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 I got home from the agility show about 4. All in all it wasn't a bad weekend at all. I do hate that the worst day seems to be the last so there's a disappointing taste as you drive home even though as a whole things went well. Friday when I got there and got setup I got a voicemail from Cheryl saying she was too sick to drive up that day. So, we saved her a spot in case she came on Sat. Friday morning started with FAST. Kamikaze had a beautiful run in Open FAST and did the SEND too. We had 60 points, but I didn't have an exit plan, so we fumbled a bunch getting out and lost 7 of those points by going over time dropping us to a 53. 55 is the minimum required to Q. Darn my bad handling! Standard was next. Kamikaze had a decent Standard run, but couldn't keep her off the table or Aframe when they weren't the right next obstacle. Lego walked The beginning of Open Standard. This from the crazy maniac zoomies dog. It was so bad I just grabbed his collar and walked out after about 5 obstacles. The teeter was obstacle three in Novice Standard. I knew Sparkle would either sink or swim quickly. We sunk. As soon as I said teeter she was leaving. Lego had a respectable Excellent Jumpers run after his terrible start to Open Standard. He never even zoomed off. Kamikaze had a perfect and rather smooth Open Jumpers run for first place and her OAJ title! Sparkle was a slug in open Jumpers and we had to leave.

Saturday started with Jumpers. Lego once again had a very respectable run. Kamikaze had what I'd consider a very nice first run in Excellent. I think we had one run by on a jump and that was it. Then to cap the morning Sparkle trotted a perfect Open Jumpers run for her first OAJ leg. She was over time a bit, but did all her weaves the first try and everything. She got a First place too. Open Standard was OK for Lego. For Kamikaze, it went better than yesterday, but for some reason Standard course always seem to kick my butt. I have an ever increasing uneasiness about standard. Sparkle managed to accidentally do a teeter in her Standard run. We immediately left for treats for doing the teeter. Cheryl didn't make it to the show today either. Kamikaze had a decent FAST run, but entered the wrong end of the final tunnel in the SEND bonus.

Sunday started with Standard. Lego started perfect for about 6 obstacles, then we got disconnected.  Kamikaze left the ring at the weaves and wouldn't come back. I don't know what goes on with her and the weaves. She was great with them Friday. Good with them Saturday and Sunday leaves when I tell her to weave. Then to cap my frustration, Sparkle had the teeter as obstacle three again. She trotted past it to just leave out the back. I got her to get on the table and picked her up and left.  Lego had a very attentive Excellent Jumpers run. Since I'm not accustomed to a responsive dog I pulled him off several jumps. We did no go back and fix them either. I WILL NOT let him think he's wrong for doing what my body and/or mouth said to do. I let Megan run Kamikaze in Jumpers since she left the ring on me in Standard. It was kind of an experiment. "Am I too stressed and making it not fun?" combined with "Leave me and I'll send you to someone else". I was very pleased that she ran half a course with Megan. Wouldn't weave for her either though. She didn't, however run straight to me when Megan took the leash off. She even stayed at the start line for her to lead out. Sparkle chose to go straight from jump two to the weaves and not turn to jump three. She started weaving, so I went and encouraged the weaves, I am NOT ABOUT to call her out of the weaves or tell her NO when she decides to weave. If she wants to weave, we'll weave no matter if it's right or not. I praised the weaves and we left for treats. So Sunday was a bit of frustration, but overall not a bad AKC weekend.

Here's what hounds left to their own devices in the motor home do!


Today seemed to be 'one of those days'. After some frustration at work, I got home and we decided to drop my motorcycle off for service on the way to pick up Rich's clinic van at the shop. The motorcycle starter has been acting up for a while, and now won't start at all. Otherwise it seems great. So, Rich push started me and the bike and followed us to the shop. Something about the engine noise was off and I could feel subtle bursts of speed and then some power loss. Not a big deal, I'm on the way to the shop. It's not even 10 miles. Well, with about a couple of miles to go she died when I engaged the clutch. I could feel it coming and was off the main road. Rich stopped and push started me again. It took off, but died again as soon as I had to use the clutch. I'll shorten the story to say Rich started pushing down the shoulder while I drove the truck to the shop to borrow a ramp to get it in the truck bed. On to the clinic van. Rich paid and picked up the keys. He'd ordered two new remotes as a part of this service. I go to the truck as he heads to the van. I pull out of the space to see him returning to the service counter. Only one remote worked. We waited around at leash 45 minutes while they tried to program them both to work. No luck. We left it there and had to drive back in 5 o'clock traffic to Denham (ICK!)

Today I noticed one of Xanadu's front teeth dangling. Turns out she's lost the other one already and this one needs to be yanked to get it out of her way. She was none to pleased with me looking in or touching in her mouth. We got it done, but I need to work on her attitude about people looking at her teeth if I plan on showing her without causing me embarrassment or her stress. I have a plan that should work. Lift lips and rub peanut butter on gums. Hopefully she'll start to associate teeth looking with peanut butter treats. After dinner we were out watching Sparkle and Xanadu playing. On a whim I went in and brought out Sparkle's dumbbell and set it on the ground. Xanadu snatched it up and took off. It must've been a high prized toy for her too, because I had a hard time treat bribing her out of it. I guess that's a good sign for dumbbell retrieve training. The hard part won't be teaching her to hold it, but teaching her to give it back! I will do this again in the daylight so I can get pictures for the blog.

Tomorrow night is our first puppy obedience class. Then first thing Friday morning I'm taking off to an agility show.


Last night there was an open agility practice. I showed up with Kamikaze and Sparkle since neither have worked on anything but weaves since August. We set up an Excellent Standard course. Kamikaze hit her weaves! The rest of it was a bit wild and wooly. She wasn't listening well and wasn't doing contacts well. It also seems she's never seen a tunnel under a dog walk ramp. This spooked her good and she kept bailing off the ramp. We worked it individually on leash with major cookies and she figured it out. I took a second turn with Kazee at the end and her contacts and listening improved dramatically. She is going back into classes next month. Sparkle, on the other hand, was almost perfect. She did all the contact obstacles the first try and didn't think of wandering off ever. She even bounced her weaves. Xanadu got to go out for the experience of going. She also walked the baby dog walk and had her first encounter with a baby teeter. She had no problem going over the very low Aframe again. She had a blast. 

Xanadu got her first outside play while we were gone today. Rich put her out at lunch. So, she was out about 3 hours before I got home. She was out with Sparkle, Josie, Lego and Shelby. She seemed to love the outdoor play and she did fine. She was happy as a clam when I got home, but thoroughly pooped. She was a limp rag for a couple of hours. Just snoozing away. She renewed her energy by late evening and wanted more play with Sparkle.

I hate buying a little pillow just for the x-pen and watch the puppy chew it up, pee on it, and/or spill water all over it. This has been a regular occurrence for each puppy we get. So, I made an ingenious puppy pillow this afternoon. I had kept an old oblong shaped pillow cover that was made of very durable, washable stuff and had a hidden zipper. The insides had been soaked so many times that we just threw them out. No good reason for keeping the cover, other than it was in great shape. I dug it out and shoved a few dog towels and dog sheets in it, zipped it up, shook them all to one end of the cover, and folded it over and viola! Perfect puppy pillow. 100% washable and insides are absorbent as well. Xanadu loves it too.


Saturday was the post hurricane volunteer cleanup at the club's agility field. I was pleasantly surprised at the numbers of members that showed up and worked to drag limbs and rake debris. Xanadu rode along. She spent a lot of the cleanup time in her crate on the tailgate of the truck. None of the noises bothered her though. There were three chainsaws going at once and a riding lawn mower. This was her first time out at the agility field. During her out of crate time she met three new border collies. She fell madly in love with a sizable red male.  She wanted to follow him around everywhere. I even used the nice trained border collies for a training tool. There was an A-frame lowered to where the apex was around my elbow height. I sent a border collie over and let Xanadu chase them over it (on leash). She thought it was great fun. That was her only obstacle interaction during cleanup day. She did get to meet new people, and most importantly several of them where men (husbands that don't compete). I've noticed since our club is mostly women working their dogs that sometimes my new additions don't get to meet enough new and different men in class situations. One man even dispensed treats for her cute sits. 

Shortly after getting home from the agility field cleanup I noticed a metal drain pipe built into the wall leaking a steady stream of water. I alerted Rich and ask him what that was supposed to drain. "That's a hot water heater overflow. I don't think it should be running like that." Some investigation at the heater and some online and he reached the conclusion that the emergency pressure release valve was malfunctioning or the hot water heater was never turning the heater element off. To test the theories we turned the heater element completely off. A hour later the drain still has a steady stream coming out. OK, so the valve is faulty. According to online research this can be for a couple of different reasons, but all of them mean you need to replace you emergency pressure release valve. Supposedly any semi-competent human can do this. Off to Home Depot to buy a new one. We had a little trouble finding them until we ran into a licensed plumber shopping there. He showed us where they were and made sure we got the right one and then proceeded to explain how to replace it. He also answered some of our questions on point of use water heaters. We got his card! Back at home it was just as easy for Rich to replace the valve as it had been described and abracadabra no more drip from the outside drain. 

Xanadu is getting increasingly more free time outside unsupervised with increasingly more friends out there with her. She is not pestering the older guys much anymore and has figured out ways to entertain herself. She does love following Sparkle around though. It's very cute.

Today I did get all the dogs that are entered in Gulfport AKC agility out to work on weaves. Kamikaze was up first and she was awesome. I even saw her dropping her rear and leaning backwards at the first pole to control her speed on entry! Please let her show off these weave skills at the show this weekend! Sparkle was next. She messed around the first try, but second pass was doing the cute bouncing poles (not the walking ones). Lego was great, as always he is here. He just hasn't learned to transfer his training skills to the real ring yet. This weekend's show will be Xanadu's first motor home trip too!

I decided since I only had one jump and the weaves up I'd work with Josie a bit to see if we can start overcoming our first obstacle fear. Well, happy day, she acted just like she does at a trial! Trainers understand my joy at this. You have a hard time fixing a trial problem at home if it never happens at home. She was all depressed looking and when I left her in a stay in front of the jump and then walked passed the jump and released her she walked around the jump tail drooping and head down. I had great sausage for treats. I didn't say anything ugly to her, but I called her back to the spot she was in a stay. We tried the jump with me standing still next to it. She jumped it, but it was a half-hearted attempt. It still received a yummy bite of sausage and a happy, praising owner. Back to our stay. I led out and she took the jump. More yummy treats and excited owner. A couple of times like this and she was back to the old Josie I know and love. Leaning forward in her stay and even breaking it to jump a couple of times. (which I did NOT fuss about) I added the weaves in after the jump when she was eagerly sailing over the jump. She nailed them at warp speed too. More great treats. We even did one wrap around the jump to the weaves since wraps seem to de-motivate her at a show. She was a champ about it. We were out there maybe a total of 5 minutes. So it was short and sweet with great praise and treats. Hopefully this will help us at shows. I also think a key to getting the show reaction was walking her to the jump on her agility leash and having to fuss with getting it off just like at a show. I am re-enrolled in classes starting the beginning of October. I hope to split the class time with Kamikaze and Josie. That way I can work with Josie in a different setting with the leash fussing, but I can make her time short and happy. And Kamikaze can hopefully keep her enthusiasm for the sport and not get burned out as is easy to do with a Siberian.


Xanadu, Kamikaze and Sparkle went out to obedience last tonight. Many club members where there between sessions to work with their dogs. I got there almost an hour early so I could work some with Xanadu. We practiced watching me and taking a couple of steps in heel position. Then some sit and down practice and a couple of quick recalls. Maybe 5-7 minutes total. People start arriving about 30 minutes early to potty their dogs and socialize (people and dogs). Xanadu met a Pembroke Corgi that's 5 days or so younger than her. They are the same size. They tore it up playing. The Corgi lives with an Akita that we met next. No fear at all on Xanadu's part. She wanted it to play. Of course, I know this Akita well and it's a great friend of Sparkle's. They are same age (Sparkle and Akita) and grew up together in classes. Next was an Irish Water Spaniel, another potential playmate Xanadu said. Then a Boxer that did play with her. After Sparkle and Kamikaze ran through exercise with the group, Xanadu was out again to meet more dogs. A Whippet, a Collie, and a second Irish Water Spaniel. There was even a young girl (5 or so) there that wanted to meet Xanadu. Great! Sparkle's so scared of kids because she never met any as a youngster. It was a big day for Xanadu. She only got me up once during the night to potty too! I really like sleep. I am hoping this is a continuing trend.

We've noticed that all the 12 quart water buckets outside are a bit too tall for Xanadu. She can't get any water if it's more than a couple of inches below topped off. So, the  other day at Wal-Mart we walked by an aisle with LSU paraphernalia. Football season is starting and LSU is big time here in Louisiana. There was plastic party bucket. I assume one you're supposed to fill with ice and chill beers in. I looked at it as I passed. 'You don't' suppose do you, that we could use that as a water bucket? It's wider and shallow instead of tall and deep.'  So now my guys have a stylish LSU water bucket LOL! And it's just right for Xanadu's height right now.

I also managed to get a 'hound dogs' picture this morning.  As I type Xanadu's out playing with Misty, Josie, Lego, and Sparkle. And it's time to go check on her!


Xanadu had another big first yesterday. OK, maybe a bigger first for me. I turned her out with Sparkle for unsupervised play in the yard while I made dinner. It's always a hard thing to let them out of your sight for the first time. You have a tendency to imagine things that could go wrong. I know quite well that there's almost nothing that could go bad out there with her and Sparkle, but it doesn't stop the invention of all kinds of odd events in my head.  She had a great time and was good and warn out by the time I got her back inside.

I was asked to switch days at the office this week to Tues. and Thurs. , so I was home today. Kamikaze and Sparkle both got some weave pole practice in. Kazee was a weave machine since there were sausage pieces for treats. Sparkle did OK too, but got distracted by some scent a couple of times instead of focusing on weaving. Xanadu had more outside time today than ever before. She got to run with Josie, Sparkle and Misty for about an hour. (I checked on her every 15 minutes or so) Then some time with Lego later. And even some supervised time with Kamikaze. Tomorrow she'll be headed out to obedience again. No actual classes until next week, but I'll work with her some out there. Kamikaze and Sparkle need some work tomorrow too. I entered Sparkle in Advanced Rally the end of Oct. Guess we should work on a couple of those moves. Kazee's entered in Open A in the middle and at the end of Oct.


Kamikaze and Sparkle both worked weaves today. Kazee has regained her lost speed and focus for weaves. Let's hope it holds for the show in two weeks. Sparkle also remembered her bouncing weaves!

Today was a big day for Xanadu. We did another short tracking lesson. A straight line about 15 steps long with a treat every other step. There was a smelly glove at the end with treats hidden under the thumb of the glove. She did great sniffing her way to the glove. Then she went out to see the weave poles. I wanted her to know those things sticking up out of the ground dispensed treats. When she walked between poles I treated her for it. After her dinner I let her out back to run her little heart out while Jedi and Cedar roamed around. I figured we'd turn it into another treat session, so I pulled out the tunnel. I sent Jedi through the tunnel. Xanadu watched him disappear and reappear a couple of times before she zoomed through after him. After several runs through a straight tunnel I put a bend in it near the end. That didn't phase her at all. She still zoomed through. She even got the zoomies coming out of the tunnel several times. She got good and tired chasing Jedi around, so I took her in for a nap. After she roused a bit from that experience I figured she was sedate enough that it was time to bite the bullet (on my part) and turn her out with Lego. He's never hurt a new puppy, but he hates them bouncing around his space and face and he lets them know rather gruffly sometimes. He's spent a couple of weeks seeing her inside and knowing she lives here, but he does better with introductions outside with space to get away if he wants.  He was just great with her out in the yard! He played chase with her until they both wore out. When he caught her he'd just knock her over from the side instead of grabbing at her like Kazee has a tendency to do. It was so good to see him play like a puppy again and see Xanadu chase him around. Later in the evening I turned her out with Kazee. She's getting better about playing less intensely with Xanadu. Tonight she figured out how to entice Xanadu to play with her with the tug toy.


I got back from Shreveport between 5:30 and 6 tonight. Ike came through Saturday afternoon around 3. It was about what we got here in Baton Rouge on Friday. Some decent gusts of wind with vicious rain bands. Thankfully we finished up Saturday just before then. I got back to the hotel and walked in the room with the dogs and heard a monstrous POP. Well, this is gonna be fun. A big brown out at the hotel. It was kinda weird. The lights worked, but very, very dim. You could watch TV if you kept most of the lights off. But, not enough juice for AC. Surely it'll come back on. I went to dinner with some friends. For the first couple of places we stopped the power would go out as we pulled in the parking lot. We gave up and drove into Shreveport for dinner. Great meal at Longhorn Steakhouse! Got back to hotel and still no real power. So, spent the night with no AC. Sunday the show site was fine. All power and nice weather. Speaking of power... Rich called Sat. night to say we finally got cable and internet back at the house.

As far as Q's, this weekend was a TOTAL bust. Josie didn't actually run all weekend. She walked off the start line, and didn't even click on at all in a couple of runs. I am so upset to see her act this way. I don't know why this has started. Her runs for Sunday were just a loop in and then right out for treats. No attempt at an actual run. Jedi actually did very well this weekend as far as turning and listening. except for one run. Snooker. The most important one to me. All he needs is one stinking Super Q. If he'd have just stuck with me through this course he'd have gotten it. No 16" dogs Q'd at all. He still can't weave the first try ever. He has to try and pretend they don't exist. In his Master Standard run Sunday I turned to push him and smashed my shoulder into the metal frame of the tire jump. OUCH! That's gonna leave a mark.

Xanadu had lots of fun. She played with a GSD, a Malanois puppy (as big as Kazee), tugged with a Border Collie, saw horses, and got passed from person to person. Then on Sunday Ann Bridges brought her new cattle dog puppy to the show, so Xanadu had someone her size to play with. The cattle dog was only 9 weeks and outweighed her, but close enough.

Xanadu also has this cute habit of grabbing her leash in her mouth to walk herself if there's nothing interesting to smell.


Xanadu had her first tracking harness fitting today. With the sides cinched up as far as they would go it fit her reasonably well. So we had our first lesson in finding the treats in the grass in people's footsteps. She certainly doesn't have a problem doing that! Kamikaze also got to track today. I laid her a three turn fairly short track across the street in the empty lot. After 30 minutes of aging we gave it a whirl. There were still treats every 10 steps or so as you remember we've been jumped back to remedial tracking. She did really well today, only found about half the treats (so her focus on the goal at hand was better), and had some enthusiasm back. She got the rest of the canned food I had in the fridge from her not eating days as her reward for finding the glove.

The last obedience class for this session (the one I'm teaching) was tonight. I took Xanadu and Kamikaze. As soon as I drove up there were people wanting to see Xanadu. I handed her off to some other club members who loved her to death while I got Kazee to potty. Then Xanadu showed off her intelligence by sitting politely for treats. Just today she finally started auto sitting if I have treats. I've been working on that behavior, but she doesn't know a word for it yet. She just knows the sitting posture dispenses the treats. Both of them had to wait in crates while I taught class.

I am supposed to take off tomorrow afternoon for Shreveport, LA to go to a USDAA agility show. I have called the hotel once this week to ensure my reservation would be honored in the wake of hurricane IKE evacuees. They assured me it would. I'll call again before I go.


Xanadu had a little spell of not feeling well yesterday morning. She had solid liquid stools and some puking. She was very sedate and didn't want her normal morning play session. She also didn't eat breakfast. She snuggled in my lap on a blanket for an hour or so. By the afternoon she had rebounded and played her heart out and ate a good dinner. Don't know what upset her, but glad it passed quickly. Today I had to go into the office. Rich checked on her at 11 AM and ended up taking her to work so she wouldn't be alone until I got home at 3:30. She got to visit with some of his patients, the teller at the bank, the owner of the fitness center across the street from Rich, and some Farm Bureau agents. He said she gave out kisses and charmed everyone.

Gustav has left behind a nice gift. MOSQUITO HAVEN! I can't remember a time they were this bad. 

We still have no internet or cable, but I did get the broadband card to work on the computer with the pictures. So, here goes catchup!

Two trees at the back of our property completely uprooted in the hurricane

Beagle play!

Tugging a branch with Kazee

What'd they see over there?

I'm really cute!


Jedi got his yearly checkup today. He's doing great for a 9 year old. Xanadu had her third round of puppy shots. She's been real itchy the last couple of days. She got a predisone shot to see if we could give her a bit of relief and give her skin a chance to calm down. I'm going to give her a bath with the antibacterial/anti-fungal/soothing shampoo tomorrow. Maybe she's having a reaction to my detergent or something. I need to change out her crate blanket too. Otherwise she is great. She loves her play time outside. Kamikaze also ate a whole meal again tonight.

I drove into work today, so I'll get to stay home tomorrow. Still no cable or internet. I can use the broadband card to work from home though.

I finally got back in the groove of training with the guys. Kamikaze and Sparkle both got worked through the Open obedience exercises. Kazee did very well and seemed thrilled to be working again. Her weakest point this time was the broad jump. She would clear the jump, but then not come to front. We worked it a couple of times and she seemed to get it. Sparkle's heeling left some to be desired, but her retrieves and drop were great. It took a couple of times to get her to remember the broad jump to. I had left over steak bits for after obedience treats.


Kamikaze ate a real, honest meal today. Two full cups of kibble. Xanadu enjoys her time outside in the backyard after her dinner each afternoon. Today she spent her outside time with Jedi and Cedar. Both of them were very good to her and mostly left her alone while she helped us drag limbs to the burn pile. She has her first vet visit in the morning.

Still no cable or internet. We spent some of the day today and yesterday burning off piles of debris in case Ike comes. We don't need built in projectiles.

6th- 7pm POWER!

Came home from a dinner out to find the house has power again. Still no cable or internet though. Pictures to come when internet up.


Sill no power, but the power company scout was in our neighborhood this afternoon. He says we're next on his crews' list! So he says we should have power tomorrow.

Kamikaze continues to pick at her food. I think she ate almost a cup of kibble today along with sucking off all the canned food. She seems to be eating enough to not lose weight. That'll work until things get back to normal and I'm working her several times a week. Meanwhile Xanadu and Sparkle have become great buddies now. I enjoyed watching them in the backyard today. They played "booty tucked beagle run, bet ya can't catch me" today after their dinner. It was so cute to watch Sparkle try to not outrun Xanadu by too much. She wanted to keep her interested in the chase. Kamikaze is doing well playing with Xanadu in the house where there's not much speed involved and more wrestling. I'm am still hesitant to let Kamikaze get a full head of steam up while playing with Xanadu. She gives me no reason to think she'd hurt her though.

5th - Closer to normal

Well, still no power at home, but today when I called work they had just gotten power. So work starts again Monday. I saw at least two electric crews working close to my house this morning when I went out for gas. Gas lines are dwindling too as more people get power. I only had to wait 5 minutes to get a pump and they let me get all I wanted. Rich's business is ramping back up towards normal too. Almost all businesses along the main highway are back open. That's cutting down on the insane lines at open restaurants. Rich and I had Quiznos for lunch with no waiting. My brother made it to New Orleans fine with only a minor delay at the intersection of I-55 and I-10. All is well at his house.

I took Kamikaze by the vet this morning to weigh her and see if she's losing any weight during this extended pout. She hasn't lost an once since last month when she got shots, and she has no fever, so I won't worry any more about her. She won't starve herself. Xanadu went along for the ride. It's good for puppies to have short road trips. She weighs all of 10 pounds. She continues to be just too cute! I am still taking many pictures, so when power is restored I can post the cutest ones from each day. Lego is not keen on her, he never is on puppies. Same for Bandit. But otherwise it seems she's been accepted by everyone else. Kamikaze ate what I'd call a real meal tonight. Almost a cup and a half of kibble and a couple of spoons of soft food.

Now we anxiously watch hurricane Ike as it appears likely he'll enter the gulf mid next week. Please not another major hurricane just yet!

4th - Gustav Aftermath

We are still without power at the house. Rich's office got power late this morning though so he'll be opening up for this afternoon.

Kamikaze still hasn't eaten a real meal, but is willing to scarf down canned food and human food. I called her breeder yesterday. She tells me she has a gene for pouting (not eating) that runs in her line. Evidentally Kazee's two sisters have already displayed the pouts. Since there are no oher symptoms with her not eating I'm going to assume she is telling me she's unhappy with the current situation. Well, guess what sweetie, me too!

My brother left this morning to return to New Orleans. We called his house last night and got his answering machine. So, we know he has power there. He also called this morning and spoke to some people already there. I hope it doesn't take him all day to get home. We checked traffic cameras in New Orleans before he left and they looked fairly clear, but we couldn't find any cameras on I-55 to let us know how bad that was.

2nd - Gustav gone

Hello all. We have weathered Hurricane Gustav well. A couple of trees down, but no stuctures or fences were damaged. No power and none likely until late this week or next week at the earliest.I'll post pictures when things get back to normal.

Kamikaze is keeping me worried more than anything. She hasn't eaten since Saturday night. I can get her to eat tuna or soft food, but she refuses to eat any kibble. I checked in her mouth to see if there was a reason. Maybe tooth hurting or something. Nothing that I can see. She's still drinking fine and is active and happy. Hopefully vet will have power soon so I can get her looked at.

Xanadu is doing great. She had a rough and tumble session with Kamikaze this morning and one with Shelby this afternoon. They all had a great time. Josie and Sparkle rolled with her some too.