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So I brought Codex home a toy from the show. This is how it looks today.

Not sure how much help he had in this, but you see why soft toys aren't left unattended. 

OH.. and here's Ridge with his family. Hunkback there in the middle is Skeeter. He's the old man at the house. A 'found him'. Timber is Dad. They had a nice time overtaking a park on a drizzly day when all others stay away.


This weekend was an agility show just up the road in Amite. Before I talk about results I have some musings. There's something that seems to be common practice in the performance dog world that I just don't get. What's with people with puppies that they don't let touch the ground at a show? I don't mean the puppy isn't allowed on the just the dirt, I mean not even on concrete. BUT they are then seen setting their puppy in the same potty area all the dogs are using to let it potty. Why bring your puppy to the show if you think it's too young to have immunity? (At least I assume that's the reason for the behavior that puzzles me.) There is NO WAY you're going to keep the puppy away from germs there! They're handing puppy to people to hold who have been loving on their own dogs and their dogs dirty paws have marked their clothes. My thought is germs are gonna be the worst in the common potty area too. Even if puppy stayed home they have other dogs at the show walking around and such that are then allowed to play with puppy at home. I have to wonder if these people have any idea how vaccines and normal puppy immunity work.
Sprigs got QQ #9. Kayak had two lovely runs, both with a minor oopsie. The beagles weren't entered this weekend and Kamikaze was only entered Sat. and Sun. Got home to find Rich's brother and family decided to drop by a day early. I had just enough time to shower and change to meet them for dinner. UGH!
Another red letter day in my career. I had a 100% Q rate! Kayak got his XF title and then all three dogs got QQs. Sprigs and I had some almost mishaps in Jumpers. This was one of very few courses that I thought was easier to run with a big dog that a little dog. A big dog stride made it less likely they would dart towards an off course because they landed past them of landed such as to make the off courses much less obvious. 
These runs also got Kayak his MXJ and Sprigs her MJB!
And one of all of us for our 100% Q rate :)

I drug along Xanadu and Lego to the show today. Lego came since the family visiting decided to hang out at the house some today. Lego doesn't DO strangers. Xanadu woke up acting like her back was really messed up, so I took her to keep an eye on. I did find the area of her back that seemed to be rotated some and massaged on it. Rich worked on it a little too when we got home. Once again a shower and a change of clothes and off to dinner with family. This is making the weekend a killer event.
The day started OK. Kamikaze and Kayak Q'd in Jumpers. Sprigs had a hound dog moment in the weaves and stopped weaving to investigate a smell. Kamikaze and Kayak them proceeded to NOT Q in Standard. Kayak and I did great until the Aframe. Then I turned sharply into him causing a 180. He missed the jump after the aframe because he turned so tightly. Darn dog, shame on him for doing what I say. Sprigs DID Q in Standard though.
There was a friend there with a nice camera. I asked her to do some portraits of Codex. He needs his portrait on the wall! We also got her to do Codex and his best buddy Kirk together. They came out great!


There was just the perfect wind today to hold open a chute. I pulled out my chute and worked with Codex some about understanding the chute. I started by throwing treats into the barrel for him to sneak in and get. Then I'd toss them just on to the fabric. He would stretch his neck to get them. He did finally get brave and step on the inside of the chute fabric. When the wind blew steady enough to hold it open I could get him to go through it, but he doesn't want the top falling and touching his head. We need more work on this. It's hard to do with only one person though.
Since Cork and Ridge both have gotten some paper this month, thought I'd update on Watson. He lives the life of a spoiled, indoor boy with his beagle brother, Schroder. He's topped out at a whooping 17-18 lbs. (about Xan's size) His mom and dad think he's adorable being tiny and cute.


So I've been training Codex on 2X2 weaves for about a month now. He seems to 'get it' with 6 poles here at home even when I moved the poles around. So today when I trudged out to the club's agility field to help clean up equipment I took Codex along to see how much understanding he really has. He is NOT ready for prime time. HA! He did manage to do 6 poles a couple of times, but he was slow and thinking and mucho distracted. I DID pull him out when the pressure washer was going and on a place out there he's never really been. So, I did expect some brain shorting, but it was worse than I thought. Part of his issue was the base on the poles. I train with stick in the ground poles, so there is no base. It hasn't been an issue with other dogs though. The good news is his teeter performance is sticking. No fear responses today. He even did three jumps in a pinwheel on to the teeter. I still think he is one of those dogs that needs to attend a class just for the class experience. He needs the noise, distractions and other dogs around to learn to work through it. Think I'll work on 'obstacles' for the next 6 weeks and then see about getting him in the second class. The one where they start sequencing.

Yesterday the dogs managed to kill a baby king snake. DANG! Why can't baby poisonous snakes wander in the yard? I keep the king snake around if I could

And for all you Cork fans... here's Cork doing his best to explain to his Mom what he wants. Reminds me of Xanadu.

19th - happy birthday to me

It's a big one too... 4 0. Rich was able to go back to work Monday, but spent all day yesterday on the couch with a stomach virus. So today I am trying hard not to get it. That kinda limited any fun for my birthday. We saw and movie and  had a small dinner later. This has been circulating facebook and I like the sentiment ...


Lego and I had a go at another TDX in Houston this weekend. We drew the last TDX of the day. Well, having seen the others it was the track I would've picked for us if I had knowledge ahead of time! It also turns out it was the track in which all the flags marking it disappeared between Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning when the track layer went to lay it. NOW, the track layer was experienced and walked the track based on yardage and land marks, but I have to wonder what other smells my dog is sorting while he's there. Lego never did pick the first leg up and commit. He sniffed LOTS of things, but never felt like a tracking dog. We did get the whistle and when they put him on track he aced it. Interestingly the end article (glove) was also missing when we got there. A strange experience indeed. 

So the highlight of my weekend was seeing a Weinermobile for the first time. Those things are HUGE!

I was also miffed I hadn't heard from Diane about the turtle. When I got home I checked the tracking number which said it was delivered Sat. I then felt the need to send her a message. So, it wasn't a surprise after all, but the only problem was she didn't check her mail all weekend. *sigh* There went my plotted fun. Ah well... it was a hit anyway!

And just for comparison here's Ridge standing next to dad. Look at the chest Ridge has and he IS taller now too.


I ran errands today that I was behind on. I stopped by PetsMart (since I was close anyway). I saw a toy I knew Ridge just had to have. See, Ridge has a turtle fetish going on right now. He picks turtle toys given options. See...

So there was this sea turtle in PetsMart. I bought it and then shipped it to him. I didn't tell Diane though. I wanted it to be a surprise. I know I'll get a call or a text when she opens it.


Rich's overnight hospital stay turned into TWO nights as the pain was still intense most of Monday and he got the pukes. We finally got him home around 4 today. We're not worried about him losing his pinky (where he was bit), but he may lose some tissue there eventually. Here's the snake that nailed him. I think consensus is that it's a copperhead.

Finger pictures...

Day 2 (Monday in hospital)                                                                    Day 3(Tuesday before heading home)


There was a close by agility show this weekend. It was indoors on turf and all the proceeds went to Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center. (thus you may notice lots of pink). My guys did well on Friday, but the most fun was running other people's dogs. As a part of the fundraiser the judge offered to donate $5 to the cause for any dog handled in Time 2 Beat by someone that was not the 'regular' handler. I ran Rosey's lab, Caboose and Tanya's Border Collie, Boost. Boost and I would've won if she'd have kept her feet up over bar #2!
Saturday was a red letter day! I came home with a 100% Q rate. I got three QQs at three different jump heights in ONE day. And that was a tough jumpers course. Maybe I should wear pink more often!?

Sunday brought me back to earth as I got NQs with all 4 dogs in Standard first thing in the morning. Then I checked my phone to see I had a text from Rich that he had been bitten by a snake and was on the way to the ER. ACK! I called him and he was in route. We decided there was no reason for me to rush to sit in the ER waiting room since he wasn't having any neurological response to the venom. I stayed and ran Jumpers and Q'd with all 4 guys. Spirit showed some good promise at 12" this weekend and earned herself the opportunity for more entries. I had help loading up to get home and check on Rich. He said he'd be stuck in ER at least several hours after the anti-venom was administered. On the way home he said they were keeping him overnight! YIKES


This crazy winter struck again! It decided we needed an all day 'wintry mix' in MARCH! Ok, so it didn't do anything ugly to roads, but it did it long enough to make the newly blossoming things look like this.

Poor Sprigs, I decided yesterday it was time to give her the spring/summer hair cut in time for the show this weekend. She's COLD.


Cheryl and I took a crew of dogs tracking yesterday. It was a nice day for it. Codex got to do some new surfaces (Astroturf and Rubber padding). His track went through the playground at a park. Across concrete paths, through a ditch and all. He did very well. Kamikaze came along and did an aged track around a pond and crossed her first rock bottom ditch. Cheryl laid Lego a short track to practice starts. He started fine, overshot a turn, worked his way back to the leg though.

Xanadu is feeling better today she's actually putting that leg down some now.

Codex sleeps in the craziest ways. It's clear his life is very stressful.