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Kamikaze decided today that she would actually drop on the first signal in Utility A. At least that's a better start. She did well up until the LAST go-out. She went all the way to the fence, turned and raced towards the jump (the correct one) and back to me. AAARRRGGHHH! That hurts worse than missing the drop signal. I need to work the stop at the end of the go-out more as she crept on all of them. Amazing as in practice I reward the stop EVERY TIME, so not sure what is next to make her stop out there.

Grace had another passing run in Graduate Novice! Bern checked his brain at the door today.


Kamikaze was still the first dog in the ring at 8am. Today's performance was much like yesterday's. She missed the drop again, but at least she did something in response to my signal rather than just staring at me like a dork. She sat, but didn't go down. I gave her the down again and she did it. Then the sit was great. She tried to anticipate the come though and was butt hovering when the judge told me to call her. So, I gave the sit signal again. She took a quick step because she just knew what was next. AHA! Gotcha! She stopped and dropped. Then was like "no, wait that's wrong too.. what did you say?" Then she popped into the sit. Finally when she was paying attention to herself again I gave the come signal. Today she got the first go-out just to go blonde on the second one and just run out and take the jump and come back.

Cheryl had a better run with Grace in Graduate Novice today. One in which the agility dog actually took the panel jump on the way to her. Then the broad jump was iffy. I was filming and the film shows a back foot dropping on top of a board and clunking it as she sailed over. The judge heard a clank and saw a dog flying and knocked points for a tick and not NQ for a step on the boards. So, Grace has her first REAL obedience Q ever! Bernie found his drop and lost his dumbbell skills.

Spirit had her first tracking lesson today after the rain while the grass was damp and the temps lower. Hard to tell how she's going to take to it yet, but at least eating chicken off the grass is fun. I also thought I'd be smart and create a situation where Kamikaze may flunk her drop signal. I took her out into the backyard in a low spot with very wet grass and standing water and left her in a stand and walked 30-40 feet away. I gave her the drop signal, and wouldn't you know it, she flopped in the wet grass in the puddle. Well, good dog, and treats, but man I wanted her to blow me off so I could fix her attitude.


Kamikaze was first dog in the ring this morning at 8am in Utility A. For having a dog that is just recovering from hormones, it wasn't bad at all. She missed the drop on the first signal, but got it together on the second try. (a flunk anyway) Then did pretty good articles. She invented a new way to get massive points off the glove retrieve without actually flunking it. It was glove #1. My usual problem for this glove is too much rotation where she ends up pointed at glove #2. I've been practicing the 1/4 turn a lot. For some reason, known only to Siberians, she didn't turn at ALL. Her butt and feet never moved, but she craned her neck around to keep it in heel. So I just gave her the command to get the glove and she wrap the rest of herself around me and got it. Then proceeded to fling it on my foot on the way to an automatic finish. Well, interesting anyway. Ended up with 11 points off for all that craziness. Stopped after only two steps on the moving stand. She did miss her first go-out by taking the high jump on the way and then just freezing as she hit the ground and realized that wasn't what she was supposed to do. Nailed he second go-out though. Straight as an arrow. Took two commands to get the sit though. She even took the jump I pointed at.

Cheryl and Grace took a whirl at Graduate Novice. She did very well until the agility dog didn't take the high jump on the way to mom. ARGH! Bernie had loads of fun in Open A too.

I got home to find Spirit's tracking harness arrived in the mail today! We had to have a fitting session.


Kamikaze and Spirit went out to work before obedience class. Kamikaze did well for having just come out of season. So, maybe this weekend won't be so bad after all. Spirit is doing better on her downs and we are practicing focus and one to two step heeling. Cheryl and I had our third beginner obedience class meeting tonight. I am very proud of how well most of the class is doing. At the end of class I gave them homework to teach their dog a trick this week. Kamikaze demonstrated 'spin' and 'twist' and I used her to show them how they could teach roll over. 


I took Spirit and Kamikaze, who now appears to be (gratefully) out of season, to the agility field tonight. I also took a road kill armadillo. Yes, a dead, hit by car, armadillo. He was fresh, so not stinky, and he was double bagged. He was a gift for an agility person who has a side hobby of collecting animal skulls and she was wishing for an armadillo one. You know you're a good friend when you bag a road kill and transport it! But, trust me the least amount of smell and I'd have been telling her where to find it herself! Unfortunately his mandible was broken, so not as good a present as I thought, but she was still thrilled I tried. Anyway, Spirit didn't have any problems with the panel jump this time. We worked some on her broad jump performance with a jump across it to encourage her to jump all the boards. This worked well, but I need to fade the jump out. She had great teeters too! I worked 2X2 weaves with her. She wasn't into those thought. Kamikaze did weaves and turns off the dogwalk and Aframe to tunnels.


Since there was no obedience show for me, I got up and headed to the agility field early. I helped Loralie pull out all the equipment again. Then I got to try Spirit on the rest of the equipment that we missed out on Thursday. We did the teeter again a few times since she was a bit iffy on it last time. She was good this time except for the first try where she wanted to be Underdog and fly. Thankfully I was close since I knew teeters could be an issue. When I saw she wasn't slowing for the tipping I put my hands out as the board fell and she cradled in my arms and didn't get thrown. It didn't spook her too bad to be caught, but she remembered to be prepared for a falling board the next time. She was great on everything I hadn't tried except the broad jump and panel jump. So, a little reminding on those two and some good weave work and she'll be ready to show. I can do all that at home. She works pretty well for me too.

Josie got some contact practice and Sparkle did the teeter several times. Sparkle's teeter performance was very nice, for Sparkle. Wish she'd do that in a show for me.

Rich got most of the yard mowed while I was gone. I finished up the back yard later today.

21st - Happy Anniversary to us

Today is our 16th anniversary. We had a late lunch at J Alexanders. Then a quick trip through Sears at the adjacent mall. I got a deep fryer and slippers for my present. Rich got ties and a blender. LOL! Oh, I did get roses too.

I got Xanadu and Spirit all washed up for their trip to the obedience show tomorrow. Got the car all loaded. Then, of all the dang things, Xanadu decided tonight at about 7pm was time to go into season. ARGH!!! I will miss the whole show since I pulled Kamikaze earlier for coming in season. RATS! That means Xanadu will even miss our home show next weekend. At least Kamikaze should be done with season just in time to show.

Spirit is getting comfortable enough here to butt in on other dog's space a bit too! Very cute.



I loaded up Xanadu and Spirit at lunch and took them to the agility field. It was already about 90 degrees when we got there. Then some dufus was parked blocking the gate to get in the field enough to keep me from driving in even though there are NO PARKING signs on the gates. I parked so as to block dufus and had to walk in the field. That means I had to leave the vehicle running (no shade) to keep one dog comfortable while I worked with the other. THEN I see that all the equipment has been put up for the mowing guy to come. ARGH!!! Now I have to drag things out and put them back up with I leave. There was a teeter and Aframe under a tree that were easy to maneuver into a usable position. I drug out 12 weaves, a winged and wingless jump, the chute and one set of 2X2 weaves. I really just wanted to see how Spirit would handle contacts and, in general, equipment in a new place to determine if she may run a couple of times at the end of June. Why did this have to be so hard? I did Spirit first. The teeter was scary, but Marie warned me she wasn't 100% comfortable with teeters yet. Once I helped her over slowly with treats and praise she was fine with it from then on. Well, can't do that at a show, but she's not completely freaked, just nervous about new ones. I need to pull my one out at home! She did Aframe, jumps and chute fine, even showing a bit of pep and happiness to be doing them. Then a short session on weave entries on the 2X2 set up and she was done. She is catching on the 2X2 entry game now pretty well. I feel sure I can have her weaving or trying hard by the show if that's basically all I have to do. I need to try her out on broad jump and dogwalk at my house to see how those go.

Xanadu was next. She was not doing the teeter well the first try either! Little rascal, I give her a break from thinking agility for a bit and she starts that walk up the teeter game. I told her that was not how it was done and she fixed herself for the next try. Her weaves were pretty good. She ran at them and did them, but they were slower than I've really seen her do them in practice in some time. Maybe time for Rich to check her back? I was only out there a total of 30-40 minutes and that included dragging things out and putting them back up.

We stopped at PetsMart on the way home to buy dog food and look for a bedroom pillow for Spirit. She spent her first night sleeping loose in the bedroom last night on Misty's old pillow by the bed. She needs her own, smaller one. Since it was so hot, both girls went in with me. I thought the staff there was going to die with the cuteness of it all! I ended up buying a new living room pillow and moving one of the small ones to the bedroom for Spirit.

The obedience class that Cheryl and I are teaching had it's second meeting tonight. It was still hot at 7pm. Spirit and Xanadu came out with me. Spirit got to meet some new people and dogs. I tried working her a bit, but she was too hot and worn out from her day to work well. So, I let it ride. No need to try and work her if she's not in the mood. Xanadu did heeling, retrieve and drop on recall. It went fairly well, but she was lagging some on heeling. She was hot and tired too! I would love to fix her left turn aversion for the show this weekend, but I see it won't be gone by then. It is better though. She has her first shot at Open A Saturday and Sunday and I think she is ready. She may or may not Q, but I have no big reason to stress. She knows her stuff.


After work today I retrieved the car from the shop with a new tire. They also had a spare that would fit my car. Sold it to me for a good deal. It takes up about all of trunk, but I can leave it here in the shop if I need trunk space around town. At least if I'm going far I won't be stranded for a flat.

Spirit did great today outside for a long time with the beagle pack. She seemed to have been having a good time. She also has picked her favorite pillow in the computer room and living room. She still follows me most of the time, but has started checking to see what I'm doing and then heading back to chill on her doggie pillow. I had great plans of taking her to the agility field tonight before classes. Well, it POURED rain just before class. So I stayed home.

I took Josie's stitches out this evening too. She looks great.


I got up this morning and started the car and began backing down the driveway. THUMP, THUMP, I heard. "What?" I got out and saw my drivers side front tire almost completely flat. Parked the car and took the Expedition to work. So glad I have to option to NOT deal with this at 5am. I left work early to go home and get the tire on the car pumped up so I could drive it to the repair shop. I got there and hour before they closed. They took off the tire and reported the hole as unrepairable. I got to see the gnarly gash the tiny piece of metal put on the side wall and on the inside of the tire too. ARGH! Well, at least it's the same tire that's been patched once. Rich works until 7pm on Tuesdays. I called the office manager, a friend, to come pick me up and take me home and left car there to have a new tire installed tomorrow. At least I got a ride in the new Chevy Camaro Transformer edition. 

Leaving Spirit and heading off to work today was hard because I knew it would be hard on her. She ran around looking for me after I left. Rich crated her when he left and she barked. He went back to check on her at lunch and she was sound asleep in the crate, so she obviously mellowed out after we were all gone. Rich let her out back with the beagles for a bit of play time when he went back to work. I got home a couple of hours later and Spirit was NOT standing at the back door trying to find a way in like I expected her to be. She was actually running circles with the beagles. They dash in circles when I pull in the drive. Mostly Xanadu trying to grab Sparkle by the leg and Sparkle trying to stay away. Don't know why they started this routine. But, Spirit was dashing in circles with them. Not sure she knew why she was doing it, but everyone else was and it looked like fun I guess. Her greeting was not as wild and panicked either. It was more of a 'oh, so glad your back, now where's the food?' I was thrilled to see her settling down some and enjoying herself. I noticed her tail up most of the time and her eyes sparkling. She even made an effort to hump Sparkle inside once. That's the first sign of any type interaction with another dog. YIPPIE! She spent the evening nestled in a pillow and although she'd get up and go with me when I left the room (only most of the time, not all!) it was a a mosey not at a dead run with wild eyes.

I did some choose to heel exercises in the living room with Spirit. And we worked on 'down'. She still needs a signal and word, but she's downing consistently if I do both. We even practiced the 'moving down' for Rally. That was a bit harder for her since we were walking and she had to lie down at my side.

Here's Spirit and Xanadu together. Spirit in front.


Spirit is getting more and more comfortable here. She spent several short (one hour or less) sessions outside with friends. By the last one she was actually wandering the yard some with her sister instead of waiting by the door for me. I have yet to see her play with anyone, but she is holding her tail up more and getting a bit more adventuresome. We even had a break through today when I got up from the computer and went to the kitchen sink. She jumped up to follow me and then saw I wasn't far and she actually went back in the computer room to lay on her pillow on her own. The only real training I've tried with her is working on her down. She saw two weave poles today to work just entrances and see how she'd handle that. She was confused about what I wanted and I had to lure her to do the right thing a couple of times. I only spent three or four minutes with them. I want her to get comfortable here before I start any big training goals. I am hoping to get her out to the agility training field on Wednesday night and see how she does there. What I should be doing, probably, is working with Xanadu, who is in Open A for the first time this weekend. She knows all the exercises, so I hate to over-do the practice before a show though. A set of out of sight stays is in order before the show though.

Spirit went by the vet today to see everyone and the vet looked at her ears. He said there's a bit more wax than usual and a bit of yeast, but nothing excited him about them. Since they seemed to be bothering her he gave me some yeast killer drops and told me to clean them out every three or four days for the rest of the month. Josie went by to so the vet could see her stitches. She was glad that was all they did.


Spirit got to spend a little time outside with some of the dogs between rain showers. She isn't venturing off the patio far. She doesn't want me to go in the house and leave her out even if it's with lots of doggie friends. She barks and scratches at the door. We did leave her out for 1 1/2 hours of so while we went to lunch to give her a chance to play and settle in. I don't think she played any, she seems to spend the time running from the door to the front of the fence to look for me on the patio. She's doing great with the other dogs though. Even Lego has accepted her presence. He still sights in on her sometimes and stalks her, but he hasn't made any move to do anything ugly. I think he's wanting to see if she'll play. Spirit's been shaking her head a bunch and rubbing her ears on the grass. I've cleaned them out a couple of times, but she still seems aggravated by them. When I take her by the vet for a weigh in and a visit with all the techs who want to see her I'll have the vet check her ears out.


Cheryl and I were off at 6:30 am for day trip to Monroe, LA to do some helpful things for Marie, Xanadu's breeder, who is in a wheelchair with a broken leg for the next 5 weeks or so. We went straight to Wal-mart when we got in town and we found all the things on her list. There were a couple of things we thought had us stumped for a bit though. After we got all the stuff in the car, the rains came. When we got to her house we started her sheets in the wash. She can't get her wheelchair through the laundry room door. Then Cheryl steam cleaned the linoleum floors in the kitchen and living room. She brought her own hard floor steamer. It's way cool and I think I need one now that I've seen it in action. The rain stopped long enough for us to work the six or so agility trained dogs for her in her front yard. We just made it as the rains came again while running the last dog around. We made her bed as the physical therapist arrived for a session with Marie. We said our good-byes and I leashed up Spirit, Xanadu's sister, and we headed out around 3:30 leaving Marie to her therapy session. 

Spirit was a good car rider after the first couple of miles in which she cried a bit. When I got home I let Spirit in the house with Xan and Sparkle and Misty. They all said their hellos and it went well. Spirit was nervous and did her best to not be important to them, even looking away and hiding behind me. We slowly added dogs to the house one or two at a time until she'd said hi to everyone except Lego. He's the BDOC and has to let everyone know it. I wasn't up to a full introduction as it was close to 9pm by then. But he met her through a crate a couple of times. Once with him in the crate and her sniffing and once with her in and him sniffing. He hasn't been making any overt aggressive noises or postures at her through crate doors or x-pens. He is the only one that really worries me with new dogs coming in, and at first appearances it looks very promising. I mean it is a nice little girl, and not a boy or an obnoxious puppy.

Spirit lays near my computer chair when I am on the computer, and she fit in well when there was food to watch!

13th - Happy Birthday Nikita

Nikita turned 12 today. She is still getting along well for her years. A bit weak in the knees, but two surgeries on one and a likely failing ligament in one makes that understandable.

I spent time washing all the Expedition's interior covers and crate mats. I think the crates will be left here and I'll just put in one beagle crate for Spirit to ride home in since we'll be visiting Sam's while we're there. My vet got Spirit's records faxed over today, so I have already picked up a rabies tag for her for this parish. It's already on the collar I bought for her.

There were 20 dogs that signed up for beginner obedience class. I wish they'd limit the number allowed in. This is just ridiculous. The levels of the dogs are all over the place from 'I'm terrified to be here and this is ALL scary' to 'I know how to sit, down, come and stay briefly'. It's so hard for everyone to get something out of class when they are all over the place like that. We also have a couple that have space aggression issues. I'm almost hoarse from trying to be heard by all. At least Cheryl is helping on most Thursdays.



We moved some dirt around on the agility field for an hour or so before dusk. I spent the several hours before that trying to get my Internet Explorer to work. It just stopped coming up and was giving an error. I could, however, click on a link and it would open to the page from the link without an error. Then I could go anywhere I wanted. I even tried just changing the home page to a blank hoping just to get IE up. That didn't work either. 

Josie had her surgery today. She is doing well and the lip is going to look great when the stitches are out. Stitches out in 10 days. Here's a before and after shot!

I have agreed to teach beginner obedience class for the next 6 weeks starting tomorrow. Man is it gonna be hot. 


I practiced heeling with Xanadu. It seems left turns are her big weakness. I guess she thinks I'm stepping into her space and she shuts down some. Need to practice this before the show in two weeks! I also did one pass at the broad jump (perfect) and one drop on recall (perfect again). Kamikaze did articles. She was hesitant at first, but when she got the first one right she perked up. Some nervousness is expected what with her being in full season right now. She's also a major whiny baby during this period. She drives me nuts.


I took Josie in to the vet around lunch. I noticed Friday that another growth has popped up below her nose. It looks just like the one I had removed back in 2006 off the top of her nose. The vet says it's the same kind of growth. Not dangerous, but the place it's in is bad and they can grow to an obnoxious size. We'll be having it taken off Wednesday.

I think I forgot to mention that I bought concrete board to repair the dog walk over the weekend. I noticed the original pressed board is rotting off. After I put the concrete board on the frame I have every intention of buying the roll out and glue down rubberized surface from Clean Run.

Kamikaze is in season full force now, right on schedule. I thought I noticed it this weekend. She's gonna have to miss the obedience show in two weeks, but should be good for my home club's show Memorial Day weekend.

First thing this morning I went to check on the fire. It still had flames! WOW! it was a monster. I consolidated the burning pieces in the center of the burning spot. I kept an eye on it all day and kept pushing things together as they burned down.

Cheryl and I are going to drive to Monroe Sat. morning and spend the day there helping Marie out. Marie says we can go buy groceries for her and there were a couple of things she wanted from elsewhere. Then she wants us to practice agility with her dogs in her yard on her equipment. She wants them to be able to work and have fun. I think she'll get some pleasure from watching them too. Since I'm making a run up to Monroe earlier than expected, I'll be bringing Spirit back home with me this weekend. It's going to make for a long Sat. what with a 3.5 hour drive there and back and spending several hours with Marie, but it'll be worth it.


We watched Iron Man 2 early Saturday morning (the first showing). We thoroughly enjoyed it. Almost as good as the first one. Afterwards we went to the Tractor Supply in Zachary to buy fencing for the agility field! I was originally going to get 5 foot fencing, but the price difference swayed me to the 4 foot instead. This isn't supposed to be dog proof to leave a dog in, but only to keep them from dashing off into the woods at a moments notice while practicing. Cheryl's new house has 4 foot fencing and it kept Kamikaze and Xanadu contained while I was out there with them. The most agile fence jumper, Jedi, is now 11 and not really into jumping over 16 inches these days. We bought the field fencing instead of just the galvanized, so it should last a long time. The squares are big enough for a bunny to slide through, but not for a beagle. We bought one 8 foot drive through gate to install in case I want to get the truck in there to load up equipment. There will also be 2 walk though (4 foot wide) gates. As a containment area for dogs waiting their turn we just bought a 5X10 kennel run for out there. We were going to just fence a section off with a gate, but this will be easier and portable should we move or need an extra kennel run.

Sunday after church we thought we'd sink corner posts for the fence. Things didn't work out for that. We decided to do a couple of other things 'real quick' first, including burning a large pile of tree debris Rich had piled up a couple of months back. The pile was easy to light, but it was close to a couple of small trees on the perimeter of my field. The large lapping flames started to scorched the little trees (no big loss), but we decided to get the hoses connected together and run out there just in case. Then the fire raced across the top of his pile and lo and behold, his pile touched lots of other tree debris on the ground from various other incidents (hurricanes, bulldozer). Everything was dry and the fire spread to the random dump of hurricane debris. Rich grabbed his chain saw to cut a break in the debris to keep the fire out of the woods. ACK! I filled a trash can with water to soak some spots and raked loose wood chips away from the fire area. It was never ' out of control', but there was a hour there were it was not exactly 'under control' either. I would've gotten a picture of the monster, but was busy keeping it in check. This little fire fight kept us both busy ling enough that no post hole got dug and no extra dirt got hauled. Still hoping to get a the truck out to Cheryl's to swipe some wood chips for filler too before the fence gets all the way up. We didn't make it there Sat. as we all had errands to run and then Sunday we never heard if she had some free time, but wouldn't have been able to make it most likely as it was 5pm before we felt the fire was contained enough to leave it.

Marie is now without email and internet. For some reason, her computer wigged out. That can't be fun when you're already wheelchair bound with a broken leg. We also told Marie this weekend that we'd gladly take Spirit home with us for a bit to train and love. So, come the end of June we'll have another 'kid' at the house.


I actually was a useful member of the 'every Wednesday through June' meeting that I've been sucked into at work. It's a meeting keeping up with a new project that another group of people is doing. It's a web application. I'm the only one at work that's ever done a web application, thus the forcible invite to the meeting even though I have no idea what the program is doing. For some reason I don't understand, the programmers struggling through this for the first time don't send me questions about issues that arise, but plow on for endless hours in the darkness, or better yet, spring them on me at the meeting. Anyway, I was able to give some useful input about using frames and they basically told me to figure out how to upload a file off the user's computer to the web server. Wow, an actual assignment from the meeting? I found a useful explanation of a built in control in ASP.NET that you can call to do just such a thing. I should have it hammered out by the end of the week, easy!

We went to Longhorn for Rich's birthday dinner tonight since he works long days on Tues. It was the server's birthday today. He's one we ask for by name, so we left him an extra tip for his birthday. It still stuns me that he's over 10 years younger than me. When did I get old?

4th- Happy Birthday Rich

Rich and I have discussed Marie's proposition that I take Spirit home with me in June for awhile. He is open to that and he helped me think up several scenarios that need to be discussed with Marie before I make my decision. "How long is awhile?" "Is there any specific training she wants us to work on?" "Can we show her in conformation while she's here?" "Do we put my name on the papers? how does Marie feel about that?" And most importantly, "What happens if she comes here, she fits in well and we get attached? Is it OK with Marie if she never lives with her again? Can we give her back after we're attached?" I'd rather have things like this out in the open before a definite decision is made. I'd hate to say OK and then not have these questions already answered.


The weather has just been damp all weekend. Not always raining, but the air is thick with water anyway, so you get wet just walking. Then last night on top of the outdoor band that played late into the night just behind where the motor home was parked, there were a few decent downpours with wind to rock the motor home. AH well, who needs lots of sleep anyway.

The screaming awesome runs continued for me. Xanadu had a most stellar Exc Standard run! WOW! Wish it were on video. She started from the line with the pedal to the metal and only let off to weave like a poke (but she did them all without help). Then it was back to pedal to the metal with no more hesitations at all. Including not stopping on the table, but using it as a speed bump to race into the tunnel. I didn't fix or or fuss at all. Not at a beagle running like that! It was insane. She would've won the B class even with a stop on the table. Her yps was only off Tommy by like .75 of a yard and that would be the walking weave poles. I can't wait for her to feel comfortable weaving again. I left the course wheezing for air and happy as I've ever been about even a Q. Lego ran the course well too, but I pushed him past the tunnel entrance under the Aframe trying to keep him off the Aframe. My bad again. Kamikaze missed the weave entrance off the Aframe. (not surprised there)

JWW went well. Xanadu was the screaming fast sheltie again! LOVE IT! She didn't do all the weaves and a couple of my turn cues were late causing her to skid or miss a jump. I am now struggling with timing with her this fast. Lego had a great run and Q'd for his AXJ title! All his runs this weekend were great. No sniffing or beagle moments at all! His NQ's were all my fault! I am so proud of him. Can you believe he'll be running for MACH points in Monroe in June? Kamikaze Q'd too for an extra JWW leg and a couple of MACH points. Her run wasn't smooth or pretty but brute force got us through.

Lego, AXJ! OK, so the camera kept fogging with the funky weather!

Now I just need both girls to come into season NOW so we don't miss obedience shows at the end of the month! There are so few close by. I can't believe after such a rush of a weekend I have to wait almost a month to run them again. I'm sure it'll be great for them to have the break though.

Bernie still ran well this morning! He was only entered in Standard. Not quite a Q, but very nice. Grace actually did all the contacts again in Standard and kept the bars up so she got her second NA leg! Hope the contact phobia has vanished now.

Marie, Xanadu's breeder, got to go home from the hospital Friday night. She fell and broke her leg earlier in the week and will be wheelchair bound until it heals. (six weeks or so) I talked to her on the way home and she said if I wanted to take Xan's sister, Spirit home with me in June so I could work with her some she would send her with me. She's the one puppy that seems to not be getting the kind of attention and training the others are and Marie doesn't know when she'll be able to work with any of them again. I don't know yet whether that's something I will do, but it is an interesting proposition.


I had a good day at the agility show today. It started with a wonderful Exc JWW run with Lego. Unfortunately I screeched at him while he was in the air over a jump and he came down on it. That was our only fault and it was mine. DARN IT! That should've been his AXJ. Well, I did better with Kamikaze and she nailed that course for her MXJ title. She's still not running all out like I wish, but it's likely a hormonal thing and it will pass. Then in Open JWW Xanadu ran like a sheltie again. She started the weaves well, but started sniffing poles and walking them after about 3 poles. I helped her finish them. At least she is starting them. At the last show she would come to a dead stop in front of them. The weaves were the only part of that run that wasn't all out sprint. Megan even commented she thought Xan looked like Tommy running out there! I love this attitude in agility. Now, if only the weaving would come back and she'd bounce them like in practice. Anyway, this run got her the OAJ title and I moved her up to Exc for tomorrow.

Too bad Exc Standard was only about 45 minutes after Open JWW. Xan doesn't run that close together very well yet. Her Exc Standard run wasn't bad, but not the all out sprint of JWW. She missed weaving all the poles and I didn't help her so, no Q. There were a couple of other bobbles too. I am not going to help my EXC dog through the weaves! She does them or she doesn't. Kamikaze had a nice run though, but missed a jump. (ran outside it) Lego has been in Exc Standard for three runs. He actually pulled out a Q! It was a beautiful effort too. WHAT? The dog that languished in Open Standard for like 5 years already has his first AX leg!

Cheryl and Bernie got there first AJP leg too! He ran great all day. Grace did all the contacts in Standard finally, but hit a bar. She had a very nice JWW run, but didn't quite get all the weave poles.