she did them successfully. So that's our second Open Standard leg with a first place and a 95.

Rich showed up to visit during my break waiting on Novice. I'd told him if he came to bring Misty along. There was a great photographer there and we're trying to get portraits of all the dogs on the wall by the end of the year. I had him do a portrait of Lego and Sparkle Saturday after the show with a yellow blanket background. Rich had an old tye-died comforter in the truck to protect his seats and Cheryl had a nice green blanket with geometric designs. We got a portrait of Misty on the green blanket and a picture of all four hounds on the comforter. I can't wait to get the pictures back. They were great. I also had him take candids of Xanadu at the practice jump. So now I'll have a jump picture of her to put with everyone else's jump pictures. When the pics get up on his website I'll post a link. Since Rich was there as we started walking Novice Standard I ask him if he wanted to try his hand at running Sparkle. He seemed a bit hesitant. "She didn't run at all for me yesterday. You can't do any worse.", I said. "I'll go walk it with you. It's not hard. It's Novice." He decided it might be fun to try. So, Rich made his handling debut with Sparkle in Novice Standard. It went amazingly well. She RAN for him. I mean picked up her feet and hauled it. She had no hesitation at the AFrame or dogwalk and only one thought at the teeter. She did the teeter so fast it banged. When she got distracted and ran off she always raced back to him. I always had a suspicion that she'd run much better for her daddy. She's always been a daddy girl.

Cheryl and Bernie got their Open Fast title too this weekend. He also had a good weekend weave pole-wise. Grace had a passing Send in fast and enough points on Saturday to Q but didn't quite make it over the finish jump in time to pass. Grace also had a great jumpers run Sunday. She'd have Q'd there if she'd have gotten all the weaves done. We're just glad the light bulb is starting to glow about those pole things.


I laid Kamikaze and Xanadu tracks today. Xanadu started with 10 minute old one turn track. She started great and followed all the way to the turn. She even indicated the direction of the turn and then just quit. Hrmm... I guess I made it a bit longer than she was used to. I encouraged her to keep on and took a couple of steps in the right direction. She finally put her nose back down and track to the glove. There were actually treats in the glove so there was an instant reward for overcoming the desire to quit. I laid her out another one turn one, a bit shorter this time and put her in the house to eat. Everyone got fed but Kamikaze. She was still waiting on her track to age 30 minutes. As everyone was munching I took Kazee out to her track. It was almost TD length and had 3 turns. I was determined to squelch the non-working dancing game she places without killing her desire to track. When she started correctly and then wagged of to the side I popped her harness. "NO MAM! Get back to work." She immediately pulled back on the track and drug me down the leg. I was glad of that because now I was able to verbally praise immediately for working. At the first turn I got the head up circle trots. "NO MAM!" She once again put her nose done and got to the turn and off we went. She tried a little messing around at turn two, but after another correction she was spot on the rest of the track. Even took the third turn without any hesitation. I am now having to start playing around some with corrections that I've avoided doing during the learning phases. I didn't want it to be NO fun at all, but now she knows most of the games and is having a bit too much fun. I took Kazee in and fed her and got Xanadu back out for another try at a one turn track. She was much better this time at the turn. When she decided on the right way she went. She even remembered to lay on the glove this time. She got some left over popcorn shrimp for her efforts this time.

I also rejoined conformation class for a month or so. Kamikaze and Xanadu have a show at the end of April and it's been months since we worked on 'pretty' dog stuff. Both of them did very well. I was extremely pleased. I am still struggling with how to stack Xanadu just right on the table. Every time I do it she looks wrong to me (as a whole package). I seem to get the rear too close or too far. I haven't found that sweet spot for her rear yet. Thank goodness she knows how to stack herself just fine on the ground. I even got the teacher to do a Novice obedience stand for exam with Xanadu and she did perfect. I am entering her in Advanced Rally in April at the conformation show. All I need to practice that she's never done is that durn offset figure eight. That may be her downfall if it's out there.


I met up with Cheryl this morning for some agility practice. We had a three day show here close by this weekend. Everyone did very well. Including Lego. It only took him three restarts to get the whole jumpers course that was set up. The two other starts weren't run-offs, but we had an error of his brain short circuiting. Josie was there mostly to practice contacts as was Sparkle. Sparkle's entered in Standard all three days coming up. I just really want to get that NA out of the way so she can be a versatile companion dog. Then I won't ask her to do agility if she prefers to stay home.

The rest of the weekend was mostly just being a bum. Although we did get the motor home sink replaced so it should be ready for a spin next month.

19th- Happy Birthday to me

I went through the toy bucket and pulled out about 50 unused toys and loaded them in a box. Then I stopped at the store on the store on the way to obedience class and bought some bite sized brownies and cupcakes and some balloons and stupid little party hats. I got to class a bit early and setup my impromptu birthday party for myself. All dogs that came out to obedience class got to pick a toy and all humans could have a snack in honor of my birthday. I even made Kamikaze were a stupid hat for about 30 minutes. It was cute, but I'm sure she didn't appreciate it. Cheryl ended up bringing some brownies too and a gift for me :)

Xanadu was a bit pokey on heeling. Since we got there so early she'd been snoozing in her crate and I just grabbed her out and went straight into heeling. Not the best option for her. I was very proud of her stays though. That's been my main focus recently as it's her last obstacle to entering an obedience show. She did a whole one minute sit in the line of dogs with me at proper distance. Then the teacher had us single file weave around all the dogs. Xanadu stayed put even with people weaving around her! I gave her a treat as I weaved by. THe down was kind of interesting. As I said stay and took the first step she stood up. I pushed her shoulders down and walked on. She stayed down for the whole exercise after that. That included more weaving by people. She even stayed when the dogs on each side of her didn't and got corrected! I am wondering about the stand thing. I must have looked like I was giving a sit or stand signal when I did my stay hand. I need to try the leave on the down with her and pay attention to what my hand says as I walk off. Since the stay was solid after the one mis-understanding I am assuming it was me. I can fix me I think. After class I got a couple of men (one slightly bigger than she's used to, and one she knows) to do stand for exams with her. She was solid as a rock for that too. Her only problem is still understanding to stand on her own without a bit of help from me. I know help is allowed, but I'd love to get the stand through her head.

Kamikaze did heeling with the competition class. Most excellent she was! Then on the figure eight heel (off leash) she was so good all anyone could say was "WOW" and "Too bad this wasn't a competition". Her drop was really nice tonight too. We didn't do retrieves, but we did do the broad jump. Not a bad performance there either.

There are now a couple of videos on youtube of Kamikaze and Xanadu playing chase.


I didn't feel much like agility class tonight, but I loaded up Kamikaze, Sparkle and Xanadu and went anyway. I got there just a little early and tried to send Sparkle over the teeter. She tried walking by, so I loaded her in the car again and got Xanadu out. We practiced table, teeter, dog walk and Aframe (3/4 height). Then I got Kamikaze out and practiced the 90 degree, off side, off a jump weave entrance that blew us both up last weekend. First time she kinda started weaving and then blasted out of them in the middle. At least this is similar to what I get sometimes in the shows. I stood rooted to the spot and said "NO MAM!" I have avoided any negative words at the weaves to this point, but I thinking now she's just being a twit. It worked wonders for her too. She turned around where she was and did the weaves (backwards). I rewarded her for returning to the obstacle she blew off and we tried again. A much more focused weaver this time. Very nice. Then we tried an entrance off the teeter. She raced off the end of the teeter and no more tried to turn to the weaves than anything. She was just running around. Another sharp voice correction brought her back and we tried again with a nice successful weave off the teeter. Then it was time for class.

Kamikaze did very well on the 13 jump sequence when mom didn't screw the handling up. She still has moments of 'coasting' (running , but not focused) that bug me. I'm hoping more age and experience will help this. I even added the weaves at the end of the sequence for her and she nailed them again. We changed up the numbers to try a different sequence that I thought was much easier to handle. Kazee nailed it again when I handled well. There were mostly front crosses and I got there for all of them AND she read them correctly too! I even added a front cross to the weaves. Since it was jumps and a tunnel I ask to let Xanadu run parts of it with the little dogs. I had every plan to treat her after 6 or so obstacles and see how the focus was. That little devil ended up running 10 or so obstacles of it before I treated her because she was so focused and fast. Then she was able to re-focus and finish after the treat. WOW! She did so good for her first time trying more than 5 obstacles. She read all the front crosses and even an ugly rear cross that I did since I ended up handling one part badly. She even adjusted her stride on the tight part and made a concerted effort to take at least one jump that she was off to one side of a bit. She ran it perfectly while some other experienced dogs struggled.

I got Sparkle out after class and tried teeters again with the tuna in my possession. She was much better then. I don't know how to convince her to do a teeter for the tuna if it's in the car. She doesn't seem to understand anything but immediate reward.

You can see pictures from our not so successful agility weekend here.

15th-Happy Birthday Jedi and Bandit

We now have 5 dogs ten and older since we celebrate Jedi and Bandit's 10th birthday today. That's not a pleasant thought.

I didn't get much sleep as Josie was sick throwing up all night. I drug myself out of bed at the alarm to trek out to the country for the tracking test. I really didn't want the last track with Kamikaze or Lego. Cheryl got a great draw as the first track with Grace. They started the test out with a bang as she passed easily. YEAH for Grace! As the draw turned out I got the LAST track with Kamikaze after all. It didn't end up being to bad since the two dogs in front of us flunked on the first or second leg our track wasn't too old. She started fairly well. Worked out the first turn and when we got to the second turn she indicated she knew where the track went. But then she started lurching and bouncing in the harness like a crazy dog. I have never seen her look for critters during a track, but I am thinking that's what it must look like. She was doing all she could to drag me towards the brush line. I couldn't settle her back down to track so we flunked. The judges and tracklayer saw the critter race into the brush. We're not sure, but it appears it was a skunk. I guess I should be grateful we didn't find it.

Lego got a great draw as the first track. I was thrilled with that and the field it was in. It was just not to be my weekend though. There was a loose rooster on the walk to the field that cackled at Lego. He went nuts trying to lunge over and kill it. Great! I drug him in the field and tried to get him focused on tracking again. I thought we had a chance as he approached the start. Too bad it started next to the chicken coop. One cackle from them in their sent him over the edge. More fussing and hollering at him and he seemed like he might settle in. NOPE! the loose rooster had followed us in the field and was cackling and strutting around behind the start flag. I could never get him started. BUMMER. After the judges flunked us, the track layer and I went on up the track away from the chickens and got Lego started tracking. He did very well including stopping at all the articles and ignoring the cross tracks altogether. He struggled at a couple of the turns, so we probably wouldn't have passed anyway. I was pleased with his effort once the rooster situation was erased form his brain.



I had an icky, rainy drive home this afternoon to go with my most disappointed mood. Friday started OK with a wild and wooly Open fast run with Kamikaze. She had a great time and got the Q in 23 seconds no less. Guess I could've stayed and played for more points, but I was just wanting fun and happy. Then it was time for Excellent Jumpers. She had a nice run and did 8 or so weaves. So close, but thrilled she weaved. Lego's run was not bad. One minor brain lapse, but then a very responsive dog. So much so I accidentally pulled him past a couple of jumps. Open Standard wasn't as nice, but still not bad for either of them. And, Kazee got all the weaves the first try. I went to the hotel Friday night with high hopes.

I got a pretty decent night's sleep and took off for the show Sat. morning feeling good. I sat around for several hours waiting on Excellent Standard to finish. The Excellent Jumpers course looked fun and not jerky at all. Lego avoided ALL the off course traps out there, but took two times to weave. A very, very nice run. Kamikaze took the first off course trap, as did many others. We went on and at the weaves I managed to be on the wrong side and I just froze. No command, no movement. Can you imagine why she didn't weave? I just went on. She went a bit crazy. Open Standard was next. Lego had the best run he's had in years including hitting the weaves on the first try. Unfortunately I had a bad handler move to get a refusal at the Aframe and then he blasted past the jump after it once I got him going again. It was so close to a Q! WOW. Too bad Kamikaze ruined my mood by turning into a complete blonde youngster. She had a GRAND time, but we weren't running as a team for sure. She didn't even try to weave either. By the time I got her collected to leave we were getting a standing ovation from the crowd. She just looked like she was having so much fun that everyone enjoyed her run. Those there will never forget it.

At least when I got home my portraits of Jedi and Josie had come in.

13th-Happy Birthday Shelby

I can't believe Shelby is 11!


I got to teach half a beginner agility class last night. An un-forecasted rain storm cut it short.

Today I donated blood and got the oil changed in the vehicle so I can motor to Mobile, AL in the morning to run agility for a couple of days before the tracking test Sunday here in town. I did a quick obedience session with Kamikaze and Xanadu since I won't be out at class tonight due to the early morning alarm. Xanadu did off lead heeling, the stand and a recall. She still struggles to sit for her whole one minute stay. She thinks it should be a recall. Recall dispense the best treats. I do my best to cross my arms and cock my hip on the stay to signal we're here for the long haul. She'll catch on. I did get a one minute sit on the third or fourth try and then a two minute down. She was looking restless so I returned for a successful experience. I'll work on lengthening a little at a time. Kamikaze only practiced stays. The bane of her obedience career right now. I got the three minute out of sight sit the first try with me in the house. We even managed our five minute out of sight down the first try ( a first that there was no crawling). She did roll her hips at least 5 times during the down though. I'd like her to be comfortable enough with the time to just chill. Hopefully some experience and age will help.


I skipped agility class tonight. After weed eating around the electric wire all around the fence perimeter and then mowing I was tired. Didn't figure I need to shove turns at Kamikaze again just yet. Letting her stew on some of the recent stuff.

But, daylight savings time means more daylight after all that for dog training. :)  So, this evening I set up my two obedience ring gates and the two obedience jumps. I took Nikita out and did heeling and signals. She FINALLY did the signals right the first try. No anticipation flunk and no hovering elbows. Then I worked on go-outs. She did those right the first try to. Actually owning these ring gates has helped her understanding of the task. Then to the directed jumping. First try, no jump, just an immediate front. Second try, she did the jump. Third try she did the SAME jump instead of the one I was indicating. OK, so we're back to here again. Been here before. She ignores the signals and does whatever jump she wants. It took a few tries to get her over the high jump. Then she would only take that one. Oh, well. I gave large step indications for her the next time and we called it a training session finished. 

Kamikaze came out to try the same exercises. She's just learning signals. Still fuzzy on the sit and come signals. She did nice heeling and even stood on the last halt with the stand signal. I only went out like 10-15 feet. She nailed the down and needed verbal help and a couple of tries on the sit and come. I tried the go-out from just between the jumps. Had to remind her what I wanted then it clicked. We progressed back to the required 40 foot go-out. NO problem. The sit after the go-out is certainly not there yet. I did go sit her out there a couple of times and try the directed jumping for the first time with her. She need me to move towards the proper jump a good amount as well as the arm signal to get her over. At least she actually likes jumping.



I was reminded at our show a week or so ago that I should haul my weaves to new and different places. So, this afternoon I loaded them and a tunnel and Kamikaze and Lego up and went hunting for an open lot. I picked one fairly close to home (5 miles or less) across from the Urgent Care Clinic. I set up the tunnel at one end of the weaves. The only worrisome part of my lot choice was the fairly close proximity to a major road. I wasn't really too worried about Kazee, but Lego is a whole other story. I did some Lego work first with the 6 foot lead securely in my grasp. He weaved a couple of times and I put him up for a turn with Kazee. She had NO avoidance issues at all. In some sense that's almost depressing. At least if she showed some avoidance there I could feel good about working through it. I did some entrances coming out of the tunnel and some weaving straight at the tunnel entrance. She nailed almost everything. She struggled some on entering from the left side out of the tunnel. She'd hit the second pole and weave fine. She doesn't have the self control to pull herself far enough in to hit the entrance. I added a front cross at the end of the tunnel to help shape the entrance. That did the trick for her. I put her up and tried Lego again. I took a deep breath and dropped the leash. He did tunnel and weave dragging the leash. One more deep breath and I took the leash off and showed him the steak in my hand. He did the weaves to the tunnel and the tunnel to the weaves perfectly. I shoved steak in him and put the leash back on. A bit scary, but a nice feeling for success.


Xanadu, Kamikaze, Cheryl, Grace and I motored to Ft. Worth yesterday. We took Cheryl's car. It was a tight fit, but it gets better gas mileage than the monster Expedition. This morning was the draw for tracks. I got the second track, so I was happy it would still be fairly early and not too hot. We watched the first dog struggle some at the first turn. Then he nailed the rest of the track pretty well. When they showed me where Kazee's track started I was a bit unnerved. It was in the same field, the minimum distance from the first track. She started so well. I was very proud of the start since we've struggled with starts. Then when we made it to the first turn she began her usual search. She never turns right on the turn. She usually cuts early or overshoots and then hunts. I was thinking left since track one was to the right, but then I see MORE start flags to the left. Another track smushed into this field? That seems obscene! I can't even began to determine the distance between our current position and the first track. It looks like there could be room. I, of course, have no idea about the unused track. I held my ground and Kazee searched and searched. Mostly to the left with a couple of casts to the right. She pulled me left definitively and I went. Then we got the whistle. It went right and they didn't want us getting to far off and fouling the third track. BUMMER! I reeled her in to where I was standing and waited on the tracklayer. I know I am standing close to the turn. We were about 5-10 feet to far, no surprise there. When I set Kazee back on it she did OK. She tried cutting all the turns with the wind blowing the scent to her mostly. She drug me down the last leg and found her glove and I took her to the car for her treats. Maybe next weekend.

Grace and Cheryl got to run the alternate track at the end of the test since it wasn't needed. It was one of the ugliest TD tracks I've seen. On land that was sloping towards a lake with a building on the other side. Grace was a CHAMP though. She made it all the way to the last turn. The wind was blowing the wrong way and towards the downhill slope and towards the water AND a guy was casting from a boat right at the shore towards Grace. She chose the wrong way and couldn't recover. SERIOUS BUMMER!  So darn close. We packed up and were out of Ft. Worth by around noon.  We both have next weekend to try again here in town. 


Xanadu is NINE months old today! Where does the time go? We went out to the obedience parking lot even though classes don't officially restart for a couple of weeks. There were many club members out there working with their dogs. Cheryl brought her broad jump and a high jump. She also toted out one set of two weaves. As soon as Xanadu saw them, she kew exactly what to do for the treats. That's three different places now where she's recognized those poles. Sparkle did heeling in the group heel. Then she practiced the rest of the Open exercises (except the stays) She did them all passable the first try. I was very pleased with that. Then Kamikaze got a go at some heeling and then the rest of Open exercises. She was better than she's been recently. Well, more precise anyway. Xanadu did a little heeling. I've finally figured out a stride that works for her. I have a hard time not striding out like she's a Siberian, or at least a big beagle. She did MUCH nicer heeling now that I've chopped my stride down some. I got Cheryl to help me find a good pace for the fast with Xanadu by watching us and giving input. I think we've about figured that pace out too. Xan also did a stand for exam just like in the ring for someone she doesn't know well and she nailed it. She's doing so well, I really must put in the time to work on her stays!

Saturday morning Cheryl and I are off to Ft. Worth for Kamiakze's first try at that basic tracking title. Cheryl's Grace is first alternate so we're hoping she'll get a go too. 


I skipped agility class last night. I didn't feel like going and I didn't think Kamikaze needed anymore agility drilled at her just yet. I did take her, Sparkle, and Xanadu with me tonight to the beginner class I teach. I got there early and tried Sparkle on the teeter. She refused and started sniffing so I picked her up and put her in the car. Next was Xanadu. She did a jump, Aframe, jump , teeter sequence. Then we tried a jump to a dogwalk. She ran past the dogwalk to sniff so she got picked up and put in the car. Kamikaze I took to the far end of the field. I stood close to the weave poles, but didn't say anything. She did Aframe, table, jump. Then she focused on the weave poles. "YES" I gave her some chicken. Then I stood there some more. She went towards them and entered them, then popped at pole 4 like in the show. I said nothing, but didn't move. She tried some other obstacles and came back to the weaves. She then did them ALL with decent speed. LOTS OF CHICKEN and praise. After that she'd go right in and do the weaves anytime my body posture said to. Lots of grilled chicken. Then she went up and I let Sparkle try again. She did the teeter this time, although slowly. Chicken for her too! Then I put her up to start class. I thought class went well. Xanadu got a chance to demo how I train the table. TOO CUTE! She did exactly what I said she'd do to. She also volunteered to enter the weaves while I was talking, so chicken for that too.

Kamikaze has also decided that it's time to blow all her undercoat out. There's white fluff everywhere. I guess that's kind of a good thing considering the temperatures in Ft. Worth this weekend are going to be up in the 70s. I hope it helps keep her cooler for the tracking. Maybe we'll be lucky and draw an early morning track.


Kamikaze and I got in to tracking test for this weekend and the next. I'm really hoping for a Versatile Companion Dog here soon. We'll be headed to Ft. Worth Saturday morning. Cheryl is coming along with Grace, who is the first alternate at the test. We're hoping for her to get a chance to track too. With that said, today all I did dog-wise was do a quick one turn track with Kazee to see if we can improve her starts. She did better today than in the past. 

I have been convinced to join Facebook as well. A fellow competitor last weekend invited me and then harassed me to try it. I am amazed at how fast people found me and ask me to be their friend. I kinda browsed through the people from my high school. WOW! Many of the old gang have a Facebook presence now. Some have even posted old high school photos with me in them. So, I guess I've been floating around on Facebook without my knowledge! Never fear, I have lots of high school photos that I can scan in too :)


We finished up our USDAA trial fairly early today. I loaded up all the club's stuff to bring back home. I will try and get it all emptied out of the Expedition tomorrow. Overall it was kind of a disappointing trial. It surely doesn't help you be a better or more relaxed handler when you're in charge of things at the show. Kamikaze completely and utterly refused to even look at the weaves much less attempt them in any run. I was afraid of that after our incidents in Pensacola last weekend. It was very disappointing anyway. Every course had weaves except Snooker and Jumpers (of course). Snooker we were on course to Q and I lost my place and she took the obstacle my body said to take. Dang bad luck! She did, however have a very nice showing in Advanced Jumpers for her first Advanced Q. 

Jedi had some very nice runs this weekend, and didn't play the can't lay on the table game quite so bad as last weekend. He managed another unneeded Super Q in Snooker, AND it was his 15th Q for his Snooker Champion Bronze title! Josie played flying squirrel off the dogwalk end almost every time, and she used the table as a springboard before she'd turn around and hop on it for real. She made a decent effort at the gamble though.