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31st-Happy Halloween

Kayak made the draw for the tracking test in Houston this weekend. Cheryl and I will be headed out Friday afternoon so we can run agility Saturday and track on Sunday. PLEASE let the warm weather stay away. A pass for Kayak would be his VCD title.

Codex says the outdoor water buckets are still a bit too big!

Poor Xan had to eat dinner off the floor today since I dropped her bowl on the way to the crate. No problem for a beagle!


This was a whirlwind if an experience. I left Louisiana on Tuesday with both Siberians and Codex to drive to Memphis and stay a night with my parents. While there I picked up Karen and her Siberian, Revel, and we went on Wednesday morning to Murfreesboro. I was very pleased with the site. There was a TON of green space and the rings were nice and all close together and close to the stalls where we were crating. There was plenty of room left in the stall when we got there to join our stall mate for all three Siberian crates. Kamikaze had two STELLAR quarter final runs Wednesday. We were oh so close to making the cutoff for semifinals in Steeplechase and actually DID make the semifinals for Grand Prix. Never in my wildest dreams did I think we could make a semifinal round! We got a nice ribbon and a polo shirt to commemorate the occasion. 

Early Thursday morning there was a disturbance at the hotel. Someone 'under an influence' rammed their SUV into the pool area fence at the hotel. That just happened to be right below our room. Yeah, that commotion woke me up at like 2am and there was no more sleep for me. Team Jumper Thursday was just not pretty. All three of my team members got an off course for an E. At least we all redeemed ourselves in Snooker with decent to most excellent scores. Friday we had a decent Team Gamblers run. We got tangled a bit in the closing that caused us to be just over time and loose the closing points. UGH! Saturday we ran Team Standard very well first thing in the morning. Then at noon we ran in the Grand Prix semis. I managed to do an 'unclear cue' right out of a tunnel and send her by a jump, but it was a respectable run. Since we were done so early I decided to go on and head to Mom's Saturday afternoon. I spent all day Sunday with them and headed home Monday.

Codex had a grand time every day playing in the fields and meeting dogs and people. He had lots of off leash time and was excellent. He tried out the lure coursing event, but the noises and corner holders spooked him a bit. We tried out the agility obstacles set up for testing  your dogs ability. He, of course, won the hearts of the people manning that booth. He did tunnel by himself off leash. He went through jump uprights with bars on the ground. They thought he was the bomb. We even met some sheep and horses (through fencing). He LOVED walking the vendor loop each day and saying 'HI' to them. By the third day he knew which vendors would fawn over him and he'd dash in their booth to say "HI". So cute. It was an awesome experience for him.

I was also thrilled with the location of the hotel. Five miles straight down the road from the site. Also, within one mile you could eat at any type of restaurant you could ever want and shop at WalMart and Target.


Yesterday I hauled Sprigs and Codex out to a fellow agility person's house to practice. Mostly I was there to put the bad teeter skipping Dachshund on some other equipment. Naturally she banged that teeter just fine, first try. Codex got to play in a U-shaped tunnel, ride the end of the teeter, play in a chute and practice his table behavior. This morning I laid out a track for Xanadu and Lego as well as working with Codex. I was so impressed with Lego. He didn't limp, had plenty of endurance for the longer track and he NAILED it. Xan has forgetten some TDX skills though. I really think I can work with Lego and try him on an X track again this season. He really deserves that title. Then this afternoon I hauled them to Cheryl's house to see her agility equipment. Once again the Dachshund did teeter just fine. GRRR! Gone skin her if she plays scaredy cat of teeters at her next show. Codex did a U tunnel, rode the teeter end and played chute again.

Yesterday Codex figured out he could nap under the computer desk! Very happy about that. It means less puppy watching.

Friday Codex got to try on coats for our upcoming trip to Murfreesboro, TN and USDAA nationals. Temps are supposed to be in 30-40s in the mornings.

a new coat bought by Cheryl for us. IT was the best fit

Sprigs coat was a bit long in leg and big in the chest

Sparkle's puppy coat was a bit small


Codex started puppy class tonight. I arrived early to practice with all the other guys. Everyone did really well for having 4 months off. Kamikaze was SPOT ON on all the Utility stuff we did. We skipped gloves and go-outs (didn't bring ring or jumps). Spirit surprised me by doing her drop on recall the first try and retrieving Grace's dumbbell just fine (since I left hers at home). Xanadu did signals first try and did OK on articles. Kayak was great on Open exercises, but has lost some confidence in the articles that we were in the middle of training  before the puppies came. After Codex went through puppy class Cheryl and I set up a red dog stay line. Xanadu wanted to pop up on the down, but Kamikaze, Kayak, and Spirit did nice out of sight stays.


This show didn't go any better for Kamikaze and I. We came home with a big goose egg ! ARGH! Kayak, on the other had did very well. He got his ADV Gambler and ADV Jumper titles! I also had Kayak entered in Grand Prix for the first time. When I picked up the course map I knew we were in trouble. ICK! I swore to leave if he just decided to quit on that course. He DIDN'T quit, but he got a little irritated. He was the only 26" dog to run it clean, though over time. I still took that first place ribbon. He earned it.

There's a big fenced field behind this arena where Codex and Kirk got to run and play everyday. A very nice perk!

Today I finally took back the puppy bathroom. I emptied it of most of their stuff and got the tub ready for doggie baths. It was a bit tough and a few tears fell. It still smelled like them! Then all the hounds got baths as well as Josie and Sprigs.

Meanwhile puppy Ridge spent the weekend picking apples in an orchard and attending an October festival with scarecrows everywhere to meet.



Cheryl and I will be headed out Friday to go to Tyler for another USDAA show. Hoping Kamikaze does better than last weekend. Feeling a little stressed headed towards USDAA nationals at the end of the month with Kaz not doing so well in the Q column. Meanwhile here's what happens when I try napping with Codex

That's Josie's hiney next to Spirit's head with Twinkle curled behind my knees, Xan in front of me and Codex on my neck.

Yesterday I got this shot of Codex with his Mom and Aunt. Looks like he's going to look like his Aunt more than his Mom.


The Siberians and I had a USDAA agility show in Gulfport this weekend. The temps were horribly HOT for them. Josie made an appearance Sat. and Sunday to run Snooker and Xan made an appearance for Pairs on Sat. There aren't any videos since Cheryl had a work obligation out of town. On Friday both Kamikaze and Kayak Q'd in Gamblers. Kaz in Master and Kayak in Adv.  From then on Kamikaze was Q-less. THE WHOLE OF TWO DAYS! ACK. Saturday my only Q was with Xanadu running PI pairs with a Louisiana gal and her Golden. We only entered because there were no other pairs people entered for her to run with. I did get to run Rosey's lab, Caboose, in Steeplechase finals and then again in Pairs (so her two boys could run together). We managed to pull out a Pairs Q for her two boys! On Sunday Josie and I brought home the Super Q in Snooker. Too bad since we were entered to get beat so someone else could get a Super Q. Great for her at almost 10 to still be pulling out Snooker legs. Kayak flat out walked Standard and got hauled off by obstacle 7 or so. No way were we gonna make time. Sunday Kayak got the gamble again for his second Adv. Gamble leg. He also managed another Adv. Jumper Q. I was surprised he made time since it was LAST THING and it was hot. That's 2 in Jumpers for him as well.

Diane took this festive photo of Ridge