Goals 2006

1. Nikita will learn go-outs and gloves. - I think gloves are done and go-outs are great at home

2. Nikita will get her RA. - ACCOMPLISHED 5/29/06 - Plus her RE!

3. Lego will get one CDX leg .- ACCOMPLISHED 5/28/06 - Plus two more gave him his CDX in August

4. Lego will earn his tracking certification (required to enter a tracking trial) - ACCOMPLISHED 1/28/06 - Plus passed a tracking test for his VCD1 in November

5. Misty will get an Adv. gamble leg (ACCOMPLISHED 9/16/06) and an Adv. Standard leg. (ACCOMPLISHED 3/18/06)- Plus one more standard leg for her AAD

6. Bandit will get his AAD (one Adv. Standard leg) - ACCOMPLISHED 2/10/06

7. Bandit will get his Relay Master title (2 legs left) -ACCOMPLISHED 5/13/06

8. Josie will get her AAD (one Adv. gamble leg - ACCOMPLISHED 3/19/06 and three Adv. Standard legs) - ran into contact problems this year. Haven't Q'd in standard in many months

9. Josie will get one Super Q. -well, 8 Q's but none of them Supers

10. Josie will get one master relay leg.  -ACCOMPLISHED 6/3/06

11. Josie will get her Jumper Master title. (5 legs) -ACCOMPLISHED 5/13/06

12. Jedi will get his AAD (one Adv. Gamble leg) - Close, but not quite

13. Shelby will learn articles and go-outs. - Her last Utility showing she did both articles one day and go-outs two days. So I say DONE

14. I will pull out agility equipment at the house at least twice a month and setup an exercise at home. -FAILED MISERABLY

15. Lego, Nikita, and Shelby will get  trained in obedience at least twice a week. - SUCCESS but, I will never vow to do this again!