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Sparkle had agility class tonight. We ran a whole course. I took hot dogs to see if I could get her more enthused about actually running through the course. IT WORKED! She actually ran most of the course. And to boot, she even hit the off side weave pole entry at that speed. It did throw her weaving off a bit since she's never tried to do it that fast before. She'd get two poles and miss a pole and get the next two poles and then miss. I didn't dare fuss though. She was attempting to weave it was just that she was going to fast for her to figure out the rhythm. She didn't refuse any 16 inch jumps and didn't knock the triple either. I was so thrilled with her she got a mouth full of hot dogs and lots of hugs.


I laid Sparkle a track at the house today. At lunch we ran it. She got hopelessly lost at one of the turns because of the breeze. I helped her find her way and then she did OK, but she had NO article indication at the glove. HRMM... the 'down' on the glove seems to have disappeared. I took her in and laid a short track with gloves to treat her on. When we went back to it I pushed her down at the first glove and poured out the good stuff. It only took a couple of times to remind her. Hopefully it sticks. Lego had a track through the woods. He did great in the woods. The only article he missed stopping for was the metal one. It was a cap off a chain link fence post. He was so happy to be tracking! After work Sparkle and I worked more on 'choose to heel' off lead in Jedi's yard. I chose to work in that yard because she's not over there much and she likes to explore over there when she gets the chance. Sure enough she trotted off in the middle of heeling to snoop around. I calmly walked towards her and she ran. I kept calmly walking towards her until she was trapped in a corner. I politely picked her up and carried her back to where we were working while telling her firmly "NO MADAM, we're working" . I set her down nicely in heel and we tried again. She didn't leave anymore, and I started seeing the voluntary return to heel for the treats in that hand. I even tried the offset start where I start in front of her and off to the left so she has to 'try' to find heel on the left side. Then we worked on the evil stand for exam. I left her and then came back and hovered over her with the leash hanging off my neck while she was in her stay. She moved. AH HA! So, it's not just big hovering people that scare her. She was also nervous of me hovering. We worked on this with food shoving in mouth while I hovered. She calmed down and stayed. Then I left her in the stand stay and returned to her and stepped over her. Then I stayed standing over her like the London Bridge while I fed her. She seemed to improve some. 

Kamikaze had conformation class tonight. We haven't been in a few weeks and her attention span standing still showed that. Her stacks were much improved I thought though. She moves wonderfully for anyone. Sparkle got to come along and do some heeling and stands in a new and noisy parking lot. She met the conformation teacher for the first time in a stand for exam setting. She moved one foot, but held her own. We tried it several times and I got the teacher to hover some too. I think maybe Sparkle's CD chances can be recovered after her scare with the big man judge.


I rode in about 4 this afternoon from the Jackson obedience trial. Overall I am very happy with my two days there. On Saturday we arrived at the Jackson fairgrounds to an absolutely packed place. School buses, cars, trailers were everywhere. Thank goodness I was early. I found a spot not too far from the obedience building. As I was unloading the car it started to become more apparent what all the crowding was about. As it turned out there was a parade for the Jackson State homecoming leaving from the fairgrounds around 9 am. This meant lots and lots of marching bands and an enormous amount of loud and strange noises as well as masses of late-teenagers. Sparkle was not happy with this development at all. She was completely spooked by the reverberating "BOOM, BOOM, BOOM" inside the building. I couldn't get her to do anything. Not even for treats. This was not looking well for her first Novice appearance at all. Thankfully Kamikaze and Shelby were undisturbed. Utility A was at 9 am. We were the third team in. At least this time Shelby actually got up out of her sit when I moved forward and heeled a few steps. She wasn't heeling well, but she didn't start skulking into the middle of the ring until we started down the middle. The signals were her typical "If I never look at you then I don't have to do signals". The first article she attempted to pass the pile to visit the friendly judge. Eventually she actually did find the right one. Second article was a swift out and pick up the first one she got to and come back. She did pass the gloves exercise and the stand for exam. Her go-outs were only 5 feet past the jumps and then a quick return to me. Kazee was next in Rally Novice B. We were the last team in. She paid great attention to me. She heeled very well and at the end after we exited the ring I told her how great she was and we started playing tug with the nice leather leash. She thought it was the greatest thing ever. We ended up in a four way tie for first place with a perfect score. We won the blue ribbon with the fastest time. What a great start to a career.

Thankfully by the time Sparkle's class was due to start the bands had all dissipated. I was able to get her attention and get her working with some bacon leftover from breakfast, so I decided to try and show her. She wasn't scared entering the ring and did very acceptable on leash healing. Then during the figure eight she got an itch and kept trying to stop and scratch it, so she got drug some. At the halt she was able to take care of it and did better the remainder of the figure eight. The scariest exercise for her is the stand for exam. Lucky for us the judge was a nice lady and Sparkle passed although looking a bit nervous. She started off lead heeling well, but got distracted at each about turn and wanted to go sniff the middle of the ring. I had to call her name each time to reset her brain, but she'd come right back to heel. She did her recall too and even did her finish. I wasn't sure that heeling was a passing performance, but on the way out the judge said we were passing to this point. WOO HOO! She did her stays fine and got a 180. Not a great performance, but an average one. We ended up fifth of five qualifiers. I was happy with our first leg.

Today  Shelby started out much better and almost heeled an entire pattern. The signals were par for her though. Article one was an attempt to visit the judge again and then bring back yesterday's article that we never brought back yesterday. Article 2 was better and a pass. We did gloves correctly again as well as the stand. Her go-outs were maybe 10-12 feet past the jumps and she even took the high jump. I don't know if I'm gonna keep torturing us by showing her or not. She's not having fun and so consequently neither am I. She's 9 1/2, so I doubt I have a lot of time to try and fix her. Kazee was her most wonderful self again. The hardest exercise in Rally for her today was the FAST PACE. That jazzed her up something awful. She still finished with a 97 and a tie for first place. Once again she got the blue with the fastest time. Sparkle started Novice out with the most excellent ring heeling I've ever gotten from her and I was feeling pretty good... until the stand. Our judge today was a most wonderfully sweet guy, but a very imposing and large presence. I saw it in Sparkle's eyes when it registered with her that the big man was coming to touch her. She would have NOTHING of that and side stepped him. When he reached again she ran from him. I couldn't even get her to start the off lead heeling. She was watching him and just knew he was coming back to touch her again. She tried to leave the ring once and was stopped by two people in the ring gate, which scared her more. That was IT for her concentration and security. She wouldn't even come to me. I just went to the middle of the ring and picked her up and we left. I'm shooting myself for pushing her when I knew that could be an issue. I hope I haven't made a permanent negative impression in the ring. I did go and grab some sausage from breakfast and go around the show getting men to pet her while I shoved in the treats. I waited for the judge to finish the class and then I approached him holding Sparkle. He petted her and fed her sausage. She wasn't spooked as long as I was holding her. I put her down and her patted her and talked sweet while I pushed the treats in. She was a bit uneasy, but seemed to settle the he wasn't evil. I hope that helped average out the scary memory. In the middle of December there's a four day show at the Jackson fairgrounds. Obedience is in the exact same building, but all the judges are female. I am hoping she forgets the evil memory before then, and I know no other way than to take her back and have more positive experiences with nice ladies.

There was a show photographer there. I had Sparkle's picture taken with her first CD leg ribbon and Kazee's with her 2 shiny blue ribbons. I'll post them when they arrive in the mail.


What an exciting morning! I heard noises from the yard that sounded like a disagreement, so I ran out to see what was up. I see Kamikaze running off with Sparkle in hot pursuit and Shelby and Josie looking at the ground all confused. I call those two in the house quickly and go out the other side of the yard to see what the big deal is with the other two. I see Kazee running with an animal dangling out of the sides of her mouth and Sparkle trying to grab the parts of the critter sticking out. I grabbed a treat bag and shook it. Sparkle looked. So I took a handful of treats out and enticed her to me. Inside she went with her treats. I called Kazee and miracle of all miracles she came to me immediately with prize in tow. It turned out to be an adolescent squirrel. I had the treats and offered her one as I said "OUT!". She promptly swallowed her prize whole and asked for her treat for coming. WHY on the day before a show?? I called the vet. "Bring her in and we'll expel it.", they say.  So, off we go to visit Mr. Hydrogen Peroxide. It was a success and the squirrel reappeared in the vet parking lot still intact. The staff enjoyed the show and said it was their most exciting event all day.


I spent some time today working on Kamikaze's fronts and Sparkle's recalls. Then we went to class. If tonight's obedience class was any indication of what I'm gonna see from my guys this weekend at the show I'm doomed. Sparkle had about zero attention span. The heeling was just plain bad. Her stand for exam was nice though. I worked so hard on her NOT breaking her recall stay until called that she didn't come this time at all. There was a rally course set up so I ran Kamikaze through it once. OH, what a disaster. She was, first of all, spook by those strange signs. Then she was forging so bad I couldn't even do the serpentine around the cones. Her  one step, two, step three step back (in front position) was just bad. She was stepping on my toes and bumping me. She had a wonderful moving down though. By the end of the course she was getting it together more. I guess this taught me she is NOT one to get right out of the crate and not warm up before the ring entrance. I took Shelby along and worked heeling (not too bad), gloves and articles. She got the leather one right the first time, but failed the metal one the fist try. She did her gloves just perfect though. There was a full moon tonight and they've been giving me much better work than this in the past weeks. SO, maybe it was just one of those things.


I got a CD with all the pictures from the Pets and Pals demos today from the photographer plus the print I paid for. Go to Kazee's page to see the prints!

The best news today... Sparkle is now in possession of an official tracking certification so she can enter a test now!


I met up with Rosey and Cheryl for tracking practice this morning. Sparkle overshot her turns. The track was across a high traffic soccer field. Shelby got another chance in tracking harness down a straight line. She quits and looks at me if she doesn't find the next treat in the grass soon enough. I think she can track, but she depends so much on me letting her know when she's right she may never make it on a long track. Cheryl let me borrow Grace's tracking harness to give Kamikae her first try at tracking. She was so confused at first. She tried all her obedience behaviors, but once she found a treat on the ground she sniffed out the rest of them. This evening we went to Kay's for afternoon agility and an evening bonfire/cookout. I took Josie, Kamikaze, Sparkle and Misty along. Misty just wanted to go so bad when she saw us loading up the SUV that I couldn't leave her. Josie did both Kay's teeters without a hitch and seemed to enjoy herself. I had a nice confidence builder with Sparkle. I took her off leash in that strange place on grass and she didn't run off. She actually did agility there. Kazee also got to do all those new contact pieces without a problem. We had hot dogs and smores for dinner.


I decided to pull out utility gloves and articles for Lego to have a whirl at them again. He was doing well at them when I was regularly training him in obedience. I've kinda given up on showing him in utility because of the exhaustive stand for exam. I just don't' think he'll ever be able to hold still for some stranger to run their hands down both sides of him. Anyway, He got all excited when he saw what I had. He started bouncing up like "Me, Me, I can do it". I laid the gloves out in the living room and turned and sent him to the middle one. He ran so hard he skidded up to it. Then he snatched it up and threw it in the air., caught it on the way down and started shaking to "kill" it. It was all I could do not to bust out laughing. He ended up on the ground with the glove pawing at it. I reminded him to bring it back to me, and he was like "OH yeah". He came in to a perfect front with the glove dangling out of his mouth and the most serious working dog look in his eyes. The other two sends to gloves went a bit better, but he was enjoying himself immensely. When I dumped the articles out I couldn't keep him out of the pile. He was immediately trying to pick one out to get his treat. He still doesn't 100% understand this game. He tries really hard to though, and I'm sure if I put my mind to it he'd learn it fairly quickly. He did pretty good with 6 articles. He was definitely sniffing them though I'm not sure he quite remembered just what scent he was hunting for.

Tonight was Sparkle and Kamikaze's obedience class. Kazee is doing great. I think Rally Novice shouldn't be any problem next weekend. Sparkle did her very first off leash heeling somewhere other than at home in the backyard. She did very well! I was happy that she seemed to stay focused on the task at hand and not fall into sniffing along. She stayed in a stand long enough for the entire class 9 (at least 6 people) to do a novice exam without moving her feet or ducking  her head. She did a 5 minutes down stay and a 2 minutes sit stay in the doggie line of stays. The one thing that makes me the most nervous about Novice with her is the Recall. Don't get me wrong, she always comes. but sometimes she anticipates the call or even gets up and follows me across the ring. If she waits on the call she's usually pokey on the recall, not intent on getting to me in any kind of hurry. Maybe this is the one exercise I should focus on in the next week.


Kamikaze is 6 months old today! They grow up so fast!


Tonight was Sparkle's agility class.  I've decided no more 12" jumping in class since she's gonna need to jump 16 in USDAA and maybe AKC. If she can jump 12 then it should be a nice surprise for her. I got there early and worked with her on a 16" tire. She's only been doing 12" and the tire looks much different as it goes up. It was a good decision. She tried to walk under it or around it the first few times. I finally got her through it a couple of times and she seemed to understand. Then we worked on more confident teeter performance and I'm beginning to see that improving as well. In class, we ran an excellent course that was set up last night. It was Sparkle's first look at a panel jump. She trotted up to it and stopped and craned her neck to look over. Once she saw ground on the other side she jumped it fine. It was cute to watch though. She walked by the Aframe the first time. I'm not sure why. She's usually good at it. I got a couple of refusals at jumps where she thought maybe she'd just walk around. Once she came to realize that wasn't gonna fly she started jumping fine. She even cleared the double and triple at 16 inches this time. The last time she saw them she hit the last bar. The best part was watching my persistent weave training at work. There were 12 regulation poles in this course and she hit the entry the first try and did EVERY pole the first time. She didn't do them fast or confidently, but it's the first time she's done them ALL. We stopped after the weaves and has a party before we finished the course. She still isn't running. She trots, but she does speed up about half way through the course. 

The CGC test for her and Kamikaze has been postponed until the first Friday in November.


The joys of being young with lots of space and cooler weather


A big day today! Sparkle and I started the morning by tracking at 7 AM. I had a friend lay her a regulation novice track. We aged it an hour like at a tracking test. She tracked like a champ. She's much better at turns than Lego and I'm about to figure out her body language. She's definitely ready to certify! Rosey and Red showed up to learn to track. Red looks like he has real potential to be a tracking dog. Cheryl gave Grace a try and she's gonna get this game quick. Bernie even decided he could do it if little sister could. He looked better than I've ever seen him look. I laid Khayenne a track while I was there and John will let it age 4 hours and come back to run it. 

I raced back home to switch vehicles and dogs to do demos at the parish sponsored pet event a local park. I took all my small agility stuff and Kamikaze. She did a dog show demo there. I also took her off leash for the first time in a non-fenced area to attempt to participate in the agility demo. I had a handful of treats and said my quick prayer for a dog that recalls. I slipped her leash off and off we went. She stayed in the agility area and with me for her brief little run. 4 12" jumps, a tunnel, a chute, and the broad jump was her contribution. I was very proud and dispensed plenty of treats and leashed her back up. She had fun being a husky ambassador and letting kids hug her and adults stroke her. There was a photographer there and I had Kazee's 'fall picture' made on some hay bails. The photographer also took some gating shots of Kazee. I can't wait to see them. Cheryl and her kids were there and she had her camera ready too. Here's a few of the shots she got.

Cheese is yummy!

The photographer from Pensacola has his pictures up now too!
Jedi DIDN'T bail this one
Jedi jump
Josie catches air
Jedi RING (going on collage t-shirt)
Josie RING (going on collage t-shirt)
Sparkle at practice jump (going on collage t-shirt)
Kamikazee at practice jump (going on collage t-shirt)
Jedi and I play
Kamikaze with wicked sun angle.She looks so grown up
The chase
The trip
The fall Mom why are you on the ground?


A BREAKTHROUGH! Today when I took Sparkle out to the 6 weaves in the front yard she did them correctly. And then again back through them. Twice more I took a 5 minute break to run her through the weaves. Each time she hit them and did them all correctly. By George, I think it's clicking. She also got to run an hour old track which she handled well after a rough start at the first turn. I was feeling pretty good about my little girl by lunch. It's about time to set up a certification track for her so I can try and get her into a tracking trial in December. Then at lunch Lego ran a 3 hour old track that started in the grass for one leg and then turned into the woods next door. He also fiddled around a bit at the opening, but once into the woods he keep his nose down and followed my steps almost step for step. He also stopped for a pill bottle article for the first time. He stopped for his peanut butter lid and his leather square too. WOW! It was awe inspiring to watch him work through the woods where straight lines weren't always possible, so there was lots of weaving around. I am amazed at his ability to use his nose.  


Kamikaze did well in her agility class last night. I was sure not to overdue it this time and she was still enthusiastic when we quit. She's really got the teeter down now. She likes the bang and everything.

CGC class went very well for Kazee tonight. She should pass next week. Sparkle was a bit more distracted than normal in her Novice obedience class. It was a bit cooler with a nice breeze bringing her wonderful smells. She held it together and did everything though. Her recalls need some speed. I'm not sure what to do to encourage it. I was very pleased that she stuck her 2 minute sit stay and a 4 minute down stay without a problem. She should do OK at the CGC test too. 

I finally caught a deer standing in the back property this afternoon. Not the best shot as she moved away from the fence when she saw me, but you can still make her out.


I skipped conformation class last night since it was rainy all day and I was tired from my trip. This afternoon I pulled out our teeter to see if Josie would balk at it. NOPE, of course not. She sprinted right up it and banged it down all happy like. I screwed the tension down tight so it wouldn't fall until she was almost at the end. That didn't' phase her either. So, I took her with me to Sparkle's agility class to see if she'd balk at the ones out there. NOPE, again, she ran out and right up without hesitation. DANG! How am I supposed to fix a problem that won't manifest in training. Sparkle didn't do any running off this time in class, but she didn't run much either. She still trots along like she's on a Sunday stroll. She even trotted around a couple of jumps. I'm making her do 16" all the time now to build up her stamina. We did, however, have some success creating a sit on the table after our auto down.

Kamikaze is doing well sleeping in the big dog crate in the dog room. She hasn't complained at all.


I had planned a nice leisurely, daylight drive to Pensacola. Leave here around noon, get there around four. Plenty of time to hook up the motorhome and setup crates in the daylight. Well, as things have a way of doing sometimes, the deck was stacked against me. When I went to the motorhome to see what all I needed to get loaded I found the battery to the cabin area dead. No slide out, no lights. ACK! I find where the battery is stored and pull it out and haul it to Auto Zone. "NO GO", I tell them. It turns out to be a very large marine battery. Guess that makes since for it to be on the underside of a motorhome. Anyway, Auto Zone  has no battery large enough to replace it. ACK ACK! They offer to try charging it. "It's a 50/50 shot,"  they say. "OK, how long til we know?" Turns out an hour later I have a fully charged battery again. Back home and beg Rich to come home and help install the 50-60 pound thing. He makes it home to help. I end up leaving around an hour late, but not too disastrous. I can still make Mobile, AL before rush hour. Off we go just to find that the weather patterns are causing a decent gusty wind. This makes holding a large rolling monstrous vehicle in just one lane on an interstate quite a chore. I have to slow down some to make it plausible to keep her on the road. As I'm cruising on into Pascagoula, MS I see the zillionth vehicle on the side of the road. At 65 -70mph I don't immediately register that I recognize this Ford Econoline conversion van, but an airbrush Dalmatian jumping through a tire jump on the wheel cover shocks me back to reality. This is a fellow agility competitor stranded on the side of I-10 with a complete blow-out. I slammed on the brakes, to no avail at this speed, and shot past her. OK, I can turn around at the next exit, but I have to cross the Pascagoula bridge to get to an exit. For five miles or so I struggle with one part of me intent on returning to check on my friend and one part not wanting to stop and be even later getting in to Florida. When I see the next exit sign, I know there is no real choice here, what if that were me?, and I get off and get back on going the other way to return to the stranded van. Thankfully she was stranded just past an exit, but not yet on the actual bridge. I got off and back on going west again. I turned the flashers on and park on the shoulder behind her. She was very glad to see a familiar face, and one with enough room for her and her dogs if the van wasn't immediately fixable. She had called roadside assistance some 20 minutes past, so we waited. The guy is able to get the shredded tire changed and get her on the road again. I followed her in to the show site to be sure it drove OK. The little road side hiatus made the drive to Florida seem so short since it cut the driving about in half. The rush hour traffic in Mobile, AL was nothing at all and we cruised right through. I still had just enough time to hook up and set up crates as the sun slipped away.

Friday, the show started about a half an hour or more late. I went 0 for 10. Not my best showing, but I was only really disappointed about one run. Most of them were OH SO CLOSE. Jedi started out almost getting his first Master Gamble. He did jump, jump, teeter and then when I failed to give more instructions he came back to me missing the last jump in the gamble. Oh, to shoot the handler sometimes. The same gamble spooked Josie somehow of the teeter. She spent the rest of the weekend refusing to do teeters. This isn't the first time she's suddenly gotten this phobia. So, I think, here we go again, another month of re-training to go. Her fear just got worse all weekend too. The snooker on Friday was doable. I couldn't get Jedi to turn to save my life, so he ran out of time before he could get the points. Josie had a nice run going that I blew. In Pairs both dogs ran well, but with one refusal. Jedi's partner wasn't having much luck that day, nor was Josie's partner. Josie had a most hideous Adv. Standard run. She started slow and nervous. "I can't possibly lay down on a table!" Since there was no chance of a Q I called her off the table and sent her back when she didn't lay down since her down is supposed to be automatic. This went on about 5 times with no down. Finally she hopped up and stared at the ceiling and I just made the buzzer noise (wrong behavior prompt) at her and she dropped. In hind sight I should have had a party and left, but I didn't, I finished the course. Thankfully jumpers was a nice course. I ran Jedi first and he was three jumps from the end running beautifully, and then I blew it. I tried a tight back cross, that I'd already told myself NOT to do in the walking, and he turned off the jump to see what I was doing. DANG DANG! I fixed that problem for Josie's run but took my eyes off her on the next to last jump that was off set ever so slightly and she went by it. Once again, a bad handler! How frustrating! There was a photographer there and I got him to take a shot of Sparkle at the practice jump. Stay tuned for links to his photos when he gets them posted. I spent the evening visiting with the neighbors, Butch and Georgie, and watching a movie.

Saturday started better as jumpers was first and both guys Q'd. Josie was showing those signs of stress though and walking off the start line. Jedi had a Master Standard run to die for. One little bobble caused the NQ. It was half way through the weaves. 2 obstacles from the end. He just stop weaving and barked at me instead. ARGH! Snooker went well for both guys. Jedi was on track for a Super Q run when I blew it and sent him off course. Josie did get 40 points and a Q. She was only one weave pole from finishing the 7 point obstacle and she would've Super Q'd. WHAAAA! Gamblers was a no go for me this day. It involved 2 sets of 6 weaves in it. No way for Jedi, but some hope for Josie. I blew Josie's chances by getting on the wrong side headed to the gamble and then trying to fix it I slowed her down with all my bad handler stuff and she had no speed over the jump to head out the the weaves. Pairs went better for Josie and she managed a 2nd place Q with her partner. Jedi had the bad luck of Josie's Friday partner who, once again, couldn't seem to get it together. Advanced Standard was a disaster again! Josie started scared and refused the teeter and was slow on the table. I spent the evening sitting outside the RV visiting with the other people there until a wild storm blew in and we all took cover in our own motorhomes.

The photographer got a shot of Kamikaze at the practice jump for me today. He also got a shot of Kazee and Sparkle tripping me with their leashes as they tried to play chase on leash.  Sunday wasn't very lucky for me in the ring either. Standard was great with Jedi except for one run by on a tunnel. Man how it stinks to keep having just that one thing! Josie's standard run was once again terrible. She refused the teeter just before the table. When we got the the table she dropped on it without prompt. So, seeing as how my weekend had been, I took the opportunity to reward the proper table behavior. As soon as she was all the was down I had a party and praised her greatly as we left for our treats. Master Gamblers was made for Josie today. A tunnel and 4 jumps. She went out and turned away from me and was sailing down the home stretch. I forgot the last jump was slightly off set farther from the gamble line and I didn't say get out and so she missed the last jump in an otherwise wonderful attempt. There was no way Jedi would've turned away from me to get the line of jumps, and he didn't. He didn't even have enough opening points for goofing around. Snooker was last. Unfortunately the teeter was number 6. No way to Super Q without taking it and no good plan to not have to take it in the opening. I bit the bullet and ran out there with Josie with 3 opening teeters in mind. Maybe we can work through this fear? NOPE! First one out she flatly refused to do it at all. We spent 20 seconds there with her putting one foot on and not walking up. We got in three horribly slow teeter performances for our 53 seconds. I'm not looking forward to this retraining. Jedi, on the other hand was running great, Super Q plan going well. He even hit an off side weave pole entrance at number 5 that I was sure would send us packing. Unfortunately somewhere in the middle he decided to skip a pole. ARGH! We had done the tough parts too!  I packed it all up and had a thankfully uneventful drive home and got in a a very decent hour with daylight left.


Kamikaze had her agility class tonight. She did great at the beginning, but started to tire and get hot near the end. This greatly reduced her focus and desire so I quit class a bit early. I want to keep it fun for her. I hope I didn't over do it tonight. She's also been prompted to the 'big girl' crate for night sleeping now. Of course, to her it may be a demotion since the big crate is in the dog room and not the bedroom. She did fine last night though. Tomorrow afternoon Josie and Jedi and I are off to a three day agility show in Pensacola.


Kamikaze went to conformation class yesterday. We are doing much better together. I even got to see her work for someone else. She moves well with anyone and even the free stack goes fairly well, but that manual stacking by a stranger doesn't. 

Today Kamikaze came along to Sparkle's agility class so I could work her some before class started. She got her first introduction to the weave poles. It was with the channel weaves and a pretty healthy sized channel. She doesn't seem bothered by the poles touching her on both sides as she walked through. Class tonight was a course that some people had set up last night. Sparkle's first try at it wasn't awful, but lacked enthusiasm for sure. It was her first time to do an entire course and I was pleased that this time I got her to do the whole course without strolling off to visit or sniff. She ran painfully slow though. I also noticed we need some more work on the tire jump. We also need work on a 16 inch triple as she hit that last bar. By her third pass at it she had sped up considerably and looked like she was having fun. She's one I'm going to have to warm up good before a run to get her going. She even made a valiant effort at the weaves a couple of times. It's like she knows now that she is supposed to go back and forth between the poles, but she doesn't always do each pole. She skips one here and there. I was very pleased though because I saw signs for the first time that she's about to get the idea! 

Only 5 people showed up for class, so after a couple of run throughs Nedra  got her young dog out and kinda let her run crazy through the course.  "If she can I can," I thought. So out came Kamikaze for a pass at the course. The bars were only 12 inches. GOLLY BE! My baby dog did the course (except for the weaves) in fine style. She stopped at each of her contacts too. Her biggest problem was finding tunnel entrances on her own when I called out "TUNNEL". She jumped on them first each time. At least I know she knows which obstacle I'm talking about. She also ran by the teeter on the first try, but did it fine when I turned her around. Seems she thought she was going too fast to do it the first time. At obstacle 14 or so she got a bit crazy and did some butt spinning in place and in a small circle, but didn't take off. If this keeps up, which I hope it does, she's gonna be a great agility dog. She's having so much fun!