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Spirit and Storm both got to do sit stays in the sun after dinner. It took Spirit three tries to STAY, Storm, twice. Then I worked on Storm's retrieve on flat. Took a few times to find it again. Spirit had another dumbbell lesson. She still doesn't pick it up, but I can get her to hold it for a count of 5 if I put it in her mouth. Xanadu was fussing for a turn, so she did Utility. It's the first time she's done the whole article pile without me rubbing some good stuff on my hands to touch the article with. She was PERFECT! Got the metal first try and the leather first try. No hesitation to look at me to check if she were right either. She still struggles some with the sit signal at a distance. Her moving stand was wonderful and so was the glove retrieve. She's gonna play Graduate Open in July in Jackson I think. Sprigs got treats for touching the dumbbell, Twinkle for coming to check in with me and sitting. Sparkle seemed to want a chance, and I've been thinking of putting her back in Open here soon. She did great on the drop on recall and the broad jump. Needed a bit of reminding to retrieve and do out of sight stays. But, she didn't need much reminding. If I work her a bit each week she could try again in Jackson. Kamikaze and I did signals and go-outs. She struggles going out to the fence and not to a ring gate. I worked it on different type fences for a few minutes until she was going straight ahead towards the barrier (whatever one was there).


Rich and I spent our day off working on stuff outside in the morning and late afternoon. Other times were just too hot! The last holes are dug for posts for the wire horse fence. We still need t-posts driven in and six wooden posts put in cement. The afternoon was spent putting together my new Rubbermaid shed (purchased at Lowes) out on the agility field. I've had my eye on one for a year or so to put out there to hold the tunnel and chute and broad jump.


Well it was a bust of a weekend for me. AND the schedule got changed twice. We had a judge with a medical problem that prevented flying. So they made do with two judges. Spirit did great in Novice the first day, but anticipated the recall. She came when I took a breath to call her. Dang, I know better than to do that to a Novice dog. What was I thinking? I know to breath in before I turn. She even passed her sit stay. Storm did very well with me in Open Saturday. I did a bad dumbbell throw on the flat. It bounced sideways stopping under the ring gates (off the mats) only because it ran into the bar jump on bar and uprights on the outside of the ring. As I was stepping back to reposition Storm for a re-throw the judge said "Send your dog". WHAT? That's not even fair. Maybe if it were sitting under the ring gates by itself, and not against other equipment, but really? Ok, so I send Storm and she takes a few strides and doesn't see anything out there. She looks and me and then out there and at me. I finally say (out loud) "Sorry girl, I can't see it either." And I take a step forward and point the in general direction of the dumbbell. She does go get it and proceed to pass the exercises left just fine. I'm almost glad she laid down with 20 seconds left on the sit stay. At least she NQ'd herself legitimately. Kamikaze flunked the drop signal again!! She did her go-outs, although on the first one, she had already picked a jump (the wrong one). She also didn't stop walking on the moving stand until I paused and looked over my shoulder at her. 

I got home and a few hours later I hear a horrible ruckus. Spirit and Xanadu were at each others' throats. Apparently Spirit was bragging she got to go with me and Xan had to stay home. ARGH! I see Xan will be going tomorrow to sit in a crate just to settle this problem. It doesn't help that the pack is in disarray with no clear leader since Misty left.

Sunday didn't go any better. Spirit did fine in the Novice exercises, although a bit too happy. It was funny on the off lead 'fast' when she bounded in front of me a bit. I was really expecting a play bow and a bark. She refrained from that but, she was close. Then the recall involved a bounce up like she wanted to put her paws on me and thought better of it, then just bowed before her sit. Too bad she wilted on the sit stay with 10 seconds left. She had spent a lot of time in the crate since her ring time moved to like 2 pm. Storm did well, but wouldn't go on the signal to retrieve on flat. Don't know if that's a hold over from yesterday when she went and couldn't see anything. She then proceeded to wilt into a down with 20 seconds left on the sit stay AGAIN. Guess who will be doing 5 minute sit stays in the sun this week! Kamikaze missed the drop again, and then did a fly-by go-out. (run, touch fence and never slow down as you turn to take a jump) After that first one I just slipped my hand through her collar and excused myself. "No need to repeat that performance", I said.

At least Cheryl and Grace got two Q's in Rally Excellent, finishing her RE on Saturday. The first day she was awesome. A bit more distracted the second day. Bernie was so close in Open Saturday. He took two strides to go get the dumbbell on the flat and then forgot why he was there and never recovered. 


I had my last obedience practice before the show this weekend. Storm was great. Spirit was great. Kamikaze did well. Not feeling too bad, but still worried about Spirit's sit stay. With Kamikaze I always worry about the drop and go-outs. It's getting really hot now. Can't wait for summer... NOT. 


After work, and on the way home from dinner Rich and I stopped at Home Depot to buy a couple of boards to finish Dachshund proofing the fence. The gap under our pickets seemed almost high enough for an 8" dog to wiggle under if they were intent on exiting. Sprigs is getting frustrated at not getting enough free time outside on the days I drive to the office. I didn't trust the fence to keep her in, so she was stuck in a run most of Tuesdays and Wednesdays. I feel good about the fence now and she'll start getting more free time when we can't be around to watch.

We also made a stop by Wal-Mart and I found a clearance item that I thought the dogs needed. It's a square, wicker cat litter box cover. Why would I need that for the dogs you ask? Well, Xanadu has this favorite pillow squeezed between the entertainment center and a cabinet in the living room. I thought the wicker cover would look more 'furniture-like' and aesthetically pleasing to set her pillow in. The spot's only big enough for her and the two smaller dogs, Twinkle and Sprigs. She was offended at the new box at first, but...

It's been nice to see that Sprigs and Twinkle make such great pals too. Twinkle's not too much bigger than Sprigs and they are both young and full of energy.

This coming weekend is my home obedience show and the start of obedience season (while it's too hot to run agility unless you're in the A/C). Storm, Spirit and Kamikaze are entered.


OK, I got back from Alabama Sunday evening fine, except for the horrible sick I caught at the show. Sunday morning I was feeling a bit rough. It got worse as the day progressed and by the time I got in the car around noon for the 7 hour drive home, I was really sick. It was an awful drive. I ended up sleeping in the recliner Sunday night as I couldn't breath, and my throat was on fire. No amount of comfort from being prone, not even with tons of meds on board. I have to say Sunday night and Monday were the worst I've felt in years. I only survived Monday in spurts on DayQuil. Thus the delay on updating the blog. Today I am almost human with a mild sniffle.

As for the agility over the weekend, it went very well. Kamikaze came home with 50 points towards the invitational. That was my goal. The surface wasn't great and the place was a bit too warm for her liking, so second runs of the day were very slow. She ended up with 2 QQ (total to 9 now) and 5 of 6 Q's. She got a rotten bad call in Standard on Sunday. Storm came home with 4 of 6 Q's. She pooped out in jumpers on Friday and walked by a jump. Jumpers on Sunday she quit weaving at pole 10. She didn't meet her lofty goal, so a MACH in June at her home show is out, but she picked up 36 points leaving her 164 more to go. Lego got his 5th MX leg and another Jumpers Q. Too bad they were on different days.

I tried practicing sit stay with Spirit. She still wilts after 10-20 seconds. Then when I go back and pull her into a sit she'll stay. I don't know what to do for the show this weekend. 

I made the club meeting tonight since I will be missing all the summer ones for soccer which starts up the first week in June.



Sprigs got a brief introduction to contacts today. She ran down the dogwalk ramp (I put her at top), down the Aframe (I put her at top), and played at the end of the teeter with me jiggling it. She is not thrilled with the movement of the teeter or the banging noise. But she doesn't appear completely freaked out either. I did get her to go all the way across the dogwalk, following beef jerky, a couple of times, but she is not fast or confident. Twinkle came back out and did off-leash Aframe, dogwalk and teeter (with me catching the fall a bit). After each one I had to chase her down as she went off to do her own thing. She was not worried about the obstacles though.

Twinkles has taken up a favorite spot in the evenings. (the end of the couch)


Since Storm is entered again this weekend and has been on a break, I took her over to my agility area to be sure her weaves were still intact. She missed the entrance the first try, but was fine after that. Since I was over there I took Twinkle to see the contacts. She's already an adult, so shouldn't be any stress on her growing joints. I had to keep her on leash the whole time seeing as how she pays no attention to humans, even with steak, if she knows there are new smells to explore. She did great following steak across the dogwalk. By four times later she was doing it confidently. We played on the teeter with me controlling the movement. She seemed fine with all that. The Aframe, a bit harder to deal with. I set her at the top and let her run down a few times. Then she followed a steak bit up and over. She doesn't seem freaked about any of that. Too bad she just won't pay attention to humans.


The drive to New Caney wasn't bad Saturday morning. The Masters classes started at noon, so I didn't even have to leave too early to drive there. Sprigs and Twinkle traveled with me. It was Twinkle's first show travel. Both girls traveled well. Twinkle even did OK in the crate at the show, but has way too much energy to be left too long. She is good when she can't see me, but smacks the crate door anytime I'm in view. Both unentered girls got a lake tour walk as there is a lake right next door. They saw ducks, met dogs swimming, saw many playing with toys. Both did well.

 My day started with Gamblers. It was an easy gamble for Kamikaze and an impossible one for Jedi. Things went as I expected. Kazee nailed it, one of only 4 dogs that did, while Jedi never got out there. Jedi also ran straight to the back of the arena of the start line. He hasn't done that in a while. ARGH! Standard was up. It was a very herky-jerky course. Not a good Kamikaze course. We E'd that course in at least 4 or 5 different ways. Josie ran it clean until the last four obstacles. She was sure she knew how the course ended and completely ignored me when I called her in to take the tunnel. Jedi didn't do well at all on it though. Last thing up was Snooker. I'd entered Kazee and Josie. Kazee only needs one more Snooker Q to have her Champion title, Josie needs two more for Silver. It was actually a doable course and I made up a nice flow to the opening. Kazee got through 5 in the closing (needed 6 to Q) and then I blipped out as she came out of the tunnel and didn't tell her where I was. I sent Josie to the wrong end of 3 in the closing. Suffice it to say Saturday was not my best day at agility.

The hotel was an adventure. It was a brand new La Quinta with indoor corridors. I had a second floor room. Somehow I managed to have both 'new' dogs, a vari-kennel, and some bags thrown over my shoulder when we got to the stairs. It didn't occur to me until just then that neither dog had ever seen stairs. ARGH! I had to practically drag them up the stairs. At least it was an indoor staircase and not one of the outdoor ones with see through stairs. After I got everything upstairs, I took just the new girls back out to properly introduce stairs. Sprigs wasn't going to 'jump off a cliff' to go down them. It took some encouragement for her to get the first stair out of the way. Twinkle did pretty well on the way down. After a walk, we tried the stairs again, this time up them. Both girls eventually did the stairs both ways without help. While I was there I figured it was as good a time as any to introduce them to the elevator as well. Both of them handled that much better than stairs. Twinkle tried very hard to get the beagle in the mirror to come play with her in the room. Very funny.

Sunday morning was gamblers again. I though Kazee had a chance, not really Jedi. I was right again. Kazee did the hard part and then came off the teeter before it even tipped much. I don't know if I didn't let her know that was the correct thing to do or if she just went crazy on me. Jedi never even got out there. Standard again then. It had a zigzag opening. Not the finest start for Kazee. I figured if we made it to obstacle 10 we had a decent shot. We made it to 12, then 13-14. Then I didn't control her tunnel exit well enough and she blew the weave entry. ARGH! Only had four jumps left to ADCH after the weaves too!!! Jedi did OK on the course, he hit the weave entry. Josie was busy cussing me out for calling her off the Aframe and missed the weave entry. We packed it up and went home disappointed.

13th-Happy Birthday Nikita

Nikita turns 13 today. A pretty decent age for a Siberian Husky. I know at least one of her littermates has been dead for a couple of years. She's still doing well. A bit arthritic, but still a snot.

Sprigs handled the spay/microchip/shots day just fine. She never missed a beat. Came home and ate like a monster and then proceeded to try to get someone, anyone to play with her.

Last night Sprigs, Twinkle, Storm, Spirit, Kamikaze and I headed out to obedience class. Kamikaze did great on go-outs, but signals took two tries. Spirit did great on the exercises this week. Only mild wilting on the stand, an only a couple of times. I had at least 4 people do an exam on her. She made it to 45 seconds in her sit stay before she laid down. I fixed her and she made it the whole amount of time the second go around. I really must be practicing this at home. Storm was hot and lagging on heeling, but did all the exercises the first try. She wilted into a down on the out of sight sit THREE times in under a minute before she got the message that wilting was not cutting it. I'm not too worried since it's the first time she done that in some time. I think it was the temperatures. Sprigs and Twinkle mostly hung out, met some people. Maybe in a couple of weeks they can meet some dogs and people too. Twinkle did a bit of 'practice'. Right now that mostly consists of me standing on her leash and waiting for her to interact with me to give her a treat. Sprigs got her first introduction to 'down'.

I got Twinkle and Sprigs' Premier harnesses for tracking in the mail today! Green for Sprigs and Silver for Twinkle.

Taking off early in the a.m. to head to Texas for some USDAA agility. Hoping for Kamikaze's ADCH! Only need one standard Q. It'll be Twinkle's first show travel time too.

9th- the puppy escape

I've spent hours sitting outside watching Sprigs interact with everyone and explore the fence line. I felt comfortable now leaving her outside for a bit unattended with Twinkle, her buddy, this morning. They both need exercise as soon as they wake up while most of the other ones will potty and then nap a while longer. About 15 minutes later I hear a scratching noise that sounds like it's coming from my front porch. The inside dogs raced to the front door, but weren't barking as loudly or viciously as I would expect if one of the neighborhood dogs were on my front porch. I look out the window and Sprigs is standing on the front porch scratching at the window. WHAT?!? I opened the door and scooped her up. I am sooo glad she's been here long enough to be attached to us enough to try to get back in the house and not go off exploring. She did have a name tag one, but still I'd have freaked if she'd have wandered off. Rich hadn't left for work yet, so we set her up to show us her little escape hatch. I put her back out back and Rich watched out one set of windows and me the others. She didn't go straight to get out, so I snuck out back as she rounded the side of he house. I was able to spy on her from behind her while Rich watched from inside. She sniffed around a bit before showing us her secret slip out space. But it didn't take her long and it was about where we expected it had to be. I watched her slide out and Rich opened the carport door and she trotted in the house. When I got a break in my work I fixed that spot. It was between the house and the picket fence on the carport. I am thinking we may be putting some dachshund proofing around the rest of the picket fence. It's about the only section without electric wire. At least it's a short section to reinforce. We've got a bit of time since she's getting fixed tomorrow she won't be free in the yard for a few days while she recovers.


Cheryl and I took off Friday for an almost 6 hour drive to Tyler, TX for a USDAA agility show. The show site was super nice! Nice dirt, enclosed building with roll up doors down the sides, nice dirt, a lake (if your dogs are swimmers) and LOADS of space to walk your dogs or play frisbee/ball. We were afraid at the beginning of May we would smoke at an outdoor show even under cover. We were pleasantly surprised at the temps Sat. morning. There was also a nice breeze and the building stayed comfortable until about 2 (when the show was wrapping up). A bit warmer Sunday morning, but the building was comfortable until we packed up at noon. I went into the weekend with Josie needing one standard leg to ADCH and Kamikaze needing 4 legs to ADCH (doable, but needed an almost perfect Q rate).


Saturday started with Kamikaze in Master Gamblers. It was a teeter gamble and I felt pretty good about her chances. She went a bit off on her own right at the end, but it wasn't bad enough to make us too late to complete the gamble. She NAILED it. That's one more master title down. (Gambler Master) Next was Master Standard.  I thought it was a doable course, but we didn't make it around clean. She needed to Q in this class both days to have a chance to get her ADCH. Oh well! Last thing Saturday was Master Pairs. This is the leg I really, really wanted out of the way for a couple of reasons. I didn't want to get down to the last thing I needed to ADCH depending on someone else and I am not entered in Pairs next weekend, so if we didn't get this leg we couldn't ADCH this month at all. I wrote in my pairs partner to be my long time bud, Lucy and her Border Collie, Vapor. Read this knowing we've paired together many times and NEVER pulled out a Q. One or other of our dogs has gone nuts every time we try. This time it was just gorgeous. I felt even better about my one fault at the weaves when Vapor missed that entrance running accommodating dog for someone else. That's master title #4 down (Relay Master)! They had pretty title ribbons too!

Josie only needed one Standard leg to get her ADCH. She did every naughty thing she's EVER done in any run, all of them, in Saturday's standard run. Popped out of weaves, missed Aframe and dogwalk contacts, wouldn't lay down on the table. UGH! I decided a good 'training in the ring' correction would be worth the judge fussing at me at the end of the run when Josie sailed off the dogwalk. I made her get back on the contact and politely promised not to train in her ring anymore that weekend when she told me not to do that in her ring. I never do stuff like that, but with her championship hanging on the line Sunday I figured this once it might be worth it.

Jedi needs Gamble and Standard legs for his ADCH. Don't know that he'll ever get there as he is almost stone deaf now. I wasn't sure how the runs would go this weekend at all. Amazingly her ran great in gamblers, but didn't get out far enough to get the jump to the teeter. I wasn't unhappy with him. Then he ran better than ever in Standard. He thought he was done when there were still obstacles along the front to finish up and since he can't hear me he didn't make those last few. But, I was not disappointed at all in him. This deafness seems to be playing to my advantage. He can no long triangulate my position by my voice and is therefore keeping his eye on me more regularly.

Xanadu ran a really nice Advanced Standard course, but hit two bars to keep herself from Qing. It was beautiful weaves and a perfect running dogwalk though. She didn't run quite fast enough in Snooker to Q either.


We started the day with gamblers again. It was a really nice little dog gamble. I had hope for Jedi. Well, by golly, Jedi ran a great opening, exactly as I planned it and then proceeded to complete the gamble with no hesitation at all. WOO HOO! That's three gamble legs now. Can he ever get two more? He really tried in his standard run, but we had that problem of him thinking he was done when the course wasn't quite over again.

I was so excited about Jedi's Q I totally forgot Kamikaze's opening plan and things didn't go so well for us. I even negated my gamble in the opening without realizing it. Good thing she got that leg out of the way yesterday. Things went much better for us in Standard though. She had a wonderful run, earning her 4th Master Standard leg and leaving her one Q from her ADCH! She even ended up getting first since she was the only 22" dog still standing when it was all finished.

Josie took this standard course with ease. She never hesitated in the weaves and nailed all her contacts (that training in the ring was WORTH IT yesterday). She was even talking back to me some. That means she was having a grand time. She finished the course clean, got a second place and captured that ever illusive Agility Dog Champion title! That's the first dog I've ever gotten any agility champion on out of any organization!

Xanadu ran a clean Advanced standard run, but trotted half of it to finish over time.

The dachshund puppy, Sprigs, took the trip with us. She rode quietly for 6 hours in the car. She handled everything at the show site great. I walked her around Saturday after we got set up and let her meet people and dogs. Even when large dogs lunged at her and she screamed and ran. She recovered quickly and didn't completely freak out. She was even brave enough to go back up to the lunging dogs (assuming they were friendly and trying to play) after the owners got a tighter grip on them. She played with some big dogs. She never had an accident in her crate in the car, at the show site or the hotel. She even slept through the nights. She didn't whine or bark excessively when left in her crate either. I held her next to the ring when Grand Prix was running and she watched intently. She even barked at the fast dogs when they took obstacles close to her side of the ring. OH MY! So cute! Xanadu finally played with her some in the hotel. She is super cool, and staying here forever! She passed the traveling to show test with flying colors. Her spay surgery is scheduled for Tuesday.

Cheryl and Grace came home with three Q's and a title. It was a great weekend for us all the way around.


Sprigs did well here her first few days. Lego was still overly fascinated with her though. I'd like to see that wane. She is fitting in well with everyone else. Her personality is starting to show. She's starting snarking at Kamikaze for trying to smash her with a paw. Since Kazee is shedding Sprigs came back with a tuft of Siberian hair in her mouth after grabbing Kazee's cheek. SO FUNNY! Kazee is taking the snarking well and isn't responding with more strength or violence. Sprigs' new friend is Twinkle, the beagle. They seem to be trying to play. Sparkle still snaps at Sprigs, but only when Sprigs pushes into her space. It never goes any further than a snarl and snap and Sparkle isn't hunting her out to snap at her. Sprigs is getting the message.

4th - Happy Birthday Rich

I picked up Sprigs, the dachshund puppy, in Baton Rouge last night. Got home around 8 pm. That's not an ideal time to bring home a puppy. She didn't get any real exploring time and only a brief introduction to the beagle girls. She actually did fairly well in the crate by the bed last night. I was only up once taking her out to potty. I forget she's almost 5 months old, and therefore has a much larger bladder and requires less frequent outside visits than most puppies I bring home. I had to drive in to work today so Sprigs was out in a run all day. That was not her favorite idea! I left her toys (rope, ball, squeak), water and pillow. After I got home from work and had birthday dinner with Rich then it was time for real introductions. Sprigs stayed close to us in the big yard. All the beagle girls are over the novelty of her and just kind of ignore her. Sparkle is a bit snarky at her, but that was expected. Sparkle hates puppies. For the most part Sparkle just tries to stay away from her. Sprigs did encounter Mr. Electric Wire at least once. She seemed baffled by the sting and couldn't decide what happened. Then I got brave and went to retrieve Lego. He's always the unknown with the new kids. He was great with Twinkle (an adult female beagle that ignored him) after 30 minutes. Sprigs is a whole new game for him. He seems fascinated. I'm not sure in a good way, or a bad way. He hasn't made any noises or actions that make me think he is actually after her, but I don't know what he's thinking. He won't let her out of his sight. He walks along right beside her nudging her. If she lays down, he is right next to her. (usually facing her to watch her) Thankfully she had her early days at a house with multiple dogs of many sizes and breeds. She isn't freaked out too bad by him, but seems a bit unsure what he's up to. At least I always know where she is. Just look for Lego. I'm hoping the 'new' wears off soon and he goes on about his usual life. 

Meanwhile, Twinkle has really blossomed. She is SOMETHING. She has to have hours outside everyday to explore. Which she does almost non-stop. She has ZERO house manners. I pulled off the coffee table (she was strutting across it) at least once. Pulled her off the couch 9 million times. Pushed her off me while I eat another 100 times. She jumps on things and on people, does her best to dart out open doors (very scary). She has no people awareness when she's busy with her nose. NONE. NADDA. ZIP. I am going to have my hands full with her just trying to teach her basic house manners. Good thing she is so cute and her personality is so loving and she gets along with everything she meets. At least she is eating like a beagle now.
Enjoy some pictures of Sprigs' first outdoor adventure.

aren't I cute

She found her own way on the fallen log and stayed there for quite awhile


One of these things is not like the other!

The tri huntin' girls are frequently off together snooping


Today was Cedar's yearly checkup. She's doing very well, but has a good bit of wrist degeneration on the left front leg. That seems to be what causes her limp when she exercises. Xanadu went to get some blood drawn for an organ panel. She screams and flails like a you're killing her when you take blood. The blood work came back just fine though. Since I was going, Twinkle went to meet everyone and get a once over. We cut her spay stitches out and gave her a 2nd 6 in 1 shot. She was a trooper about the whole thing. We set her birthday to make her two in June on Xan and Spirit's third birthday. She weighed in at 15.3 pounds. (for reference Xan is 18 and Sparkle/Spirit are around 24) Twinkle hasn't had much of a 'relax' mode since she's come to us. She is one perpetual movement machine. Makes us think she's maybe just made a year. We remember young beagles well. After the vet visit and a good hour outside I brought her in and she settled on a pillow behind me. "AHH", I thought, "finally a chillin' beagle". Well, it ended up being a feelin' bad beagle. I went to pick her up and she screamed. What?!? Figured out her left hind leg was swelling fairly good. OK, so that's where the shot went in. I called the vet to let them know she had a reaction to the shot. Then we treated with some Benadryl and kept an eye on her. She was feeling a good bit better by dinner time. She actually stuck her face in the bowel and started eating when offered food today. I tried the Salmon formula today since Lamb and Rice didn't flip her switch. She's eating maybe 3/4 a cup of food right now. That's probably a good amount for her size. By bedtime her leg was mostly normal sized.

I am meeting the dachshund rescue lady tomorrow for dinner to pick up Sprigs, the wire-haired puppy, to foster for a bit while she is spayed. She's so darn cute. If she gets on well at the house....


Twinkle's first two days at home went well. She doesn't appear to have much of an appetite right now. At least not for good dog food. She didn't eat anything yesterday and only ate a bit today when I added in some yummy soft food. Hopefully this is just a 'new place' kind of thing and her appetite will increase. She did show good interest in the homemade tuna treats I had. So, armed with two tuna squares I started her first lesson. It didn't start well. I took her out on the patio to get her by herself. She immediately trotted off to inspect every inch of the yard for he 900th time. I tried calling her name, making noises to get her attention, all to no avail. I stalked out in the yard and got very close and got her attention and showed her the treat. AH! She came to me to get a bite. I picked her up and back to the patio we went. Now that she know there are treats she stayed with me. Mostly clawing at my legs. That's the exact reason we are having lesson one.  When all four feet were on the ground I released a bite of treat. Then we moved to coaxing a sit out of her for a treat. It was a fast little session since there were only two squares of tuna treats to break up. I must get the clippers to those "Wolverine" claws tomorrow.

Since Twinkle was getting on so well with everyone we were able to leave her outside with the bunch of beagles while we finished the wooden rail section of the horse fence this afternoon. WOOT! Hardest part is over. Now just a couple of sections of field fence in the woods and horse area will be ready for a horse.