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MAY 2014

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Obedience trial goes on! Kamikaze was back to first dog again. She didn't do as well as yesterday, but it wasn't bad. I was disappointed it couldn't have been as nice as yesterday though I wasn't surprised. Spirit had another try at Open A that was respectable. She held her stays again too! I did a better job not having Xanadu and Kayak's runs on top of each other. I did better mental management too. Xanadu did a better job, but her go-outs appear to be broken. Kayak got a bit of a warm up and did OK on the exercises until heeling again, which was last. He started that play bow dancing again. I was much firmer about fixing it this time and said many words to him instead of a single command. He quit being a dork and heeled fine the rest of the pattern. The judge passed us! So that's his CDX title. It's also his VCD2, making him only the second Siberian in the country to achieve that (Kazee is the other one).

In the afternoon trial I absenteed Sparkle. Open was in the same ring as yesterday and the stewards were ring gate blocking again. SO, that meant I sat around until 5:30 pm again to run Codex. He wasn't as good as the first try. I mean two straight days in a crate with only potty walks can wind a baby boy up a bit. He did really well though and came in with a 99 and first place! GO BABY BOY!


Our obedience show started today. Yesterday I spent the morning helping set up the show site. I moved Kamikaze up to first dog in the ring to get her run over with and focus on the conflicts of the other three (in the morning show). Kazee had a STELLAR run. That lack of a drop on the first signal was the heartbreaker! Spirit tried out Open A for the third time and I was pleased with her efforts. She even held her stays! That's the issue I've been focusing the training time on. Kayak and Xanadu's runs ended up right on top of one another even though I tried the best I could to move him. The judge in the Utility A ring didn't want me to move from first dog with Xan and they ended up waiting on me in the other ring. I let it fluster me a bit. Xan didn't do very well because of my state of mind (and her feeling pouty). Kayak got rushed right in his ring out of a crate with no warm up too. He was a bit high, but did fine until heeling. He decided heeling should be play bow and dance in front of me. He actually got excused from the ring. Naughty teenager. In the afternoon I only had Sparkle and Codex doing things. Both of them need concentrated attention span on my part. Unfortunately I had Sparkle entered under the man judge. Once he spoke she was a bit spooky the rest of run. She didn't retrieve on flat, but did over high. Then on the way to the broad jump the steward jumped into the ring gate and spooked her worse. FOUR people stood there and stared at her. I couldn't get her to turn and face away from them to do the broad jump. She would only sit next to me watching those people. I SWEAR!! Are dog people THAT dense??? It makes me irritable sometimes. Because of that the judge wouldn't let her do stays. She wasn't even running around or anything, just circling me and watching the STRANGERS. AH.. well.. on we go. Codex's first time in the ring was in Rally Novice. His ring time ended up being like 5pm. He did an awesome job and got a 97, tied for first, but lost the runoff having a slower time.


Codex rocked it at agility class tonight! I got there early and worked on his weaves. (He's finally ignoring the base!) I also went and found the panel jump and we worked on it from 8" all the way up to 16" (where he can't see the other side). He did fine. Hoping we fixed that issue. He did a circle of 5 obstacles including a broad jump, teeter, table, dogwalk and some jumps. Then we added in a front cross. He was a rockstar. I even got him up to jump 16" for one of the exercises and the teacher said he looked good doing it.


There's been this noise at the house the last week or so. Sounds like a spaceship hovering overhead. Goes on ALL daylight hours. Very annoying, very loud. Finally found out it's a Cicada overpopulation here this year. WOW! A zillion of them it must be! Hope they find mates soon and die off, move on.

Today after running errands and such I come home to find Codex lugging something around. It looks like a red rope as he runs by. I get him stopped and it turns out to be a HUGE crawfish. Like human edible size. I can't imagine where he got it, but it's dead and gone now!


Spent the morning practicing for the obedience trial next week! I took Kayak, Kamikaze, Sprigs, Sparkle, Spirit and Xanadu to a park with a tennis court along with all my obedience stuff. Cheryl and her guys met us there. It seemed to go well for most. Kamikaze was awesome. Holding out some hope for maybe a Q this weekend. Kayak was spot on as well, so I'm expecting his CDX to come. The Beagles had their moments. Sparkle seemed pretty solid though. Spirit knows the exercises, but struggles with focus on heeling and retrieving. Xanadu is fighting some stress issues related to the articles. I am familiar now with this exercises causing stress even when you think you have it conquered. I'm not holding out much hope for her though. It'll be a bit before we can get past the stress. Her signals seemed to have stabilized though. Sprigs isn't entered yet, but she practiced her Open exercises. I really just need to install out of sight stays and a drop on recall for her to be ready. By the time everyone had a quick practice session and then stay line practice it had gotten fairly warm already too!


Codex's agility class was cancelled for rain today. :(  I did go out to the field anyway and run some short sequences with him. We stayed off the dogwalk because of the moisture. He did a ring/jump/Frame/tunnel one very nice in an arc. He nailed teeter, but we struggled on the panel jump. He's never seen one and even at 8" it didn't look like a jump to him. Something to introduce this next week. We worked some on 6 weaves with the base. He is now not worried so much about the base and did a couple of OK sets of 6. Accurate, but still a bit cautious in a new place.


All dog entered in obedience in two weeks (YIKES) went out to practice tonight. Kayak was great. Still over-playful with dumbbell. Kamikaze was a rockstar! Xanadu has lost her come signal, but was great with all other things. Spirit lost her broad jump and forgot her retrieve signal. Sparkle forgot her retrieve word too and needed reminding on her drop on recall. None of it was horribly broken, just out of practice. I see what I'll be working on hard for the next couple of weeks. And... OH MY, stays. The beagle girls will have forgotten how to do a three minute sit.

Codex had his second agility class today. He did the AKC chute without help (by the end), broad jump and full height dogwalk. I also found out he's a tunnel sucker. It seems no matter how much one jump, cookie, two jump cookie I do all other obstacles are more fun than jumps. He also started understanding the base of weave poles wasn't a big deal.

5th - Happy Birthday (a day late) Rich
All transports got off as planned and all did well in car for 5 hours. Back from a USDAA show in Memphis, TN today.  It was outdoors on grass at a state park. It got just a tad hot for the Siberians seeing as how Sunday the high was 88 degrees. UGH!! There are no videos from the weekend as it was a SMALL show and no one could reliably be there to tape. 
Saturday started out fairly nice in the morning. Kayak had a fabulous gamble attempt in which he did the weaves at a distance and everything, just a slight matter of missing the first pole kept him from a Q. I proceeded to call his name in the air over a 26" jump to make him knock it in Standard. ARGH!! Then he pulled it together in some really hot temps to be just under time for his second Master Jumper Q! Kamikaze got her 11th Pairs Q with a friend and her Sheltie from AR. I even ran her as accommodating partner for a nice Golden from there in town. They Q'd too. The only Master Q's in Pairs were gotten with Kaz as a partner. Too bad she can't count both those runs for her too. She had an unfortunate bar fall in Grand Prix. We WON the class even with the bar down. UGH! If I'm gonna win I'd at least like to Q. Xanadu had a stellar Saturday! She got her last Advanced Standard leg for her AAD! Then she ran PII pairs with someone for a Q as well.

As luck and fun would have it, we found out Timber got his AAD in GA a few hours after Xanadu did. :)

Sunday started much warmer. Kayak was over time in Standard for missing his weave pole entrance TWICE. Then he was just barely (not even a second) over time in Jumpers. Kamikaze did manage her 12th Standard leg, but I forgot the Steeplechase course and sent her off.

So I've apparently lost all my senses and agreed to transport THREE dogs to Memphis with me tomorrow. A lady from the Lafayette area brought them to me at obedience tonight. They're cute and fairly easy. The mom and son are going together to IL. Not sure where the other one is headed, but it's from a different rescue, going to the Northeast I think. Hoping all the handoffs go well. The mom and son are scheduled to overnight at Mom's with me and be picked up at basically sunrise Saturday. Other guy is supposed to leave my possession Friday afternoon.